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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

Reunion plans are under way,   p. 189

Page 189

   Reunion Plans Are Under Way
                                    Letteral C&omirttfee 4p         
                                    /proect. tcee~iij4, lyzi~y/t
    H TEAR YE! HEAR YE! HEAR YE!                            in the faculty
and in the city. No longer is the Wisconsin
          The ever-welcome, ever-joyous class reunions are   Campus one of
a few buildings. Today the Campus spreads
          but a few weeks away. Class officers of reuning    its beauty from
Lake Street to Eagle Heights and from
   classes are busily preparing letters to be sent to the indi-  University
Avenue to the lake. The new Forest Products
   vidual members of each class and the general reunion      Laboratory guards
the western flank and the new Union
   committee which was appointed by President Frank has      building stands
supreme on the eastern end. You'll be
   already inaugurated plans for the entertainment of all    surprised to
see the additions which have been made and
   alumni and friends who return to the Campus for this      the improved
landscaping that has been accomplished.
   enjoyable weekend, June 15-16-17-18.                      And when you
come back-we know you'll be back soon;
     Old man Depression, who kept poking his nose into       if not for reunions,
then sometime in the not too distant
   our affairs last year and the year before, has been routed  future-be
sure and visit the splendid new Arboretum
   and the 1934 reunions give promise of being one of the    which the University
has constructed southwest of the city
   happiest in recent years. Just think, not only will you be  on the shores
of Lake Wingra.
   able to talk about the days that used to be on the Campus,  There is one
thing which we wish to make clear at this
   but you will be able to tell your classmates how tough the  time-the reunion
weekend is all alumni and former
   depression was on you, but how you stuck to your guns     students, not
for members of the reuning classes alone.
   and came through with flying colors. Of course, we can't  Interesting
programs have been arranged for all who come
   guarantee that he or she will agree with you, since the old  back in June.
Whether you are '83 or '33 we want you
   adage will probably hold true, "The first liar hasn't a   back on
the Cmutoen yourelf dr            this reunion
   chance." No, we don't mean that you are liars, far from   weekend.
   it, but you know that time often distorts the best of truths.  Pesient
     But whether you come back to tell tall tales about the    Presilent
Frank has appointed the following committee
  old days or whether you come back to show off the pros-   which will be
in charge of the general activities for the
  perity which now surrounds you, the most important thing  entire weekend:
  to us and to your classmates is that you do come back for             
H. M. Egstad, '17, Chairman
  reunions. We want to see you, your old professors and                 
Mrs. Clara B. Flett, '84.
  instructors want to see you and, most of all, the classmates          
Miss Alice M. Grover, '09
  with whom you spent so 'many happy hours when you                     
Miss Alice King, '18
  were a student want to see you.                                       
Prof. L. F. Van Hagan, '04
     In case you haven't been back to visit the Campus in               
 Laurence Hall, '20
----recent-year-s,-you-wilI-find many changes-in-thei-buildings;        -
Porter Butts, '24
                                           THE 1909'ers AT THE 1927 REUNION
  1. Edwin S. Witte. 2. Alice M. Grover. 3. A. D. Vosterhuis. 4. Irma Hochstein.
5. Mrs. Win. E. Carnes. 6. E. F. Bean. 7. William Carnes. 8. Harry
  Sauthoff. 9. Frank Natwich. 11. Albert Wolf. 12. John A. Conley. 13. 0.
S. Syfestad. 14. Macian D. Cooper. 15. Claude Van Auken. 16. F. H. Cenfield.
  17. Kenneth Van Auken. 18. Mrs. William Muehl. 19. Agnes Leary. 20. Mary
E. Longfield. 21. Mrs. F. H. Cenfield. 22. William R. Muehl. 23. Mrs.
  E. F. Bean. 26. Mrs. Claude Van Anken. 27. Mrs. Albert M. Wolf. 28. Mrs.
0. S. Syfestad. 29. Dr. Rollo Fisher. 30. Mrs. Alma Boyd Van Anken.
  31. Mrs. Hazel Higbee lWatermna,. 32. Mrs. Frances Albers Fisher. 33. Mrs.
Charles Gardiner Cooper.
                                                    Page 189

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