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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 36, Number VII (April 1935)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 214-215

Page 215

April, 1935                                                             
to provide additional waiver relief in that department.  cials, faculty,
and other employees, and it was in an
   Additional sums totaling about $500, were made      attempt to improve
the service that the University
available for agricultural extension, tobacco, truck     made the telephone
study and tried to get the cooper-
crops, and apple scab work, and for special investi-     ation of the Wisconsin
Telephone company.
   This regent action does not upset the prevailing    Union Presents   
  For the first time in the history
12 to 20 per cent waiver plan now in effect through-     First Student  
     of the Memorial Union's art
out the University service.  It merely restores part     "One Man Show"
      exhibitions, a Wisconsin student
of the waiver to low-salaried employes. On the basis                    
 has presented a one man show.
of the biennium  appropriation, the legislature ap-     Charles Le Clair,
'35, has the distinction of being the
proves in the present session for the University, a new  first student so
chosen to present his work.    The
scale of waivers doubtless will be prepared.          exhibit consists mostly
of water colors and oils,
                                                       both of which are
exceptionally well executed by
Bill Proposes     A bill to provide one additional    the young artist. 
In the annual Wisconsin Salon
Five Regents      member to the Board of Regents      of Art this past winter,
Le Clair won          first
Must be Farmers     and to raise the farm representa-    honorable mention
for painting in water color and
                   tion on the board from two to       third honorable mention
in oil painting, in com-
five was introduced in the state senate by Senator Earl  petition  with 
artists  from  all over the    state.
Leverich, Sparta. As drawn
up, the bill would empower                                              
   Fuel Conference   For its re-
the governor to appoint the                                             
  Receives Special   cent  con -
additional member within 30                                             
  Editorial Praise   ference on
days after passage.The new                                              
                     solid fuels
regent must be a farmer.                                                
   and domestic fuels, conducted
   The additional farm repre-                                           
   by the Department of Mechan-
sentation would be provided                                             
   ical Engineering, the Univer-
by making it mandatory to                                               
   sity received special praise from
appoint farmers to fill vacan-                                          
   "Coal Heat," a Chicago trade
cies until there are five on the                                        
   journal devoted to the hard
   fuel industry.  It was noted
  Leverich's plan calls for one                                         
  editorially that the Wisconsin
member from    each  congres-                                           
   program   brought   in  more
sional district and five regents                                        
   than 400 men from     twelve
from  the state-at-large.All                                            
   states for the three-day meet-
would be appointed by the                                               
governor and   two  must be                                             
     "With such a program," the
women. The state superinten-                                            
   editor declared, "there can be
dent of public instruction and                                          
   no question as to the growing
the president of the University                                         
   interest in changing trends in
would serve as ex-officio mem-            Cutting iron under water      
   fuel marketing  and   utiliza-
bers of the board with the          Showing young engineers how it's done
right to vote in event of ties.                                         
     Tribute was given to Pro-
  There are two farm  representatives on the board    fessors L. A. Wilson,
B. G. Elliott, G. L. Larson,
now. This number would be raised to five through      D. W. Nelson, and Elmer
R. Kaiser for arranging and
appointment of the additional member and two other       conducting the conference.
farmers to be named for six years to fill vacancies
which will occur in 1936 and 1937.                    Foundation Grants 
    Acceptance by the University
                                                       $111,500 for Special
   of a Wisconsin Alumni Re-
University May   The University may     install its   University Research
   search Foundation grant to-
Install Private  own private telephone system  to                       
    taling $111,500, to be used
Phone System     improve the Campus telephone ser-    for research purposes,
was approved by the Board of
                 vice and reduce the annual tele-     Regents at their recent
meeting. The grant includes
phone costs. A study of the entire Campus telephone      $85,000 of interest
income from    the Foundation's
system has been made by the University during the        accumulated capital
and $26,505 for a series of re-
past year, and the results have been presented to the    search projects
to which the Foundation had been
regents and to officials of the Wisconsin Telephone      previously committed.
company, which owns the present system.                  President Glenn
Frank explained that until last
  Definite recommendations for the improvement of     year the Foundation
had made no allocation of re-
the system were contained in the study, but the tele-    search support until
the June meeting of the regents,
phone company has done nothing except to submit       which made it difficult
to plan the research program
its own study of the problem, which ends by increas-     in advance.  This
year the Foundation was able to
ing present costs to the University.University of-     maenerlresi      
ficials are dissatisfied with the suggestions of the tele-
phone company to increase telephone costs, and the
regents have authorized negotiations for the installa-      About one-fourth
of the nation's total population
tion of a private telephone system.                   attends school daily,
according to the federal office of
  The poor service available on the present telephone   education.  More
than 30,550,000 students are en-
system has become a by-word among University offi-       rolled in full-time
day schools, the office reports.

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