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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 36, Number VII (April 1935)

In the alumni world,   pp. 218-222

Page 218

          Jf JA0ALUhnIIL World
          Class of 1892                  is treasurer of the Manitoba Dramatics
            Class of 1912
                                         league. Their daughter, Marian Elizabeth,
  Andrew P. TOMKINS is a lawyer and      is attending the University of Manitoba.
    George F. MAYER, special representa-
Assessor of Incomes in Ashland, Wis.     -Gertrude S. YOUNG is an associate
pro-  tive in Milwaukee of the New England
                                         fessor at South Dakota State college,
   Mutual Life Insurance co., of Boston won
         Class of 1895                   Brookings. She was president of
the      first place in 1934 among the company's
                                         Brookings branch of the A. A. U.
W. in   representatives in the amount of premium
  Zona GALE Breese has been presenting a 1931-32.                       
         insurance written and second place in vol-
series of lectures at the University of Hono-                           
         ume written. He has been with the com-
lulu.-Don. P. LAMOREAUX is in the rail-                                 
         pany three years.-Ada HOPKINS Wilmot,
way supplies business in Montreal, Canada.        Class of 1907         
         her husband and their three children are
He holds several patents for railway devices.  Dorothy WHITE Sanford, her
husband,  living at 217 Glengrove ave., Toronto,
His home address is 413 1 Cote des Nerges,  and their four children (including
one  Canada. Her husband is a customs con-
Montreal.                                pair of twins) are living at 309
Dickin- sultant.
                                         son ave., Swarthmore, Pa. Mr. Sanford
         Class of 1896                   is an aeronautical engineer with
the U. S.        Class of 1913
  Mabelle BRADLEY was married in 1 9 3 2  Navy.-Harry  G. MONTGOMERY    
 is a      Albert G. PETER has been in business
to Herbert Gaytes.  At present they are  tioned at Selfridge Field, Mt. Clemens.
 for himself since 1933, selling structural
living at 395 Vernon st., Oakland, Calif.  He has two sons, Harry G. II,
who is a   steel and ornamental iron to builders in
                                         lieutenant in the Air Corps, and
Reed,   Milwaukee.  "Most of this period has
         Class of 1899                   age 24.                        
         proved to be a prolonged vacation," he
         says, "but the past few months showed
  Andrew R. SEXTON is secretary of the                                  
         encouraging improvement in business."-
Aetna Casualty and Surety co. in Hart-            Class of 1908         
         Marshall W. GEORGE is sales manager of
ford, Conn.  His home address is 39        George C. DANIELS is a mechanical
en-  the La Salle Extension University of Chi-
Robin road, West Hartford.               gineer with  the  Commonwealth 
  and    cago. He and his wife and their daugh-
                                         Southern corporation at Jackson,
Mich.   ter, Priscilla, are living at 4846 Kimbark
         Class of 1900                   He is in charge of design and constructionave.,
  Irene Mary Short, the eldest daughter  of power plants.               
                  Class of 1914
of George H. SHORT, was married on
February 16 to A. E. Press of Salt Lake           Class of 1909         
            Dr. Karl A. MENNINGER, a well
City.                                      James William PUTNAM, professor
of     known alienist from Kansas City, was a
                                         economics at Butler University since
1909  witness for the defense in the Kennamer
         Class of 1901                   and dean and vice president since
1929,  murder trial in Oklahoma.   He is the
                                         was formally installed as president
on Feb1   author of the much-discussed book of a
  Joseph BREDSTEEN    is a newspaper     wa-                            
         few years agas"The presiden ow F--
man in Oakland, Calif.                   puresdn since Octobere30,e1933.
-satheg  Joseph T. GALLAGHER is now superin-
                                         pmadresidentsince o obert 30. 1933
 -The  tendent of claims for the Northwestern
                                         home address of Robert W. BRIDGMAN
is    Mutual Life Insurance co. in Milwaukee.
         Class of 1904                   now 4548 N. Paulina st., Chicago.
He     Active in civic work, he has been a direc-
  Oro B. CAHOON is an engineer with      is sales manager for the Desnoyers-Geppert
 tor for eight years and president for two
the American Blower co. His present ad-  co., distributors of maps, school
supplies,  y  o f tht  Milke Cttr  l C     l
dress is I111 Cochrane Road, Mt. Leban-  and diplomas.-Jean DONALDSON Martin
       a   s o 1 ge Biwauemeea       ounia
    on, Pittsburgh.-Wlliam C. NICHOLS is Jof Glenwood, Minn., is active in
commun-  of Soial Ae nies; Boar  m br t o  thes Fain
 Gon iurge.-Giiamws       eetl    e     tye Hlafarin herhome cityAdm, inluin
tHer iyWlaeBadfrtoyas                 n
 a physician and surgeon with the Fargo   sho boaird P. T.      t. ivclub,
and    trustee of the Village of Whitefish Bay.-
 Clinic, 807 Broadway, Fargo, N. Dak.     schount  Pblicd Helhafar.     She.
ivcClb and  Kenneth W. ERICKSON represents the Chi-
 He was married in 1912 and is now the    hernt husband  Heavethre chfiren.
The old-  cago section of the Titanium Pigment co.,
 father of three children: Robert, 18h    hashsand have threge.         
          Inc., with offices at 219 E. Illinois st. He
 Frank, 20; and Jane, 21.-Frank     E.    est, Robert, is a freshman at the
Univer-  and Mrs. Erickson and their two children
 DOSCHER   is a retail lumber dealer in   sity of Minnesota.            
          are living at 258 Forest ave., Winnetka.
 Boise, Idaho.                                                          
          -Myron W. BOWEN is general manager
                                                  Class of 1910         
        of the La Crosse Tractor co. His home
         Class of 1905                                                  
         address is 515 W. Broadway, Winona,
                                            Julia DOE Shero is teaching Latin
in  Minn.
  George L. GILKEY was recently re-      the Holman School at Ardmore, Pa.
elected president of the Citizens American  husband  is a professor of Greek
Bank of Merrill, Wis., a position he has  Swarthmore   college. They  have
three            Class of 1915
held since the reorganization of the in-  daughters, Gertrude, who is sixteen,
and   Hugh J. JAMIESON is practicing law at
stitution after the bank holiday of 1r933.  Prances and Adrienne, twins who
were    55 Wall st., New York City, where he
-Edwin A. SEIPP is in the real estate    born in 1920.-E. N. KEATOR is presi-
    has been located for the past fourteen
business in  Chicago, operating  Seipp   dent and treasurer of the Southwest
Drill-  years.-Joe MACHOTKA  has been   ap-
Realty Trustees at 105 S. La Salle st.   ing co., in San Antonio, Texas.
He has   pointed State Director of Subsistence Gar-
                                         been in business for himself since
1929,  dens in Illinois.  He has served for the
                                         specializing in oil drilling and
producing.  past three years as head of the Subsistence
         Class of 1906                   He is married and has three children,
theGarden program   in Cook county.   In
  The San Francisco State Teachers col-  oldest now a sophomore at the University.
 1916 he had charge of all school and
lege, under the direction of Alexander C.                               
         home gardens in Grand Rapids, Mich.,
ROBERTS, president, and Clarence J. DU            Class of 1911         
         and ever since he has maintained his asso-
FOUR, '02, vice president and dean of the                               
         ciation with this type of community
College, has broken all attendance records   Nora Buell STEWART is living
at Port   activity. Later he spent three and a half
with an enrollment of 1877 for the year.  Blakely, Bawbridge Island, Wash.
 She     years with the Y. M. C. A. National
-Mr. and Mrs. T. R. SLAGSVOL are liv-    has one daughter, sixteen years
of age.-  Council, U. S. A., in Czechoslovakia, as
ing at 3 18 Baltimore road, Winnipeg,    Barry NASH is associated with McCallum
  field representative responsible for athletics
Canada.  Mr. Slagsvol is in the real es-  Insurance Inc., 6 11 N. Broadway,
Mdl-    and recreation and the development of
tate, loan &' trust business. Mrs. Slagsvolwaukee.                  
             new Y. M. C. A. centers and training

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