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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

Downer, George
Badger boxers win championship,   pp. 191-193

Page 192

Pag   192                                                               
     The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine
                                                             year. Business
Manager J. D. Phillips was placed in charge
Pres. Frank       Asks Faculty         for                   of "business
management and representation in conference
      Greater Service to           State   Citizens          relationships,>'
which means that he will be the acting
                                                              director as
he has been ever since the resignation of Coach
IF THE University of Wisconsin is to fulfill the demands  Irwin C. Uteritz
two years ago after a brief tenure of about
  of a changed social mood towards science and education,  two months in
the director's office. It is expected that a
it must adopt a "new Wisconsin idea" based on even        definite
choice for director will be announced at the June
greater service than it now renders to the people of the  meeting of the
State, Pres. Glenn Frank asserted in the third of a series  The committee
of three will have charge of the internal
of informal talks to the Faculty early in March.          affairs of the
department until a new director is appointed.
  The new Wisconsin idea should rest on the same two     There is little
work to be done in connection with confer-
pillars-extending the service of the University into the  ence relationships
during the remainder of the year since
life of the State and bringing the research genius of the  all schedules
have been arranged and voted on for the
University to bear upon the problems of the State-which   coming seasons.
The new committee will be able to devote
upheld the old Wisconsin idea, with the addition of a     its entire time
to the affairs of the department and perfect-
revised liberal education program, Pres. Frank maintained.  ing its organization
to make it most effective.
  This liberal education program  should concern itself     According to
regulations the Athletic Board nominates
more consciously than before with the                                   
        the director and the Regents have the
preparation of men to react with in-                                    
        power to accept or reject this nomina-
formed  intelligence to the   special                     _on as they wish.
problems of political, social, and eco-Q
nomic readjustment with which, for
the lifetime of all of us now living,                                   
        Union      Presents
the graduates of this University will be                                
                   0hFe          Cocr
compelled to deal, he declared.
   Explaining that the process of ad-                                   
        A LUMNI who left the University
justment of the policies of an institu-                                 
            before 1928 missed one of the
tion to its social environment finds                                    
        pleasures of University life which un-
"Illuminating illustration in the his-                             
             dergraduates now take for granted-
tory of the University of Wisconsin,"                              
             the regular Sunday afternoon concerts
Pres. Frank reminded the Faculty that                                   
        and programs arranged by the Union
about a third of a century ago the                                      
        program  committee and held in the
University found itself facing a new                                    
        inforal atmosphere of the Great
social mood. This challenge at the                                      
        Hall. The 70th such concert closed
turn of the century was met with the                      s             
        the current season on March 25.
elaboration of the so-called Wisconsin                                  
          The programs have been held with-
idea, which dominated the University s                                  
        out interruption every Sunday from
program in the early 1900's.                                            
        November 1 to April 1 since the
   As far as the University was con                                     
         Union opened, filling the empty and
cerned, this old Wisconsin idea con-                                    
        awkward    Sunday   afternoon  hours
sisted of the development of Univer-                                    
        which find students usually in a mood
sity extension as an expression of the s                                
        to go some place but with no money
University's purpose actively to serve            COACH TOM JONES       
        to go there. The programs have al-
every phase of the State's life, and the      Named to executive council
   ways been free, and, through the intel-
placing of the research genius of the                                   
        ligent efforts of the student and faculty
University at the disposal of the State government through  Union committee,
have commanded the highest order of
the service-on-leave of University scholars on the various  musical talent,
both at home and abroad.
boards and commissions.                                         A sample
of what students now receive in worthy, free
   The new Wisconsin idea which the Unitersity should      entertainment
through the agency of the Union may be
 now adopt to serve this second quarter of the century as  gathered from
the list of programs held this year. They
 effectively as the old Wisconsin idea served the first quar-  are as follows:
Leo Podolsky, pianist; Sue Hastings, Man-
 ter should be based on these two pillars of the old Wis-  onettes; Cecil
Burleigh, violinist, and Leon Iltis, pianist;
 consin idea and a third pillar of University education    Janet Fairbank,
soprano; Arthur Kreutz, violinist; Univer-
 deliberately devised "for the social purpose of better fit-  sity Orchestra;
University Band; Eureka jubilee Singers;
 ring Wisconsin graduates to play a productive r6le in the  Student Recital:
jean Hedemark, pianist, Ida Drubeck,
 creation, the comprehension, and the control of a variable  soprano, George
Danz, violinist, and Anne Yaffe, pianist
 social order in the midst of the revolutionary forces of  and accompanist;
Florence Bergendahl, soprano; Leon 11tis,
 science and technology which have rendered the traditional  pianist, Paul
Jones, accompanist; Carleton Symphony Band;
 social order so threateningly insecure," Pres. Frank said.  Leland
Coon, pianist, and Paul Jones, organist; Evelyn
                                                               Levin Davis,
violinist, and Doriss Wittich, pianist; Marcus
                                                               Ford in his
 Regents Name Spears, Meanwell,                                      Players
Prepare for Operetta
 Jones to Athletic Executive Committee                        pREPARATION
has been started in Bascom theatre for
 THE BOARD of Regents at their March meeting named               a presentation
of Victor Herbert's operetta, "Sweet-
    Coaches Jones, Meanwell, and Spears to act as an ath-  hearts,"
which is to play a week beginning May 7. "Sweet-
 letic executive council until the end of the present school  hearts"
is to be the annual allied-arts production on the

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