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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 31, Number 5 (Feb. 1930)

News of other universities,   pp. 208-224

Page 208

fo Rseac
iuiuiuisS iui sevel years, Past UanU
has taken more definite shape during
the past year with active measures
by the Inter-fraternity Council and
individual Greek groups, the Board
of Supervision of Student Activities
formally banished the tradition of
"hell week" from the initiation
program of Northwestern Univer-
sity fraternities.
  "It is not the object of the board
to do away with informal initiation,"
said Dean James W. Armstrong,
"but to eliminate the obscenities,
the brutalities, the indecencies,
which have given fraternities a
black eye in the view of the public."
  To give teeth to this new ruling
passed by the board, Dean Arm-
strong explained that fraternities
which fail to live up to the mandate
will be punished.
Page 208
  Sounds impossible, or at least im-
probable, doesn't it?I But Common-
wealth college, Mena, Ark., at the
southern tip of the Ozarks, does just
that, and a lot of other things as
equally incredulous.
  Founded in 1923 as a self-sup-
porting institution for working young
men and . women, the college is
owned and governed solely by an
association of students and teach-
ers, all of whom are "working their
way." It has twenty buildings in-
cluding a library, dormitories, and
recreation halls, which are main-
tained and heated by the work of
teachers and students. Fuel is ob-
tained by cutting timber on land
belonging to - the school, and 60 per
cent of the food consumed is pro-
duced by the college itself. The cost
T HE Califri Monthly-recently
  announced -the receit -by the
University of California of a gift of
$182,000 from the Rockerfeller Foun-
dation for the support of teaching
and research in the field of govern-
mental administration. An assur-
ance was also made for $80,000, the
total to cover a six year period,
after which the University will carry
on the research project on its own
  The gift was obtained largely
thru the fine work which Prof. M. S.
C. May has done in the organiza-
tion of a Bureau of Public Adminis-
tration in the past few years. The
collection of pamphlets on public ad-
ministration gathered by Prof. May
from all parts of the world is recog-
nized to be the most comprehensive
of its kind in the world.

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