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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 32, Number VII (April 1931)

This and that about the faculty,   pp. 282 ff.

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The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine                                           
                      April, 1931
         This and
                                                         AbOUT TI-IE
  J. HOMER HERRIQTT, Ph.D., '29, assistant professor
in the department of Spanish and Portuguese, has been    r     A      C 
     U      LA  L
appointed a fellow by the American Council of Learned
Societies.                                              professor of physical
education, in dance renaissance was
  Prof. Herriott will spend next year in Europe studying  commended in an
article in the Chicago Daily News
the Aragonese language, which is the original language  recently. Orchesis,
a society of advanced dance stu-
of the first Spanish poet, Gonzalo de Berceo; also the  dents, owes much
to the inspiration of Miss H'Doubler.
present day vocabulary of the provinces containing  It was at a reunion of
many of her former pupils in
words which have not been used in Castile for six or  Chicago three years
ago that it was decided to continue
seven centuries.                                        the society.
                                                          At the end of the
holidays this year, 55 young women
                                                        from their posts
in educational institutions all over the
  Two University professors were among the 27 persons  United States met
Miss H'Doubler at the Illinois
admitted to full citizenship by Circuit Judge A. C.  Women's Athletic Club
to work out with her some of
Hoppmann. They are Alexander Vasiliev, professor of  the problems they have
history and native of Russia, and R. C. Emmons, pro-  It was Miss H'Doubler
who, five years ago, estab-
fessor of geology and native of Canada.                                 
lished here the only four-year univer-
sity course majoring in dancing which
is rewarded with an A.B. degree.
  PROF. R. WALKER SCOTT, of the                                         
  Among her more prominent pupils
French department, has accepted the                                     
are Elizabeth Waterman Southard,
position of professor of European                                       
athletic director of the Illinois Wom-
languages at Diagaki, the University                                    
en's Athletic Club; Bertha Ochsner
-of Tokio. -Japan. He will sail for                                     
Campbell, danseuse; and Greta
Japan at the end of this month. After                                   
Kranz, dancing instructor at North-
the first three years in that position, f                               
western University.
Prof. Scott will have a year's leave of
absence from Diagaki, which he will                                     
spend in America.
  PRES. GLENN FRANK will be the
           .    i4~*_*+_+                                               vice-president
of the Victor L. Berger
  THREE University representatives                                      
National foundation it was announced
were among the 25 men and women                                         
by the foundation recently. Clarence
from all parts of the United States                                     
Darrow, noted lawyer, is the president
who have received research fellow-                                      
of the organization which was organ-
ships valued at $70,000 from   the                                      
ized in honor of the memory of the
Social Science Research Council, New                                    
socialist leader at a meeting held
March 1, at the National Press Club
  The three are Dr. Samuel A. Stouf-                                    
in Washington, D. C.
fer, assistant professor of social statis-  MISS H'DOUBLER
tics at. the University; Dr. John
Thomas Salter, associate professor of political science;  PROF. JOHN W. CUNLIFFE,
former head of the depart-
and Dr. Elsie Gluck, assistant editor of the Encyclo-  ment of English in
the University, has resigned as head
pedia of the Social Sciences.                           of the Columbia school
of journalism, to be succeeded
  Dr. Stouffer will study "The Statistical Treatment of  by Carl W.
Ackerman. Born in Lancashire, England,
Small Samples of Sociological Data" in England; Dr.  66 years ago, Prof.
Cunliffe began his career as a re-
Salter, "The Ward Leader, a Study of the Republican  porter at the age
of 17 after completing his education at
Party Organization in Philadelphia," and Dr. Gluck,  the University
of London and of Manchester.
"Labor and Co-operative Movements in Palestine."      A little
later he went to Canada and held the position
                                                        of professor of English
at McGill University. He then
                                                        came to Wisconsin
in 1906, and it was here that he
  MILES L. HANLEY, assistant professor of English,  gained the reputation
of being one of the most success-
'ill leave the University at the close of the current  ful teachers of written
English in the United States.
semester to take up his role of associate director of the
linguistic atlas of the United States and Canada, work
upon which will be started early this summer at Yale  RABBI SOLOMON LANDMAN,
director of Hillel founda-
U niversity.                                            tion, religious and
social center for Jewish students at the
  Prof. Hanley will devote half his time to work in con-  University, has
tendered his resignation to the* B'nai
nection with the atlas, and the other half to the teaching  B'rith sponsoring
the foundation, to take effect in June.
of a graduate course in the English language in America.  The Hillel foundation
at Wisconsin was organized in
                                                         1924 by Dr. Landman.
Since it was one of the first in
                                                         the United States,
Dr. Landman had little precedent to
  THE work of M\iss Margaret H'Doubler, associate   guide him in building
up the organization.
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