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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 30, Number 4 (Jan. 1929)

Alumni news,   p. 132

Page 132

Page 132                          THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE         
                          January, 1929
                                        Alumni News
Notices of engagements, marriages, births, and deaths should be brief, definite,
and accurate.                 Corc      pligof
                                      poenames should receive careful attni
            ENGAGEMENTS                ex '23 Jane Sue Clark Milwaukee, to
Theo-           BIRTHS
                                             dore L . SACHS, Madison, November
ex '21 Marjorie HALL, St. Louis, to George          28, at Milwaukee. Mr.
Sachs is asso-   1903  T   Mr. and Mrs. L. S. VAN ORDEN,
     Strodtman Metcalfe, St. Louis. The     ciated with the Beechnut Co.,
Mil-     a son, on November 3, at Chicago.
     wedding will take place on January 5,  waukee, where he and Mrs. Sachs
are192T    Mran    Ms.FR.wetm
     1923Jesie MTCHLLMadison, to Floyd            maigterhm.(Mabel C. MCLAUGHLIN),
a daughter,
   1923 iesse MaiTCoELL                 1923 Grace AUSTIN, Madison, to Jesse
A.     Lorraine Rlamsey, on October 12.
   Bri3 esel Madison.t SoknClf-Gray, Pearson, Okla., December 4, at     
                ex '16 To Mr. and Mrs. Frank I. AMBLER, a
   1923 RBevely h MPAouST, Stockonwocai.           Madison. At home after
January 1 in          son, Richard Hawes, September 17,
               to Rudolph PAHT, Oconomowoc.Pearson.
           at Honolulu, T. H.
1924 Louise M. PLATZ, La Crosse, to FrankI4  '-r     ICEL     aiot      
i     91   oM.adMs        rigW     on
1925 J. HOLT, Madison. Miss Platz is alimEBohmWahntnD.                  
     17ToM.nd         rsIvng    .WO   ,a
     case wvorker with the Public Welfare          Ocame E.  , BnaWsin  
gtonorkCi D.C        daughter, JntOcoe12atBre-
     association. Mr. Holt is an instructor        Otbr1,iNeYokCy.ley, Calif.JntOcoe12atBr
     in agricultural journalism at the Uni-  1924  Margaret JAMES, Wales,
to Ralph        197T      Mran     Ms.JV.anScl
          -versity.                         ~~~~~~~~~Stsrk, Waukesha, on
November 17. 197TMran  Ms.JV.anScl
              versity.~     ~      ~      12    Ktein     leg   dra,   ih.
 o(Louise PA-1rrEIRSON), a daughter, Pa-
1925 Jean BOOTH, Chicago, to  Ralph    195KteieCgAdanMcho               
          tricia Patterson, October 4, at New
1928 SCHAEFER, Louisville, Ky.               Harold HOEBEL, Madison, November-
    York City.
1925 Irene C. SCANLON, Jacksonville, Fla.    22, at Toledo.             
     1917 To Mr. and Mrs. M. B. FiNDOEFF, a
     to Gerald Skulley, Richmond, Va.        1925  Mary DEvINE, Madison,
to Edwin J.            son, on October 5, at Madison.
          1926  lorene STRUCHSuperor, t  Ar- 1926  SORENSON, Milwaukee, November
15,    1918   To Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Siddall
               nold Leraan, Superior.athMadison.g(Gertrude FITZGERALD), a
son, Wil-
     nold Laerpaano Sup  emerir Th  wedin   1926  Ruth OBERNDORFER, Milwaukee,
to             liam Richard, on April 25.
1927 Margaret L. KNAUF, Madison, to          Arthur Wolf, on October 1. 
     1919 To Mr. and Mrs. Maurice M. HAN-
     James D. Laing, Stambaugh, Mich.        1926  Doris Miller, Whitewater,
to John H.  ex '25 SON  (Elizabeth B. FoXWORTHY), a
           1928 MaryLouRedel, Mdisn, t GilertSCHNEIDER, Winneconne, November
                  daughter, Lavonne Beulah, at Apple-
           1928 Mry LouRedell Madisn, toilbert17, at Whitewater.     Mr.
and Mrs.         ton, Wis.
     J. SMITH, Milwaukee.                   Schineider are making their home
in12   oD.adMs       .F  tk  Mroi
1928 Mabel Boltz, Milwaukee, to Harold       Chicago.                   
          FISHEo r), an daughter,. Sandra KMathore-
     a.sKoNNatet Racsnew Mir. Konnaeki     1927  Hope DAHLE, New York, to
Claude              rine, September 11, at Madsson.
               associted wth th law frm ofBeckD. Jordan, Jr., November 28,
at New      1920  To Mr. and Mrs. George F. FORSTE
    - Smith and Heft.                        York. At home at Kew Gardens,
   1917  (Joy ANDREWS), a daughter, Elizabet~h
1929 Ruth Moeser, Port Washington, to        Long Island.               
          Sey   nNvme        8
      Norman E. Henze, Port Washington.SeyonNvmr28
      The <marriage will take place in June.  1927  Mary A. High, Fond
du Lac, to Mar-     1920  To Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Brannen
                                             shall 0. BOUDRv, December 22,
1927,          (Marie WITTWER), a daughter, on Oc-
                                             at Chicago. Mr. Boudry is a
student          tober 13, at Washington, D. C.
                                             at the University of Illinois.
        ex '21 To Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Cushing
           MARRIAGES                   1927 Julia PHILLIPS, Green Bay, to
Cia-     (Lillian DULIN), a son, Harry E., Jr.,
                                        1926  rence L. CARLSON, Hudson, Wis.
-on September 18, at Janesville, Wis.
1913  Dora R. Fox, Fond du Lac, to John       1927  Alice JOHNS, Dodgeville,
to John       1922  To Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Bielen-
      Cosgrove, Fond du Lac, on October       ex '25 LEWIS, October 23, at
La Crosse.            berg (Ruth E. HOFFMAN), a son.
      24. At home at 45 Fourth St., Fonde  9Sli     .MLEMlake          oA
      du Lac.                           ex '29 SylviarS MIVLLE,Milwaukee,
ato A.l1923To Mr. and Mrs. Melville Shulthiess
1914 Margaret Lorimer, Denver, to Charlesexw27GimoeeDvL.oebe       ,a   i.
         (Marianna CHANDLER), a daughter,
      H. BUTZ, October 20, at Denver. Mr.NnyLeon                        
      Butz is in the engineering department   1927  Lulu M. Allemang, South
Bend, Ind.,         ford, Conn.
      of the Denver Fire Clay Co.            to Albert P. KACHEL, Chicago,
June1923 To Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. AvLWARD,
ex '14 Stella BUCHANAN, Jamestown, N. D.1,atSuhed                       
          a daughter,JaeMiclOtor
      to Ernest D. Case, Westport, S. D.,     1927  Dorothy Moor, Indianapolis,
to Lee           28, at Hartford, Conn.
      November 17, at Jamestown. They               F. LEVERING, Granville,
0., October   ex '23 To Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm P. HANSON,
      are living at the San Carlos hotel,           25. At home at the LaSalle
Hotel,            a son, Malcolm, Jr., on November 22.
      Phoenix, Ariz.                         Beaumont, Tex., where Mr. Levering
    The news reached Mr. Hanson at
           ex'19  ose E  Mc~athy, Cevelad, tois a field 'research engineer
for the             Wellington, New Zealand where he
      Frank   R. O'DONNEL, Racine, at               GufCatOldsrc.hadjust
landed on the Eleanor Boling,
      Cleveland on November 22. Mr. and       1927  Jane E. PFANN, Marion,
Ohio, to              Byrd Antarctic Expedition, of which
      Mrs. O'Donnel are at home at 3332      Irving A. Anderson, October
24, at     he is chief radio engineer.
      Cedarbrook Road, Cleveland Heights.           Marion.ex'6TLiu.adMsHryL.RGS
ex '20 Grace L. McCoy, Madison, to Law-       ex '27 Faye Schuler, Shawano,
to Harvey      1920  (Jesse MEGEATH), a daughter, Pa-
      rence OCKIERLANDER, Milwaukee, No-     STUBENVOLL, August 28, at Wauke-
      tricia Adelaide, October 30, at Hono-
      vemnber 28. at Madison.                gan, Ill. At home in Shawano.
         lulu, T. H.
1921 Edna L. HUFFMAN, Richland Center, ex '27 Rhoda E. SALTER, Chicago, to
Willard12  oM.adMs         ila   .SRE
      to John H. Puttkammer at Richland      H-. Woodstock.             
      1926 (oMarioand REMOLs), Wilam sonWilla
      Center on November 28. Mr.' and   M.A.'27 Sally E. FERRIS, Milwaukee,
to      B., Jr., at Manhattan, Kans.
      Mrs. Puttkammer will live in Rich-     Melvin H. Neils, November 10,
at  12    oM.adMs        er    .BRE
      land Center.                                                      
      12    oM.adMs         er   .BRE
                                             Milwaukee. At home at 932 Sixty-
      ex '24 (Eugenia YOUNG), a son, Henry Lewis,
1921 Jean Henkel to Ross W. ROGERS, Oc-      first St., Milwaukee.      
          Jr., October 23, at Dallas, Tex.
      tober 13, at Mansfield, Ohio.  Mr.
      Rogers as an engineer with Bates &      1928  Elizabeth CHANDLER,
Sheboygan, to
      Rogers Const. Co., Chicago. He and      1926  Hugo A. KLEMM, Chicago,
      Mrs. Rogers are residing at 809 Erie   28, at Sheboygan. At home at
5820              DEATHS
      St., Oak Park.                         Ke nmore Ave., Chicago, where
            1922  Carlott C. M~enzieto Donld M.Klemm is an instructor at
the La Salle       ERICH GEORGE SCHROEDER, '14, one of
                BAIL~y at Ciftonale, Mss., n Au-Extension University.   
      Milwaukee's most prominent architectural
      gust 8. Mr. Bailey is with Main and     1928  Dorothy MARTIN, Harvard,
Ill., to     engineers and building contractors, died at
      Co., 149 Broadway, New York City.             Theodore Kroyer, Madison,
Novem-      St. Joseph's hospital, Sept. 24, after an illness
1922 Elsie E~. HESS, Madison, to Dr. Alfred  her 28, at Harvard.        
     of several weeks. He was 42.
      Mordecai, November 8, in Manila,        1928  Adeline C. LEVENSON,
Milwaukee, to       CHARLES E. WHELAN, '94, former mayor of
      P. I. They are at home at Fort Mills,   1928  Hyman GOLD, August 11,
at Wauke-       Madison, one of the most prominent fraternal
      across the bay from Manila.                   gan. Mr. Gold is continuing
his law    organization men inte United States, promi-
 ex '23 Violet Hanson, Egg Harbor, to Joseph         studis in the University.
            nently identified with the Masons, died and-
      LAROUCH, October 31, at Chicago.                                  
      denly while spending the Thanksgiving holi-
      Mr. LaRouch is employed by the Chi:     1928  Alice Lounsbury, Madison,
to Howard    day with his wife, danghter and son-in-law in
      cago Transportation Co.                L. HAUGE, Madison, November
19, atMadison. He was 66.
                                              Mladison. Mr. Hauge is a first
year      The deceased was born Aug. 26, 1862, at
1924 BesieBERKLEV, Baraboo, to James         medic student in the University.
Mazomnanie. Wis.In 1894 he received his
      A. Cunningham, Chicago, Novembers
      29, at Madison. At home in Chicago      1928  Laura Mathews, Madison,
to David       law degree from the University and for a time"
      where Mr. Cunningham is connected             C. ATWOOD, November 9,
at Chic-ago.    practiced law in Madison with the late Judge
      with the Commonwealth Edison Co.              Mr. Atwood is continuing
his mnedical  John Felbland. He was an assistant attorney
             '25 NonaBLUM, Moticello, Edgar P.course at Rush Medical College.
           general in 1896 and 1897. Madison elected
ex '2 oaBUMnielto Eda              .him mayor for one term in 1898. The same
      McKinney, Chicago, November 28,        ex '29 lone Belle JUDsoN, Detroit,
to Robert  year he was elected president of the Wiscon-
      at Monticello.  They are living at      1927  N. ELLIS, Evanston, November
17, at    sin League of Municipalities.
      4100 Keystone Ave., Chicago.           Evanston.                  
        In addition to his work with the Masons,
                                    Madion, o Tho-  129  Mdaln HETH,  adisn,
t Wilred in which he held the 33rd degree and wasa
 1923 Tyra H. NELSON, Maiot      ho      99Naae       ETMdsn        oWlrd
     past grand master and a uast consistory
 ex '25 dore H. TOMeLIN'SON, Madison, No-      1932  J. DioN, November 16,
at Madison.      comne--hifMrWelnwsrm
                vember 28,at Shawano  Mr. Tom-At home at 205 E. Washington
Ave.,         1898 to 1926 supreme lecturer for the Modern
      linson is western Wisconsin supervisor  MNadison.WodeofA          
                    ria  Hewsteuhr
      for the Bankers' Life Ins. Co., He andWod                         
             nofAeia     Hewsteuhr
      Mrs. Tomlinson are at home at 114      ex '30 Alice KNAUF, Chilton,
to Kenneth      of several books.
      Breese Terrace, Madison.               Jackson, Madison, at Chilton.
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