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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 33, Number VI (March 1932)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 182-184

Page 184

The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine                                           
                       March, 1932
  When the building is torn down, applied arts cours-  ago 69.88 per cent
of those enrolled came from homes
es will be given to the old machine shop. According   in Wisconsin while
30.12 per cent were from homes
to A. F. Gallistel, superintendent of buildings and   outside the state.
This year 73.63 per cent of the total
grounds, the exact age of the building is unknown.    are residents of the
state while only 26.37 per cent
                                                          are non-residents.
The percentage of decrease in one
                                                          equals exactly
the percentage of increase in the other.
Professors Students and faculty of the University are   Economic depression
plus an increase in fees for
Defend    not antagonistic to the Catholic church, nor  non-resident students
has brought about the large de-
Students  are they raising the red flag of Communistic  crease in out-of-state
enrollment, it is claimed, while
Russia over the campus, members of the faculty de-    the depression is probably
the main cause of the de-
clare in answer to charges made by the Rev. H. C.     crease in resident
Hengell, pastor of St. Paul's University chapel, which  Of the total enrolled,
2,192 are from 46 states not
appeared in Madison's newest newspaper, "The Un-      including Wisconsin,
and the District of Columbia.
censored News".                                          The only state
not represented by students on the
  Of the charge of communism, Prof. William Ellery    campus is Nevada, while
another Western state, Wyom-
Leonard of the English department is quoted by the    ing, is represented
by only one student, and two other
Daily Cardinal, student publication, as saying, "That's  states, South
Carolina and Delaware, have sent only
the most unspeakable rot."                               two students
  "I have never known any indication of unfriendli-     Next to Wisconsin,
Illinois leads all other states in
ness to the Catholic church," Prof. Leonard said, add-  enrollment this
year, with 654 students registered.
ing, "I discuss it just as I would any other historical  Other states
with comparatively large numbers of stu-
phenomenon."                                             dents enrolled
this semester are: New York, with 276;
  While there are some professors with agnostic be-   Ohio, 159; Pennsylvania,
103; Minnesota, 97; Michigan,
liefs, the Rev. A. Haentzchel, pastor of Calvary Luth-  96; Indiana, 92;
and New Jersey, 73.
eran church and professor of philosophy said, there
are some Catholics teaching at the University. He
said:                                                    Radio   Radio communication
courses taught by the
  "Very few students are Communistic, although many   Course  Milwaukee
center of the University Extension
have a Liberal, Progressive attitude."                   Praised  division
are commanding wide recognition by
  Prof. Carl Russell Fish of the history department   educators and technicians,
according to letters and
said:                                                    journals received.
  Sam   Snead, the instructor in
  "I have never heard the Catholic church ridiculed   charge, noted
that the University's radio training cur-
in any of the University courses." He aidded that he  riculum is the
only one of its advanced type, of col-
is himself sympathetic with the Catholic church, and  lege grade, in the
United States.
that "we have the freest campus in the country."        J. E. Morgan,
editor of the Journal of the National
   "Freedom of speech is one of the fundamental requi-  Education association,
felicitated the University upon
 sites of a university," Prof. Fish said.                 "its
pioneer step in establishing a college course in
   Prof. E. B. McGilvary of the philosophy department  radio, for which there
is great need," and expressed
said he had never known of the Catholic church being  satisfaction that "the
University of Wisconsin has tak-
treated unfairly, and added, "I take Kant's treatment  en the lead."
of the subject and simply explain what he means. I      A California radio
journal editor commended the
give both sides of the question."                        breadth of
training given by the University. Inten-
   But as to communism, Prof. McGilvary said: "I have  sive instruction
five days a week for two semesters
 no doubt that there is a communistic element in the   is required.
 University. I suspect, however, it's the same all over  Instituto Internazionale
per la Cinematografia Edu-
 the country; there may be even more radicalism in     cative, Rome, Italy,
published in four languages for
 some of the eastern colleges."                           international
circulation, and The Electrician, Lon-
                                                          don, Eng., found
the Milwaukee program warranting
                                                          descriptive articles.
School and Society, Washington,
 Resident The proportion of students enrolled at the   D. C., the Junior
College Journal, a west coast publica-
 Students  University this year from  homes located    tion, Radio Engineering,
and other American technical
 Increase  within the borders of the state increased 3.75  and educational
magazines recently gave prominence
 per cent, while the proportion of out-of-state students  to Milwaukee's
advanced training opportunities in
 enrolled decreased by exactly the same amount, it is  radio.
 revealed by a statistical survey just completed.
   Although the proportional percentage of 'Wisconsin  About    Dr. William
F. Lorenz of the medical school
youths attending the University increased, the total  Student  of the University
of Wisconsin stated before
number of state residents enrolled is slightly less than  Drinking the Metcalf
beer committee recently that
a year ago, while the number of out-of-state students  there was less drinking
among the students at Wis-
registered dropped considerably, the figures show.     consin than of any
other university in the country.
Exactly 6,569 state residents enrolled last year, while  He states, however,
that there has been a serious in-
6,454 are registered from homes within the state this  crease in alcoholism
since prohibition with both men
year, a drop of 115. Non-resident enrollment, how-    and women.
ever, decreased from 2,832 a year ago to only 2,311     Dr. Lorenz, through
research at the Manhattan state
this year, a drop of 521.                                hospital, has discovered
there is more insanity due to
   Enrollment this year reached a total of 8,765 stu-  alcoholism at present
than there has been any time
 dents while last year 9,401 were registered. A year   since 1902.
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