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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 33, Number VI (March 1932)

With the Badger clubs,   pp. 186-188

Page 187

March, 1932                                                          The
Wisconsin Alumni Magazine
  Professor Buck was a guest in Gandhi's home during  Mater. Over fifty dollars
was realized by the Benefit
a recent visit to India and described the leader as "a  Bridge toward
the fund. The affair was in the charge
sincere lover of humanity and peace, who has become  of Mrs. A. G. Crocker,
Mrs. C. K. Harris, and Miss Ara
the leader of a party that has since become bigger   Charbonneau, chairman.
than he."                                              The December
meeting of the Wisconsin Women's
  "The Brahmin group which actually controls the     Club was held at
the Hotel Belcrest on December 19.
nationalist congress has always been the revered and  Mrs. H. G. Wade, assisted
by Mrs. S. G. Gulian, and
respected caste in India. It is the highest in the caste  Mrs. Allen Wright,
were in charge. Over thirty mem-
system which dominates the country, and has always   bers and guests attended.
The luncheon tables were
advised and counselled Indian rulers and princes.    appropriately decorated
with candles and holly. Each
  "Today, with the picturesque Gandhi as a mouth-    member brought
a child's gift to be distributed through
piece, it is attempting to gain complete control of In-  one of the welfare
societies. The afternoon was spent
dia, through manipulation of the most shrewdly man-  at bridge.
aged political weapon ever forged in recent years.     The club regretted
that President Glenn Frank's
Fascism, Hitlerism, and other political groups do not  visit to Detroit came
so soon after the Benefit Bridge
compare in strategy and power to the Indian nation-  so that they were unable
to entertain him and profit
alist congress of which Gandhi is the leader."       by having him with
us for an evening.
  Kenneth Sarles, president of the club, was in charge                  
of the meeting. A nominating committee to select a
slate of officers for the annual meeting in March was
appointed by Mr. Sarles. The committee is composed   Pittsburshers View 
    Campus Film
of Don Butchart, chairman, J. B. Cardiff, and Miss Lila
Holt.                                                     Throuls Dense Hate
of Smoke and Fos
                                                     THE U. W. Club of Pittsburgh
staged its annual party
Syracuse, N. Y., Enjoys Campus Movies                   at the Schenley Hotel
on the evening of Feb. 13th.
                                                       Notices were broadcast
to some 300 in the Pittsburgh
THE Wisconsin Alumni Club of Syracuse had a din-     district and sixty-five
assembled for an evening of
  ner meeting at Drumlins Golf Club Saturday, Janu-  moving pictures, bridge
and dancing. The program
ary 23rd. The appeal to renew memories through the   was given a touch of
Wisconsin realism through the
presentation of the movies of the Wisconsin campus   Alumni Association furnishing
three films of City and
and University activities proved alluring for we had  Campus scenes incorporated
in a student scenario
a response from 29 members on a stormy night. Ten    styled "On to Wisconsin".
It brings back many old
had never met with us before. Two of the "found-     memories as well
as depicting the advantages enjoyed
ers", Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hill, came down from Ful-   by the present
generation of students.
ton, N. Y., bringing two recruits, Mr. and Mrs. R. F.  At the business meeting,
John Farris, '07, and Arch
Korflage.                                            W. Nance, '10, were
reelected as President and Secre-
  Under Prof. R. F. Piper's guidance we had a pro-   tary-Treasurer, respectively,
and Montfort Jones, '12,
fessional showing of the long awaited familiar scenes  assumed the heavy
duties of the Vice-Presidency to fill
which w*e very much enjoyed. Prof. Piper is leaving  the chair  ade vacanf
through A. J. Ackerman, '26, de-
this week for a two year study of the philosophy, poli-  serting us for St.
tics, and religion of some of the Eastern countries.   Senator Bob LaFollette
was the luncheon guest of
The trip takes him through 22 countries. Taking mov-  twenty members of the
U. W. Club of Pittsburgh at the
ing pictures is to be a part of this study.          Wmi. Penn Hotel on February
  The following new officers -were elected: chairman   The Senator was in
Pittsburgh as the Guest Speaker
-Mrs. C. W. Cabeen, vice-chairman-Mr. Robt. Sals-    at Syria Shrine's testimonial
banquet for the Potentate
bury, treas.-secy.--Miss Grace Rockwood.             and his acceptance of
the club's invitation gave those
       MRS. H. S. (FLORENCE VERNON) STEENSLAND,      present a most delightful
hour. We are deeply ap-
                  Secretary of Syracuse Branch       preciative for his having
honored us, and the contact
                                                     stimulated our pride
in old Wisconsin.
                                                       The Club reserves
a table at the Little Lunch Room,
                                                     second floor, 212 Oliver
Avenue, each Friday noon,
D~etroit Alumnae Hlold Successful                    and always extends a
welcome to Wisconsin visitors
               Industrial Scholarship Brid.e         to the Smoky City.
        ARCH W. NANCE,
ON SATURDAY, January 16, the Wisconsin Women's                          
    Club of Detroit held their annual Scholarship
Benefit Bridge Tea at the College Club. From every
standpoint the affair was a success. Tall red tapers  Chns      T     II
 Han1rf Deli
and bold red W's lent individual meaning to the de-         eht
lightful parlor of the College Club. Reservations were     Southern California
Alumnae Cl
made for twenty-seven tables. The prize for each
table was a dainty colored sport handkerchief. Tea   TWENTY-FIVE members
of the Wisconsin Alumnae
was served at five o'clock.                            Club of Southern California
assembled on January
  The proceeds from this function and others given   25 for a luncheon at
the Pasadena Athletic Club and
by the club are used to send one girl, chosen from in-  a talk on China by
Miss Clara M. Berryman which was
dustry, to the Industrial Summer School of our Alma  the high-light of our
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