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Thoma, Harry (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 37, Number II (Nov. 1935)

Badgers you should know,   pp. 44-47

Page 46

46                                                                     The
Wisconsin Alumni Magazine
natural history, professor of zoology, dean of the    Union board, last year
he was elected vice-president.
College of Letters and Science, acting president, pres-  He also served as
chairman of the House Presidents'
ident, and now president-emeritus.                     council. He is a member
of Phi Beta Kappa, nat-
  In conferring the honor, Dr. A. W. Rogers, chair-  tional honorary scholastic
man of the council, said, "For your depth of percep-
tion of the problems of medical service, we, your as-       l
sociates, give this seal of our society, as a token of  Richards to be Homecoming
your achievement and our esteem and affection."        0UTSTANDING among
the thousands who are ex-
                                                         pected to return
to the Wisconsin campus for home-
     Supervises Irradiation Controls                   coming, Nov. 8 and
9, will be a man who had a
  Irra o   Clonger connection
AS director of biological research for the Wisconsin                    
              w it h  Wisconsin
   Alumni Research foundation, H. T. Scott, '25,                        
              football than any
has traveled in 42 states explaining the purpose and                    
              graduate  of   the
influence of some of the current research work in the                   
              U I i v e r s i t y-
irradiation of food stuffs.                                             
              John   R.   "B i g
  Much of the experimental work on the vitamin D                        
             John" Richards Of
irradiation process which has been carried on in Wis-                   
              Los Angeles, who
consin during the past five years has been directed by                  
              played five years on
Mr. Scott. Since joining the foundation in 1931,                        
              the varsity elevens
he has supervised the control checking of vitamin D                     
              of   1892 - 1896
enriched foods including milk and the irradiation of                1   
               r    -1lbsequently
certain pharmaceutical products such as halibut liver           1       
  *ne teams
oil, fortified cod liver oil, Viosterol and other products              
              of   - 91 1, 1917
licensed by the foundation.                                             
              and from 1919 to
  In carrying on this experimental work and the                         
              1922, inclusive.
periodical biological tests fromfifteen to twenty                       
                Richards'   last
thousand laboratory animals have been fed each year                     
              visit to the Cam-
under Mr. Scott's direction. Previous to assuming                       
              pus was in 1931.
his present position Mr. Scott did research work in                     
              Although the for-
the field of calcium and phosphoran metabolism and                      
              mer Badger star
vitamin technology.              X                                     _
              and football tutor
  Mr. Scott received his master of science degree from                  
             retired from coach-
the University of Wisconsin in 1927, and his doctor            John R. Richards
       ing when he re-
of philosophy degree in 1929.                              Homecoming's special
guest  signed here at the
                                                       close of the season
of 1922, he has followed the
    Beyer Receives Research Award-                     game closely and never
lost interest in the gridiron
                                                       fortunes of his alma
  LTHOUGH      his $500 scholarship, awarded by         Richards' teams never
won a conference champion-
APhi Kappa Phi, allows him to attend any uni-        ship but his seven years'
coaching regime shows a
versity in the country, Robert Beyer, honor student   larger percentage of
victories than can be found in
in last year's graduating class, chose the University  any other similar
period of modern Wisconsin foot-
of Wisconsin in which to take his advanced work in    ball history. Generally
regarded as a specialist in
business economics.                                    defense, Richards
always had a hard hitting attack
  He enrolled in the graduate school this semester   and was one of the most
successful forward pass
and will do research work in production planning      coaches of his day
and the originator of the "screen
and the budgetary control of manufacturing. Most      pass." During
his six years, Wisconsin won 17 con-
of his work will be under Prof. F. H. Elwell who is  ference games and lost
nine. Only twice were his
especially interested in the phase of economics Beyer  Badger elevens beaten
by more than one touchdown.
is specializing in.                                      The Wisconsin homecoming
committee was par-
  Last year Beyer was recommended by Prof. Julius    ticularly gratified
when Chairman Howard Heun re-
E. Olson and the scholarship committee to receive     ceived Richards' acceptance
of the committee's invi-
one of the three Phi Kappa Phi awards. More than       tation to be its special
guest at this year's alumni
60 universities all over the country recommended      roundup. "Big
John" will be one of the featured
students for these honors, and Beyer, with two other  speakers at the mass
meeting to be held on the night
men from other schools, was chosen.                    before the Purdue
  Phi Kappa Phi is an all-inclusive national scho-
lastic honorary fraternity which includes not only
students in the letters and sciences but engineering,
law, medicine and all other departments as well. The    No decision has been
reached on the appointment
basis for choosing these three students was the prom-  of a successor to
Herman M. Egstad, 'I 7, resigned sec-
ise in their chosen field and their ability.           retary of the Alumni
Association. The committee
  While an undergraduate at Wisconsin, Beyer was     has had several meetings,
has reduced the field of ap-
active not only in scholastic work, but in social and  plicants to a final
group, but has not been able to find
political fields as well. He has the distinction of get-  a suitable date
for a final meeting. Business interests
ting both his B. A. and master's degree in four year's  of the members of
the committee have caused this un-
work. He majored in economics. A member of the         forseen delay.

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