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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 36, Number VII (April 1935)

Just in case you haven't heard,   pp. 204-205

Page 205

April, 1935                                                             
send your present address to Calla at 2315 Rugby                    The Glee
Row, Madison.                                          Encouraged by the
success of their first reunion last
  Even though you have been in the same spot for   June, former members of
the Glee Club and the Glee
the last twenty-five years, send in the address so that  Club Corporation
will reune again this year. Natur-
we will know you are alive. The slogan for the     ally, no definite plans
have been made at this early
twenty-fifth reunion is "A Hundred Per Cent Roll   date, but a committee
is soon to be appointed to work
Call!" Do your part as a loyal Nynteentener.        out the details
for the week-end's celebration.
                                                       Among those who are
certain to be back for the
            Attention! Members of '97                reunion are John F.
"Turk" Murphy, George Bunk-
  Our worthy president, Art Fairchild, has asked me  er, Oscar Christianson,
Norris Wentworth, Bob
to notify all members of the Class of 1897 that they  Nethercut, Homer Kline,
Sherman Hendrickson, and
are herewith handed a summons to be present on the  "Whit" Huff.
campus of the University of Wisconsin on the week-       Plans for Reunion
of 1914-1915-1916-1917
end of June 22 for the purpose of reuning with one   A preliminary meeting
of members of these classes
another and with members of adjoining classes.     residing in Madison was
held on March 20. The
  Although definite plans have yet to be formulated,  following were present:
it is sufficient for the present to proclaim that there                 
will positively be a reunion in Madison this June, the  Mrs. Mary A. Hewitt
 Almere Scott
five year plan of reunions notwithstanding.          Lester F. Brumm    
    Hazel I. Brown
  You will soon receive a letter from the reunion  Madeline Fess Mehlig 
 C A Richards
committee giving you a few preliminary details of  M.lW.       mi h  l  
  L. R. Norrs
the plans for the weekend and asking your full co-  MG  W. Smeth        
    L. R. Norrls
operation in the matter.                             Glen M. Householder
    Jane M. Salter
  All we ask of you now is that you circle the dates               Kathryn
June 21, 22, 23, and 24 on your calendar and make                       
vacation plans accordingly.                          Bob Buerki         
    Noble Clark
                         GEORGE F. DOWNER           Gus Bohstedt        
   Louise Matthews Buerki
                                                     Carl Wehrwein      
    Lester W. Rothe
         To Members of Class of 1898                Mrs. E. W. Morphy   
   A. L. Gilbert
  Under the Dix plan, our class is to reune this June.  Mary Sayle Tegge
 Paul M. Brown
A local committee has been appointed to act with our       W.           
Secretary, May Church John, and I know that be-    Archie W. Kimball    
 Eloise Seavert Eager
tween them an inviting program will be arranged.   Mrs. JessMe Bosshard 
  L. P. Eager
                               JOHN S. MAIN                       Maurer
    H. B. Evans
                                                     Ruth Thomas Porter 
  Arnold Jackson
  To all Members of the Ancient Class of 1914-                          
HEAR YE            HEAR YE            HEAR YE        F. G. Mueller      
    Gen. Fox
     MORE MORE BLOOD AND GORE                       Bob Snaddon         
   Art Trebilcock
   VARSITY VARSITY ONE AND FOUR                     Helen Snaddon       
   R. S. Mallow
NOTE: The blood refers to our winning both class   Myra Emery Burke     
 Ruth Kentzler
            rushes.                                 Eleanore Ramsay Conlin
Margaret Hunt Clark
         The gore you will get at the Reunion.     Helen Hull Blake     
 Ellen Gurney Tomlinson
  It's spring in Madison, and the long arm of coin-                 Josephine
cidence has set down and gathered together in the    A general schedule of
events was tentatively agreed
palatial office of Russell H. Carpenter, three members  upon and committees
of the greatest class that ever graduated.          Friday June 21 1935
  Seizing time and opportunity by the well known   FDay J Luneo2, 1935
             forelck,  e ar hereand  ow smmonig yo  to Buffet Luncheon, 1
:00 P. M., Maple Bluff.
forelock, we are here and now summoning you to       Golf, Games (all afternoon
 for old and young),
make note of and be present at the 20th Reunion of       Maple Bluff.
1914.                                                 Buffet Dinner, 7:00
P. M.
  This is merely a preamble. You will get full and   Dance.
complete details regularly from now on. After twenty  Saturday, June 22,
years, Brayton, Otjen and Carpenter have decided       Break,    8 :30 A
    T     eU
that this Reunion will out-dazzle all others.                at 8:30 to answer
q    estionon
  Address all inquiries to Russell H. Carpenter, 713  A booth at Union to
answer questions.
Gay Building, Madison, Wisconsin. If you do not    Booths at Maple Bluff
for each class.
come forward voluntarily and signify your intention  Insignia: Buttons.
and desire to be present we will be forced to take                   COMMI
drastic legal measures.                             Reception:   (Duties
see that everyone has a good
  WITNESSETH our hands and seals this 22nd            time. Assist any committee
needing extra help)
day of March, A. D.,..... 1935.                          (In charge of Booth
at Union).
                 ART BRAYTON, EX-PRESIDENT          Gus Bohstedt '15, Chairman
 Eloise Seavert Eager '16
                          ART BRAYON, Ex-PESIDENT   Mrs. Mary A. Hewitt '1
4  Ruth Thomas Porter '1 6
                 SHORTY OTJEN, EX-PRESIDENT         C. A. Richards '14  
     Helen Hull Blake '17
                 Russ CARPENTER, PRESIDENT          Carl Wehrwein '15   
     Art Trebilcock '17
WITNESSES:                                          Ticket Committee:
KATHERINE PARKINSON, Secretary                      Paul M. Brown '15,  
      Leonard Eager '16
HONORABLE AL TORMEY                                             Chairman
      Ray Mallow '17
HONORABLE IVAN BICKEHAUPT                           Russ Carpenter '14
HONORABLE SMILEY BASSETT                               This committee is
urged to pick assistants from each class.

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