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Thoma, Harry (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 37, Number II (Nov. 1935)

Up and down the hill,   p. 33

Table of contents,   pp. 33-[34]

Page 33

                   a_                       err : Act.A
             1_ ~WiscgnsinAiumni
                                                Published at 1300 National
Ave., Waukesha, Wis., by
                                                  THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION
                                                         770 Langdon St.,
Madison, Wisconsin
   up and down. the h1ill
                                       Myron T. Harsbaw, '12 ..... President
 Basil I. Peterson, '12 ........ Treasurer
NONE other than Clarence Dar-         Walter Alexander, '97 ... Vice-President
 Harry Thoma, '28 .... Managing Editor
    row, that noted defense at-
 torney, dropped   in  on   a Law                                Board of
 School smoker last month.      He             Terms Expire June, 1936  
             Terms Expire June, 1937
 just happened to be in town visit-    LEWIS L. ALSTED, '96 . . . Appleton,
Wis.  WALTER ALEXANDER, '97 . . Milwaukee, Wis.
 ing some friends, and when he         JESSE E. HIGBEE, '05 . . . LaCrosse,
Wis.  HARRY A. BULLIS, '17 .. Minneapolis, Minn.
                  somefriendsane      MRS. A. M. KESSENICH, '16 Minneapolis,
Minn.  W. H. BURHOP, '13 . . . . Wausau, Wis.
heard of the smoker decided to pay    WILLIAM S. KIES, '99 . . . New York
City  DR. JAMES DEAN, '11 . . . Madison, Wis.
                                       MARC A. LAW, '12.    ....Chicago,
Ill.  HOWARD T. GREENE, '15 Genesee Depot, Wis.
the students a visit.  Naturally a    ROGER C. MINAHAN, '32, . . Green Bay,
Wis.  MYRON T_,q.#sSHAN', '12 . . . Chicago, Ill.
very interesting talk was the result.  BASIL I. PETERSON, '12 Menomonee Falls,
Wis.  MRS. GEORGE LINES, '98 .  Milwaukee, Wis.
      very interesting talk was the result.  WILLIAM E. ROSS, '17 . . . .
Chicago, i11.  FRANKLIN L. ORTH, '28  Milwaukee, Wis.
... . Students and housemothers       A. T. SANDS, '14 . . . . Eau Claire,
Wis.  ALVIN C. REIS, '13 .  Madison, Wis.
in the  WVest Johnson street and      CHRISTIAN STEINMETZ, '06 . Milwaukee,
Wis.  L. F. VAN HAGAN, '04 . . . Madison, Wis.
West Dayton street area are be-                                        _
coming embroiled again with the
Milwaukee Road over the noise         VOLUME XXXVII             NOVEMBER,
1935                   NUMBER II
made by the switch engines on the
railroad's tracks.  The attorney                              T         
f C
for the home owners claims that
the railroad should be forced to                                        
move its switching to some place
outside of the city limits.. . Dr.         A Leader in Science.        .
Alexander Meiklejohn, Gov. Phil-           Italy, the League and Peace .36
ip La Follette, '19, and President         The Student and His University
..                           38
Frank' wifl, be three of the four          Losing Streak Continues .... 
                             . 40
speakers oe Significant Living             Editorials.42
lecture serigs~ to be given Sunday         Hail to the Bands            
                               3.       .............................. 43
nights d~w4g November. . . Bells           Badgers You Should Know      
for the beaitiful, new carillon have       While the Clock Strikes the Hour
... 48
become a reality instead of a hope.        This and That About the Faculty.
                            50    '
Twenty-fiVP of the expected total          Alumni Briefs     ..  ..........
.......                    52
of thirty-si,%ells are now on their        In the Alumni World          
way from; the factory in Croydon,          With the Badger Sports       
  .    ..       ......       . 61
England, and they will be installed
for use by January 1.    With the                     ________________
bells will come both    a playing
console  and  a practice  console.     Subscription to The Wisconsin Alumni
Maga-  Change of Address must be reported ten days
                                      sine is obtained by membership in The
Wiscon-  before date of issue. -Otherwise the Association
Equipment will be arranged      to    sin Alumni Association for which annual
dues  will not be responsible for delivery.
provide for twenty-five hand:- op-    are $4.00, $3.00 of which is for subscription
to  Discontinuance-if any subscriber wishes hisz
                                      the magazine. Family rate membership
(were  magazine discontinued at the expiration of his,
erated bells and thirteen foot op-    husband and wife are alumni) $5.00.
Life r mem-  subscription, notice to that effect should be sent z4
          erated bells.  The tower will be  bership, $50.00, payable within
the period of  with the subscription, or at its expiratien'.'
erated bells.  The tower 'will be    bfive years, The Association earnestly
invites all  Otherwise it is understood that a contitnations
dedicated at the reunion ceremonies   former students, graduates and non-graduates,
to  desired.                ,'H
                                      membership. Others may subscribe, for
the 'Maga-  IsadMnhyEcp  uutad
next June. . . Miss Marjorie Nye,     zine at same price, $4.00 per year.
    Id MontlumyniEept August
        Membe of AumniMagazines, Assoz,ed
       daughtr of U   S. Seator  ye of  Entered as second class matter at
the Post  tionni Advertising Representative: Ifie-f2a
                                      Office of Waukesha, Wis., October 19,
1934,  Group, Inc., New York, Chicago, fetroW
         North Dakoa, and Mis Dorothy under the Act of March 3, 1879.   
   Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston.
Williams, granddaughter of the                                          
late Prof. David Frankenberger, a
member of the University faculty      Stewart, ''the photographer, pro- 
   we're perfectly willing to place ours''
for more than twenty-five years,      claimed, our cam p'us to be one of
    band   in  competition   with   all
are among the new    students en-     the most beautiful he had ever    
    comers and are certain that'it will
rolled this year. . . The Univer-     visited. . . About three thousand 
    come out on top.     Anyone who
sity campus, its works, and its col-  students and alumni attended the  
    has watched Director Ray Dvorak
orful surroundings were recently      pre-game rally on the night before
    put his   charges  through   their
"shot" by a member of the photo-      the Michigan game. Coach
Harry         stunts at the past four games will
graphic staff of the National Geo-    Kipke of Michigan, Coach "Doc"
        agree with us on that. . . Prob-
graphic Society. A series of articles  Spears and the Bard of Mendota,  
    ably never before has the coloring
on American colleges is being pre-    "Roundy" Coughlin, State
Jour-         on the trees about Madison been
pared for the publication and these   nal columnist, spoke to the crowd.
   as beautiful as it was this year.
pictures will be used to illustrate   . . . We may not have the best    
    Eagle  Heights   and   Shorewood
one pertaining to Wisconsin.  Mr.     football team in the Big Ten, but 
   Hills were especially lovely.

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