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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 36, Number VII (April 1935)

With the Badger sports,   pp. 223-228

Page 225

April, Nineteen thirty-five                                             
    Billiards Gets a Colle*e De1ree                    ordered, just fashion
to straight, honest-to-goodness
                                                       out of work people,
as temporary unemployment in-
              (Continued from page 202)               surance, seeing that
our stupidity and our greed for
the way, Wisconsin has just won, making the high-   profits in the good years
blinded us to the necessity
est team score on record. In this match, the Wiscon-  of building up wage
reserves for the lean years ahead?
sin team defeated Purdue, Minnesota, Cornell, Indi-    But perhaps some of
you are saying, "Why not
ana, Michigan State, Brown, Michigan, Kansas, and   think and talk of something
other than relief, which
Rochester in that order. High point man for Wis-    at best is miserable
business?"  Did space permit, I
consin was Lee Lillesand, '35, who amassed a total  would discuss old age
pensions, unemployment in-
of 94 points in the allotted twenty innings.        surance, health insurance,
as providing the more ac-
  Why do colleges take this unusual interest in bil-  ceptable way. These
we shall and must have. By
liards?  The answer is that they like to encourage as  their adoption, we
shall follow a middle of the road
a wholesome recreational activity games that require  policy and perhaps
work our way out of this present
manual skill, high coordination of mind, eye, hand,  muddle. If not this,
then something else will come,
and sportsmanship. And more important, they want    and regarding this, one
prophecy is as good as another.
to encourage skill and interest in sports which a stu-  Surely, the ravage
and devastation wrought to peo-
dent can use after he leaves college -  sports which  ple's lives over the
past four years has been sufficient
he can continue as individual recreation as he enters a  to make us determined
that never again will business
short hour and non-employment age which is bring-   and industry be allowed
to conduct itself in a way
ing with it an unprecedented extension of leisure   that will bring repetition.
To whom, more than to
time.                                                 our college and university
product does it belong to
  The importance of billiards as a recreational or  work increasingly for
an economic order which will
leisure-time activity should not be under-estimated.  offer opportunity of
decent living to all who would
More people in the United States play some form of  strive for it?
billiards than any other game, with the probable ex-
ception of bridge and, in the summer, golfo
  This is just as true in the colleges as elsewhere. A  GIVING courses of
study on a large number of pres-
hundred billiard games are played every day in Wis-  ent day political, economic,
and social problems, the
consin's Union Building alone. More than 500 stu-   University of Wisconsin
will hold its 37th annual
dents came to watch the Purdue-Wisconsin billiard   summer school beginning
next July 1, it was an-
matches last spring,                                  nounced by Scott H.
Goodnight, dean of the sum-
  The challenge to those who lead school or recrea-  mer session. In a preliminary
summer school bulle-
tion is to find means of directing this wide interest  tin now available,
many courses especially planned
into healthy, socially useful recreational channels, to  and modified to
meet the unusual conditions of the
teach its basic skills, and to surround the game with  present time are listed
under the guidance of well-
the best possible environment.                        known Wisconsin professors.
          They Shall Not Want
              (Continued from page 203)                  SEE
fitted or to which they can quickly adapt themselves.
As a result of our lack of proper classification of the     An r        
F r        T
unemployed, we have on work relief some people who       H   A   cE   S 
F vvI I    n
are earning more than they ever earned in regular
work, and others on relief pittances, who, cheated of   An    entirely  new
   type   oF show
their one great wish to earn their daily bread by work
honestly done, are more and more losing belief and
faith in themselves, and no less in country and gov-           "Break
       the    News
  Secondly, in localities where, for various reasons,         A   Musical
work cannot be provided, let the system of relief in
kind, namely, grocery, coal, clothing and rent tickets,  Mon. April 22, Wausau
............ Grand Theater
be thrown on the scrap heap and cash relief put in
its place. I would not be misunderstood. We can-       Tues. April 23, Fond
du Lac ........  Retlaw Theater
not give away public money without determining        Wed. April 24, Sheboygan
 ........ Sheboygan Theater
need. But let the job of determining need be done
intelligently and justly.  Then let the money be      Thurs. April 25, Kenosha.High
given with confidence that persons who for years      Fri. April 26, Chicago
............. Civic Theater
have been accustomed to the expenditures of small     Sat. April 27, Milwaukee
.......... Davidson Theater
incomes, living in the very cellar of economy these
last years, can spend the money much more advan-       Fri. Z Sat. May 3
Z 4, Madison. Parkway Theater
tageously than can the welfare worker who would       Fri. May 1 0, Rockford
.Rockford Theater
pry into every act and control every detail of their  Sat. May 11, Madison
.....    . Parkway Theater
lives -  a rather expensive business in itself. As so
many women have said to me, "If only they would        "This Year's
give me a dollar in money, I could by shopping
around make it go further than the two dollar gro-                   Is a
Different Show"
cery order."
  Why not consider cash relief, administered in well  _______________________________

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