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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 32, Number VII (April 1931)

With the Badger clubs,   pp. 278-279

Page 278

The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine                                           
                   April, I93I
                                                                     it together,
listen together,
together, eat together,
 Philadelphia Celebrates Founders' Day
you'll w!ork together.
I H. PETERMAN, '22, entertained the Wisconsin
  Alumni Club of Philadelphia at their annual Found-    "From my association
with students since I have
ers' Day dinner on February 27, with an account of his  been at the University
of Wisconsin and from my
experiences when assigned to get a first hand story of the  recollections
of earlier days, I never have seen a finer, a
activities of the Coast Guard for The Philadelphia Eve-  cleaner and a more
wholesome group of young men and
ning Bulletin. Scouting for miles along the cold coast in  women than at
the present time," he declared. "They
an old plane and patrolling the rough seas in a small  are possessed with
ideals and the great majority of
cutter were parts of the assignment which he enjoys   them are eager for
knowledge. I believe the student
more in the telling than he did at the time.          body of Wisconsin is
typical of the student body at
  Plans for the Pennsylvania-Wisconsin football game  other institutions
of higher learning."
were discussed. J. H. Jones, '20, was appointed chair-  There is drinking
of cours3, hl said, but he told his
man of a committee on arrangements, and D. A. Buckley,  listeners that the
proportion of drinking among students
'28, of a correspondence committee for the event.     with 9,500 on the campus
is not nearly as great as 25
  The following officers were elected: Dr. Elmer V.   years ago when approximately
3,000 were attending
Eyman, '07, President; Mr. Peterman, Vice-President;  the university.
Mrs. C. 0. Wheeler, '29 (Margaret Alsop), Secretary;    The intimate relationships
that exist between student
and Clarence N. Johnson, '09, Treasurer.              and professor in a
small college are being developed at
  The Club is planning a picnic this spring. and would  the University of
Wisconsin under the guidance of
be glad to get in touch with any alumni in the vicinity  President Glenn
Frank, Mr. Holt said. Every effort is
not now on the list.                                  being made, he declared,
to build a closer relationship
                           MARGARET WHEELER,          between the student
and teacher.
                                         Secretary.     Members of the faculty
are not devoted entirely to
                                                      their subject, Mr.
Holt said, as when 150 were asked
               Dean Slichte  at Souther  Californiato appear a week early
to assist in freshman orientation,
   Dean Slichter at Southern California               volunteers came willingly
from men and women with
THE Wisconsin Alumni Association of Southern Cali-    international reputations.
 These faculty members
fornia were luncheon guests of Mrs. A. W. Byrne of  eagerly consulted with
the freshmen and proved their
Pasedena on January 31. There were thirty-one guests  interest in the boy
and girl. The second year, the re-
present. The regular January meeting had been post-   quired number of volunteers
was obtained as easily as
poned to this date because of the coming to California  the first year, he
said. Those who returned to aid the
of Dean C. S. Slichter and Mrs. Slichter, uncle and aunt  freshmen do so
without remuneration.
of Mrs. Byrne.                                          The University of
Wisconsin he declared, is a for-
  After lunch, the chairman, Mrs. Samuels, called a   ward looking institution.
 The experimental college
short business meeting before introducing the guest of  under Dr. Alexander
Meiklejohn brought out many
honor.  Dean Slichter responded by giving a brief     phases of education
not understood or considered before,
                                                      he said. Individual
effort and initiative were stressed in
sketch of what he considered to be the major develop-  the experimental college,
he said.
ments in the University during the past four or five    The college of letters
and science is undergoing
years.  A short discussion followed Dean Slichter's ad-  cTa  chngeo    
 and nctices ar    beingi
dress and later a musical program  arranged by the    constant change and
new practices are being intro-
hostess.                                              duced from time to
time to serve the student better,
                           HELEN S. NIELSON,          Mr. Holt said.
                                       Secretary.       Officers elected
for the year are: Robert T. Edwards,
                                                      president; Judge Chester
H. Christensen, vice-presi-
                                                      dent, and Mrs. Harold
F. Hilton, secretary and treas-
      Holt Talks at Beloit MeetinS                    urer. G. E. Heebink
is the retiring president.
APPROXIMATELY 85 Wisconsin alumni living in
   Beloit and vicinity assembled at the Hotel Hilton           Cincinnati
Elects Officers
March 4, for the annual dinner, and to hear an address
by F. 0. Holt, registrar, on the subject, "Is There a  THE University
of Wisconsin Club in Cincinnati held
New Wisconsin?"                                         its monthly
meeting at the Broadway Hotel on Febru-
  Claims that university and college students of today  ary 19. Following
dinner, officers were elected to direct
are not "possessed of ideals" and "have the vulgarity  the
activities of the Club for the next yearly period.
of sophistication" were declared unfounded by Mr.       The following
officers were elected: Gladys Bahr,
Holt.  Many persons believe that modern students     '27, President; Wenzel
Fabera, '25, Vice-President;
hector their professors by day and make whoopee by    Dorothy Edwards, '25,
Secretary; John Leigh, '28,
night, he said.                                       Treasurer.
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