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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 36, Number VII (April 1935)

In the alumni world,   pp. 218-222

Page 222

       The Wisconsin       Alumni Magazine
laid in Sac Prairie, which closely resembles  sin Tax Commission.-Helen E.
WORTH-    after a long illness. He had been a life-
Sauk City and Prairie du Sac, and Madi-   INGTON has moved to 2971 N. Prospect
     long resident of Milwaukee.  He is sur-
son and Baraboo are mentioned frequently,  ave., Milwaukee.-Allenne BOUTWELL
is     vived by his widow, Agnes, and five chil-
Edwin SCHOENFELD     is working as a      working in Gimbel's store in Milwaukee.
  dren, James, Frederick, Robert, Agnes,
chemist with the Kraft-Phoenix Cheese                                   
          and Patricia. He was a member of the
corporation at Green Bay.-Frank PRINZ,             Caso        193Knights
of Columbus.
who has been singing with Ben Bernie'sCls                  of13
orchestra for the past few years, has been  Kenneth J.' O'CONNELL has been
ap-        RICHARD E. BRANSTAD, '12, died in
cast in one of the leading roles in Bernie's  pointed to a position on the
Law School  a Denver hospital on March 4 from in-
new picture, "Stolen Harmony," now be-    faculty of the University
of Oregon. He  juries received in an automobile accident
ing filmed in Hollywood. He did a "bit"   was formerly employed
as a special as-    a few days before.  He was unmarried
          in th film"Shot theWork."-Wiliam sistan t in the legal
department of the Wis-  and had spent the past few years as a gov-
MCnAMARAil  iSho an acountant -WiithFame  consin Tax Commission; then was
ap-       ermient engineer on the Boulder Dam
M   ATorbet Cisaacagou-PteraRnt wis prac-r  pointed assistant counsellor
for the Wis-  project. He was an outstanding football
ricin  lawet Cincako.Patrk A1.RodE irac-   consin Emergency Relief administration,
 player while in University., Walter Ecker-
Dhun  awi MAGEORsak salesma fI.-odriRem   He has also served as research
assistant  Sall placed him  at a guard post on his
ingt M   GRandGO. in  salwsanukee.-emi-   for the American Law   institute
and at   mythical all-Conference team in 191 11. He
begthn RanGLd Goteen Mislvngatke985EHan-  one time practiced with a private
law    was also placed on the second all-America
cokt., INLIosnelens.  Herin hsand is5 Han  firm.-Loretta C. CARNEY is serving
her    team of the New York Globe in the same
propertyLo mAnagerlfor tHer W usarner Brs. a internship as student dietitian
at Ancker  year.  He was presidea~ of the Class of
priprsty Natinale Stdos. they havner Bone  hospital, St. Paul.-Gerry BECKER
has     1 9 1 2, vice-president of the Athletic Board,
chirsd-Emionly HtuRdios. the libariaonea  been appointed general manager
of the    secretary of the Junior class, and a mem-
Normad.Eiy Highscoo in St.e lourais.a     Collegiate Digest.-Elaine JONES
is teach-  her of Iron Cross, senior honor society.
Gilbrtad D.HiLLIAscho isno  directorsof   ing English in the junior high
school at    He held the commission of first lieuten-
thler Beumnt TexLAMS, Littlew Threatre As  Woodstock, Ill. Her address is
327 Judd   ant in the 53 2nd Engineers during-the
ah sielimneth openedsa photogTearaphi por  St.-Melvin M. FAGEN is the author
of    World War.
tai studeioe in Bpeauotued sho omeahi new-  "Congress Finds a Scapegoat,"
developments in phauontogah,  mostly soer-w  in the March issue of The New
Republic.    W. D. LITTLE, '1 2, well known at-
deeopea endtws surpoorised tosfndthe yEnr-  At present he is an advisor on
internation-  torney of Morrison, Ill., died at his home
          open, nd  as urpisd t fid te vn- al affairs for the American Jewish
com-   on March 1. Mr. Little was a member
ture very successful.                     mittee and also a member of the
commit-  of the law firm' of McCalmont, Ramsay
                  Class of 1931          ~~tee on immigration policy.-Egbert
WEN-   and Little. He had lived in Madison and
                  Class of 19,31  ~       GERT, a graduate assistant in political
  Geneva, Ill., for a number of years be-
  Ellen MYERS resigned her position in   science, has been awarded a research
fel-  fore moving to Morrison. He was a mem-
the Racine Public Library upon the death  lowship from the Social Science
Research   her of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity.  He is
of her sister-in-law, Margaret CAVERNO    council of New York. His project,
upon   survived by his widow, Florence Titus
Myers, '2 9, and she will be with her     which he will begin work in the
fall, con-  Little, ex-' 16, who conducted the Unique
brother and his family for a time.-Alice  cerns the public relations of administra-
 Shop in Madison for a number of years,
LINDBERG Snyder and her husband are       tive agencies and will take him
to Wash-  and four children.
hack in California after a year's sojourn  ington and to the Tennessee valley.-
in Germany where Mr. Snyder was en-       William AMUNDSON has been appointed
gaged in research. He is now on the staffa case worker by the Dane County
out-     '2,wfofAtreSaulM                 rsf
of the University of California.-George   door relief department.-Lon and
Vir-     Racine, Wis., died at St. Luke's hospital
R. GILKEY is employed in the accounting   ginia HARLOFF TURK were recent
visitors  after a week's illness.  Mrs. Myers at-
department of the Page Milk co. in the     in Madison. At present Lon is
a consult-  tended Downer college of Milwaukee and
firm's general offices at Merrill. He was  ing geologist in Oklahoma City.-Milton
   Smith college before entering the Univer-
recently re-appointed to the Camp Coin-   G. GARBER is assistant editor for
the    sity. While in Racine she was active in
mittee of the State Y. M. C. A. Camp     Enid Publishing co., publishers
of two    church circles and was a member of the
Manitowish located at Boulder Junction,   newspapers in Enid, Okla.-Elliott
J.     Woman's club and of the Junior league.
Wis.-Robert CULLEN is associated with     WOLCOTT is working for the Holsum
       She. waes a umember of Sigm  Kusappansoor
the law firm of Godfrey and Arnold at    Food Products co. in Milwaukee.
   His    iy.Sessuvedbhrhsanad
Elkhorn.-Bertha MOODY Diwoky is liv-      home address is 1830 E. Kane st.-Phillip
 three small children.
ing at 7817 S. Shore drive, Chicago.-     R. BENNETT is a salesman for the
John E. BLACKSTONE is with the law        Bennett Paper Boxes, Inc., of Rockford,
 died at his home in Madison on March 6
firm of Frame Z& Blackstone in Waukesha.   I11.-James COWAN, Jr. is a
salesman for   after brief illness of pneumonia. Bartlett
                                          the National Cash Register co.
At present  was an outstanding high school basketball
          Class of 1932                   he is living at 41 7 N. 2nd st.,
Elkhart, player. He is survived by his foster
  As nutrition specialist and Wisconsin  Ind.                           
          mother, Mrs. Edith Bartlett.
Industrial Fellowin Milwaukee, MaryROETK                                
                         NA   3,deatisom
BRADY has been giving weekly radio tals  DeathIs                        
          in Ashland, Wis., on January 6, from
-Dr. Fredericy MOHTandbDr. Hsocariold           (Continued from page 217)
         complications resulting from an operation
                     -Dr. Frederic MOHS and Dr. Harold                  
         ~~~~~for arinendicitis.He was active in the
RUSCH, '31, have been appointed to do       JOSEPH ROBERT BLAINE, M.E. '05,
       senatorial campaign of John Chapple last
special cancer research work at the Univer-  died at his home in Oak Park,
Ill., recent- ya.H    a    leg   fSgaCi
sity. The study is made possible through  ly after a brief illness.  For
the past     er     ewsapeg      fSgaCi
an income from  the $450,000 bequest      twenty-three years Mr. Blamne had
been a    DR. LEWIS P. SHANKS, a member of
left by the late Jennie Bowman of Wis-     mechanical engineer for the Miehle
Print-  the Faculty in 1906-08 and 1918-19,
consin Dells.-Fred WAGNER has been       ing Press Manufacturing co., of
Chicago.  died at Baltimore, Md., on January 28.
transferred to the Madison office of the   He was considered an outstanding
author-  Dr. Lewis had been a member of the
National Cash Register co. as district man-  ity on off-set lithography.
 His research  Johns Hopkins university faculty since
ager.-Walter BEIDATSCH, graduate as-      work for the Miehle company led
to some  1925 and was internationally known as
sistant in economics at the University, has  of the finest developments in
speed and  a writer of French literature.
been awarded a research fellowship from   accuracy of this, the printer's
highest art.
the Social Science Research Council of      While in the University, Mr.
Blamne was   FRANKLIN NACE, a member of the
New York. He will make a special study    art editor of the Badger and was
a mem-  Board of Regents from   1922 to 1928,
of the functioning of the Massachusetts    her of the gym team, winning his
"W"    died at his home in Iola, Wis., on March
system  of public utility  regulation.-   and being captain in his senior
year.     1 8. Mr. Nace was a dairy farmer. Dur-
Betty DITFURTH is an interior decorator     He is survived by his widow,
Attollaa  ing his service as a regent, he was chair-
with the firm of W. H. Jackson Z'6 As-   Frost Blamne, a son, Robert, and
a daugh-  man of the board's committee on the Col-
sociates, Ltd., Chicago.-Ruth  MEYER     ter, Virginia.                 
          lege of Agriculture.
lives at 3 9 10 N. Prospect ave., Milwau-
kee, and is employed as a stenographer at   JAMES A. JOHNSON, '09, president
of       William  G. Huebner, for the past 28
the  First  National  bank.-Maynard      the Boggis Z4 Johnson Electric Co.,
died  years chief plumber of the University, died
REIERSON is an auditor with the Wiscon-   at his home in Milwaukee on February
22  after a brief illness on March 12.

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