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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 32, Number X (July 1931)

What the reuners have to say,   pp. 380-384

Page 384

The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine                                           
                      July, 1931
parents, and responded happily to the greetings of class-  given to Cyril
Marks who won by a hair. The Colonel
mates.                                                 showed his gallantry,
however, and gave Marks one of
  A census of the '06 graduates based on the profes-  the golf balls which
constituted the prize and con-
sional schools represented, showed the engineers to be in  ferred the remaining
one upon John Pritzlaff who ran a
a decided majority at this reunion. The class crew was  poor third in this
composed almost entirely of engineers.                    Six charming belles
entered the beauty contest and
  Messages were read at the luncheon from: E. A.     the judges were thrown
into such confusion that they
Trowbridge, University of Missouri; Margaret South-  voted first place to
all of them. Finally, however, on a
wich, Gary, Ind.; John W. Bradshaw, New York;        drawing of lots, Margaret
Eberle Rosencranz-"one
Mrs. E. A. Dockstader (Bess Adams), West Newton,     of our girls"-won
Mass.; Carl J. Calvin, Hibbing, Minn.; J. W. Reid,    In the matter of who
had the most children present,
New York; Edwin G. Luening, Milwaukee; and Ira       Edna Cantril Betts from
Owyhee, Oregon, captured
L. Reynolds, now of Washington, D. C. This was the   another prize for 1913.
(Parenthetically we may add
first reunion missed by the Reynolds.                  that 1914 furnished
the prizes but 1913 carried most of
  Two long tables in the Great Hall of the Memorial  them off).
Union were hardly enough to care for the two score     Speaking of children,
you should see those two
families of '06 who made merry Saturday evening at the  Corner boys. They
are wonders.  Doug and May
Alumni Supper. The staccato-like class yell of cloudy  should be happy. And
the writer of this narrative can
origin still proved articulate as a manifestation of class  not refrain from
saying, with paternalistic pride, that
spirit when revived for competitive purposes, and stood  Alvin C. Reis, Jr.,
age 7, made a mighty home run in
up well under the strain.                              the 9th inning, and
took two swims. He had the only
  This reunion gave evidence that the associations of  bathing suit in the
campus days, even though long years have elapsed,     Yes, there was a hectic
baseball game, and a fat man's
still hold their charm for many graduates. The next  contest. We conceded
this latter to the other classes.
reunion, under the Dix plan, comes in 1933.  The       We are indebted to
Russ Carpenter and Kathryn
group which returned in June was a unit in voicing a  Parkinson of '14 for
their courtesy in arranging chicken
promise to make the next an even finer expression of
class constancy.
                                           L. W. B.
                  Class ,of. 91~3
  The 1913 reunion was one grand reune. A half hun-
dred grads and/or wives, husbands can testify to that
  The opening and outstanding event of the reunion
was the buffet dinner at the home of Dr. and Mrs.
Erwin Schmidt. Forty-eight were present, including a
half dozen of the second generation. Every member
left the Schmidt home with a feeling of gratitude to
                                                        salad and trimmings
and providing launches for carry-
                                                        ing the merry-makers
across the lake.
                                                          The following officers
were elected at the business
                                                        meeting without a
murmur of protest:
C. Reis
                                                                Vic President-May
Walker Corner
 Class of I 914
                                                          Ye Gods and little
fishes-Ye polar bears and tropical
                 THE 1913 CHAMPS                       tigers!!! was it ever
hot at Commencement! The answer
                                                        is Yes! But was the
thermometer any higher than the
Erwin and his wife and a sense of deep respect for the  Spirit of 1914, or
was the weather any warmer than the
courageous soul who would offer to entertain a whole  welcome the 1914 gave
each other?  The answer is
class at dinner.                                       decidedly No!!! From
the time of registration at our
  Friday night the classes of '11, '12, '13 and '14 had a  headquarters back
of the big purple and white (our
dance in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union.      colors you know) 1914,
up until the brilliant speech of
  Saturday afternoon the gala picnic of the four classes  our Prexy Glenn
Frank at Baccalaureate, 1914 had a
was held at Olin Park on Lake Monona. Divers and     whale of a time.
sundry Herculean contests were staged.                   Of course, the depression
made considerable dif-
  In the gladiatorial combat as to who was the baldest  ference in our numbers-you
see 1914 got the habit of
headed man, or should we say most bald man, it was   "holding the bag"
by winning both Class Rushes in
thought, at the beginning, that Cal Chambers carried  1914 and 1915. However,
at the joint picnic of '14, '13,
off the honors but on a recount the first place had to be           (Continued
on page 408)
Page 384

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