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Thoma, Harry (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 37, Number II (Nov. 1935)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 48-49

Page 49

November, 1935                                                          
University       The largest electric organ to be       men enrolling in
the first year course, as compared
Installs New     installed in any university in the     with 311 in 1934.
    A  total of 684 students are
Electric Organ   country was accepted in September      taking the basic
course and 116, the advanced course.
                   by Dr. Charles H. Mills, director     This is the largest
enrollment since 1924 when 475
 of the School of Music, with appropriate ceremonies.    students enrolled
in the first year military courses.
 The organ was installed in the field house by R. S.
 Stephens of the Hammond company.                        Perfect Method 
    Recent experiments at the Uni-
   The installation exercises were attended by Dr.      to Help         
    versity have resulted in the de-
 Mills, Paul Jones, organ instructor in the School of    Apple Growers  
    velopment of improved meth-
 Music, Ray Dvorak, band                                                
          ods of removing lead arsen-
 director, and other mem-                                               
          ate spray residues from ap-
 bers of the School of Mu-                                              
          ples, Prof. C. L. Fluke of
 sic faculty.                                                           
          the department of ento-
   "It is a very fine instru-l                                     
              m  o lgy     recently  an-
 ment, a marvelous inven-                                               
 tion," said Dr. Mills, the                                        
                 "This new    spray con-
 first to play  the organ.                                              
          sistsprincipally of a solu-
 "For 90 per cent of the                                           
               tion  of  sodium   silicate
 time I think it will fool                                              
          (water glass) which is in-
 anyone. It is the first or-                                            
          corporated with the last
 gan of its kind installed in                                           
          summer spray of lead ar-
 Wisconsin, and I believe                                               
          senate, at the light dilu-
 the first in any university                                            
          tion of about one pound
 in the United States."                                            
               to 40 gallons of spray,"
   The Hammond organ is                                                 
         said Professor Fluke.
a new musical instrument                                                
           The exact chemical ef-
operating  on  a   wholly                                               
         fect of the solution is un-
novel principle. This in-                                               
         certain, but it hastens the
estrument is built to con-                                              
         natural weathering of the
form  to established pipe                                               
         residues and in a week or
organ standards, and re-                                                
         1 0 days it is down to gov-
quires pipe organ technique                                             
         eimient standards which
in the playing, but is oper-                                            
         allow  .01 grains of ar-
ated by electricity and has                                             
         senic per pound of fruit
no pipes, reeds or other vi-                                            
         and .0 18 grains of lead
brating parts. It is capable                                            
         per pound.
of 253 million tone colors                                              
           This new   method will
and permits the enormous                                                
         be much simpler for the
variety of tone co ors nec-                                             
         country's  fruit  growers
essary to render the great                                   of         
N   r    than  tuhe   o Ird "tank
works of classical organ                                                
         washing" process which is
literature. It is known as                                              
         now used. By this method
the "organ with a million                                          
              the apples are given the reg-
tone colors."                                                      
              ular lead  arsenate spray
  The new organ is capa-                  In Adams Hall Quadrangle      
        and after picking are im-
ble of imitating any mu-             These dormitories are as popular as
ever     mersed in an acid solution
sical instrument, and  in                                               
         or sometimes a silicate so-
addition can produce new tones which have never be-     lution in a "washing
machine." The machine alone
fore been heard in classical instruments. It requires   costs up to $2,000.
half of the space of an upright piano. It can be moved     The residue will
be sprayed off before the fruit
easily, the console weighing but 275 pounds.            is ripe. By the "washing
machine" process it is
  Installed with nine sound units some of which can    washed off after picking.
But by the time the fruit
be moved also, it is impossible for the organ to get    is ripe a waxy material
has formed over the skin;
out of tune. The maintenance cost is that of a radio;   consequently it is
easier to spray off the residue. After
the operating cost less than one cent an hour.          the residue has thus
been loosened by the "sodium
                                                        silicate process"
the apples are dipped in an unheated
R. 0. T. C. En-     Enrollments in the ROTC, in         water bath which
removes it.
rollment Shows      accordance with the general in-       These experiments
were carried on by Prof. C. L.
Big Increase        crease in the student body, has     Fluke, assisted by
P. 0. Ritcher and Eleanor P.
                    risen sharply, according to a re-  Dunn, chemist.
cent report of Maj. Remington Orsinger, command-
ant of the corps.                                       Lack of         
 Nearly 250 students were faced
  Inasmuch as congressional action has limited upper   Funds Causes     last
month with the possibility
class enrollments to 1 36, the same number as last      Dilemma         
 that they may have to leave the
year, 50 per cent of the upper class applications have                  
 University, as state and Univer-
been refused. However, freshman enrollment has          sity officials announced
that their long-hoped-for
xisen 46 per cent over that of last year's, 445 fresh-  maintenance and tuition
loans  (Please turn to page 62)

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