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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 31, Number 5 (Feb. 1930)

Editorials,   p. 196

Page 196

bership in that organization.
  That membership inithe Big Ten is an asset to the
university holding it can hardly be denied. We were
therefore somewhat surprised at a press report that Min-
nesota contemplated in her reorganization program
"relief from dependence upon the Big Ten for athletic
competition." The report also stated that Minnesota
would, however, retain two of her traditional rivals,
Wisconsin and Michigan. We cannot believe that Min-
nesota will carry out such a program. If it is done we
venture the opinion that Minnesota will miss the Con-
ference much more than the Conference will miss Min-
nesota-and the Conference will miss Minnesota.
  As for Wisconsin, our athletic relations with Minneso-
ta have existed over a long period of years. A tradi-
tional. rivalry has g -vn;up which we hope will not be
broken. -A withdRal, from the Conference, however,
might bring complications which will endanger this
splendid relationship of such long standing.
courses now taught are obsolete or are over emphasized.
Some can easily be combined with similar courses and
thereby give the student more time to study in a
broader field. The foreign language requirement for
the B.A. degree has been subjected to scathing denun-
ciations by student publications. Everywhere on the
campus this investigation is the subject of discussion.
  You, as alumni of the University, should be as vitally
interested in the possible changes in the curriculum as
the students and faculty are. You have had an oppor-
tunity to look back upon your college career and decide
which were the courses most beneficial, which could
have been omitted, which were emphasized too little,
which would be benefited by a remodeled proceedure.
  If you have any suggestions to offer, send them to the
Association office and we will be glad to turn them over
to the proper persons. Remember, your duty as an
.alumnus is not only to cheer at athletic contests, but
also to aid in bolstering the educational efficiency of
your Alma Mater.

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