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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 36, Number VII (April 1935)

With the Badger sports,   pp. 223-228

Page 224

224                                                                 The Wisconsin
Alumni Magazine
  Reunion Plans for '14, 15           16   17           "In this country,
in which social experimentation
                                    1   1  s         has become such a fetish
that we are about to adopt
              (Continued from page 205)               European schemes without
more than brief considera-
Committee Arrangements with Maple Bluff Club-       tion, it is worth while
asking how the schemes have
  (To arrange cost of luncheon and supper; use of   worked in Europe and
what would be the conse-
     club for afternoon and dance in the evening).   quences of their adoption
here. Dr. Ochsner has ren-
Milt Findorf '16, Chairman  Lester Rothe '15        dered a public service
by asking the questions and an-
L. R. Morris '14           Eleanore Ramsay Conlin '17  swering them from
his experience and study. R. C."
Dance Committee: (Duties: Arrange for orchestra
  and see that everyone has a good time).
Os Fox '17, Chairman       Almere Scott '14           Two     f the T   
       M   s  O
Hazel Brown '14            Ellen Gurney Tomlinson '17        o    T    welve
   Most Outstanding
Committee on Games and Entertainment:   (Duties:    Younv      Americans
are Wisconsin Men
  To see that no one has a free moment between
     lunch and dinner).                               OF the twelve outstanding
young men in the United
Arnold Jackson '16,        Pat Norris '15                States, in a recent
national "Who's Who" of men
           Chairman       Myra Emery Burke '1 7     under forty years of
age, listed in "America's Young
Glen Householder 'i 4                                 Men," the University
of Wisconsin can lay claim to
Publicity Committee: (Duties: Get the crowd out)      twRbr          .L-lete
      r,'9      n    hre
Ruth Kentzler '17, Chairman  Al Gilbert '15           two, Robert M. LaFollette,
Jr., '19, and Charles
Katherine Parkinson '14    H. B. Evans '16                              A.
Lindbergh, ex-'24. New York
Breakfast Committee: (Duties: See that things run                       has
four and Hollywood two of
  smoothly. Boat ride after breakfast if possible).                     the
twelve listed as most out-
Noble Clark '15, Chairman  Jessie Maurer '16                            standing.
Madeline Mehlig '14        Bob Snaddon '17                              
  La Follette is so recorded for
Insignia:                                                               hiswokaUntdSteSn-
Mary Sayle Tegge '15,      Archie Kimball '16              lwork        
              as United States Lena-
            Chairman       P. G. Miller '17                             tor
from  Wisconsin and Lind-
Jane Salter '14                                        __ F G     __    bergh,
quite naturally, is placed
Band Reunion:                                                           in
the group because of his out-
            Henry Rahmlow '15, Chairman                                 standing
contributions to avia-
            To pick his own committee.                                 tion
during the past eight years.
  Further details will come to each member by letter                    
 The other ten young men are:
shortly. Plan now to attend.                                            
  Walter E. Disney, Hollywood,
and producer of Mickey
How     Smart Is a College         Graduate?           Colonel LindberghMouse
   and  Silly  Symphony
    AFEW  days after you receive this magazine, there       .           sound
A  will be mailed to you a new kind of questionnaire  Lewis W. Douglas, Washington,
D. C., former
for graduates. During the past seven years, thirteen  director of the United
States Bureau of the Budget.
fditor s graduatis. Durstiong e past seven yas, o thiteen  Clark Gable, Hollywood,
motion picture star.
editions of this questionnaire have been issued to the  John Edgar Hoover,
Washington, D. C., Director
graduates of the 44 leading colleges and universities,  of Investigation,
U. S. Department of Justice. Active
  We are anxious for Wisconsin graduates to make a  in the suppression of
good showing on the return card which will be mailed   Henry R. Luce, New
York, editor and publisher
to The Graduate Group, our national advertising     of TIME and FORTUNE magazines.
representatives in New York.                            Paul A. Siple, chief
biologist, present Byrd Expe-
  Every Wisconsin alumnus who fills out and mails   dition.
back this card will be rendering a distinctive service of  Edward R. Stettinius,
Jr., New York, recently
value to the Wisconsin Alumni Magazine.               made vice chairman
of the finance committee of
                                                      United States Steel
        Dr. Ochsner's New          Book                 Eugene L. Vidal,
Washington, D. C., Director of
              (Continued from page 213)               Aeronautics, Department
of Commerce.
                                                        James P. Warburg,
New York, economist, writer,
inefficiency which prevails in this country he has no  and vice-chairman
of the Bank of Manhattan.
confidence in better results here.                      E. Richard West,
Los Angeles, president of The
  "But he is not alone opposed to social insurance,  United States Junior
Chamber of Commerce.
such as it has been, but also as such: Even if the     According to the statistical
survey included in the
schemes did all it was claimed for them, he would still  publication, 95
% of the men named in the volume
be against them. For, he points out, they would have  attended college or
a university; 9 1 %  received de-
the inevitable effect of destroying initiative of a great  grees; 29 of those
included are college presidents. Of
number of people in whose independent activity      the total number, 82%
are married. Two hundred
progress lies. If we have social insurance, Dr. Ochsner  forty-nine are presidents
or chief executives of the
says, it will be at the price of the defeat of progress  business or profession
with which they are affiliated.
and recovery.                                         Over 35 % of the total
number of men served in the
  "With Prof. Wallace, Dr. Ickes, Prexy (almost of  World War.
Wellesley, wasn't it?) Perkins, and other cabinet
economists except Dean Dern (he'll be Dern if he        It is estimated by
the federal office of education
does-or doesn't) turning out so many volumes, one   that more than 833,000
students graduated from the
hesitates to say an approving word about a new book  nation's high schools
in 1931-32, and that there were
on the New Deal. Nevertheless an exception should    138,000 students graduated
from first-degree courses
be made here.                                         in colleges.

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