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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 30, Number 4 (Jan. 1929)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 125-126

Page 125

  7anuary, 1929                      THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE      
                                      Page 125
  While the Clock                                                       
     Strikes the Hour
  Ex. Col.   Methods of grading Experi-                                 
          The       "I am willing to post a forfeit
  Grading    mental college sophomores                                  
          Profs     of $ioo to any man in the
  Methods    for recommendations to full                                
          Refuse    world, University of Wiscon-
             junior standing in the Col-                                
                    sin professors in particular, to
 lege of Letters and Science at the end of                              
         meet and best them at a public demon-
 this year were announced by Dr. Alex-                                  
         stration on the answering of questions
 ander Meiklejohn, director, recently.                                  
         concerning historic characters to be
   The grading will be determined en                                    
         given by the audience."
 tirely on a quality basis for three pieces                             
           This was the challenge flung at the
 of work: first, a regional study; second,                              
         faculty by "Railroad Jack," saga of the
 a special study; third, a general objec-                               
         road who trundles between      college
 tive test in material not specifically re-  Yes  After Forensic Board entertained
 towns, pulls a platform on wheels which
 lated to the course of study in the Ex-  And  a suggestion at a December
meet-  he sets up at convenient corners, gets an
 perimental college.                     No     ing that it should disband
perma- audience of college people to pop ques-
   A study of the geography, industry,        nently, there was alternate
con-  tions, then passes the hat for his fee. No
 government, population, and civic in-  firmation and denial by its officers.
  faculty member accepted the challenge.
 stitutions of some one United States city  Ronald Kuckok, '29, president:
"I     The challenge was issued after only
 will make up the, regional study, already  will not listen to any such proposition.
 one faculty man agreed when The Daily
 started by the students.                The board has been in tight places
be-  Cardinal suggested that it might be an
   The special study will be a paper de-  fore and escaped, it can do so
again and  interesting experiment to have "Rail-
 voted entirely to some particular phase  prosper."                
              road Jack" take over the lecture plat-
 or development of American life, to be   Gen   Florez, '29, vice president:
   forms of some popular professors for one
 selected from a prepared list.          "There is no use purposely
to cover our  class hour. Prof. A. C. Cole, acting pro-
   Third, and last, chronologically, will  eyes and think that we represent
a suffi-  fessor of history, was the one to agree.
 be a general intelligence quiz, at the end  ciently large number of students
on the
 of the second semester.                 campus. The Forensics Board has
   Averages struck from the standings in  hard for years and arrived nowhere."
 Reports    Further trial of a drug de-
 each of these three fields will determine  Cornelia Fleith, '29, secretary:
"Foot-  Research  veloped by two Wisconsin
 whether or not the present sophomores  ball and dating hold the upperhand
in   Advances doctors to combat sleeping
 in the Experimental college will enter  extra-curricular activities; debating
is         sickness is warranted by
 the regular University with full junior  altogether a thing of the past.
The stu-  study thus far, Dr. Warren Stratman-
 standing next fall.                     dents will not back forensics for
variousThomas; head of an expedition now
                                          reasons: for one, they have little
time to  working in Africa, reported recently in
                                          better their intellects; again,
they think  his first communication to the outside
 Haresfoot   "Hi-7ack," a two-act mu-   that forensics is an inferior
activity and  world.
--To Stage   sical comedy which takes    see little prestige- to be gained;
and lastly  Dr. Thomas although only 28 years
"Hi-Jack"   Chicago's gangland as its  the number of those interested
is so   old, holds four University degrees,-B.A.
             locale, will be the vehicle  small that it hardly draws attention."
 '24, Mol's   Phu D  '26, adeMrD.,'28.
 for the presentation of Haresfoot talent  The Philomathia Literary Society
    24, M.A. 25, Ph.D. i6, and M.D. '28.
 when the club takes to the road during  passed out of existence last winter.
  Simon Guggenheim Mmformed the John
 the Easter recess for its annual swing                                 
         tion and the Parke-Davis Research lab-
 of Mid-West cities.                      Leonard      Condemnationofthejury
     oratories, backers of his efforts against
   Robert J. De .Haven, South Bend,     Condemns     system  by Prof. William
 sleeping sickness, that he is now working
 Ind., senior, campus wit, is the author Cnen           ytmb       rf   
ila      in the capitals of the Belgian Congo and
 of the opus. Jack W. Mason, Canton,    Jury Plan    Ellery Leonard is con-
    French Equatorial Africa, and that he
 0., senior in the Music school, composed              tained in a letter
from the  is arranging toreat Asries of cas in
 the lyrics,                             professor to The Forum, written
in an-   I       ing to treat a series of cases in
                thely__                  swer to a published debate on "Should
                                          the Criminal Jury Be Abolished?"
         Drs. A. S. Loevenhart and W. F. Lo-
No Mid-       Abolishment of mid-se-     Three situations draw his fire:
      renz, University School of Medicine,
Semesters     mester examinations for     i. The exemptions which reduce
the  developed the drug which Dr. Thomas is
For Lawyers first year law students    groups from which juries are drawn
to   using in his work.
               has been passed by the   the less intelligent classes.
law school faculty. This includes the    2. The absurdity under modern con-
courses in contracts, torts, criminal law,  ditions of specific disqualifications
for  Looks  "Is that time-honored
and property.                           prior knowledge of the cases or for
pre- Black for     Badger tradition, the
  Abandonment of the grades of "con-   vious moral convictions.    
             Green Caps Green Cap, to pass from
dition" and "failure" was also decided.  3. The abuse of the
active court                      campus?" was the ques-
Also, all grades will be numerical from  choice of jurymen through right
of chal-  tion asked recently when reports circu-
now on, as distinguished from alpha-    lenge.                          
        lated that out of a class of about i,Soo
betical. Students will now have to have  "These factors," Prof.
Leonard wrote,  freshmen men less than Soo caps were
a weighted average of 7I to continue in  "result in a jury of anything
but repre-  sold last fall. In years gone by, it was
school after the first year, and they  sentative or even community average
   said, purchase of the caps was almost
must have a weighted average of 74 to  intelligence. Thus the case is tried
by  unanimous by freshmen, urged on by
continue in school after two years.    twelve men at the mercy of clever
law-  sophomores. It has now dropped to less
Twenty-two hours' credit constitutes a  yers who confuse their thinking and
stir  than one in three. Practically none
year's work.                            up their emotions."        
             wore the "lids" after Orientation week.

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