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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 30, Number 4 (Jan. 1929)

Gage, Les
Cage team in race for title honors,   pp. 123-124

Page 123

_7anuary, 1929                    THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE         
                                Page 125
Cage Team In Race For Title Honors
           Rotating Schedule Pits Badgers With Four of the Five Strongest
                                 Teams; Win All Four Preliminary Tilts.
                                            By LES GAGE, '23
C LASSED by most critics as a possible  pass offensive, as introduced
    conference championship contender, and developed by the Badger      
the Wisconsin basketball team   has    coach.
opened its 1929 schedule in the Western
conference with a group of veteran           Hard to Tell Yet
players. Playing the adopted rotating    Until Wisconsin has met
schedule, the Badgers have drawn four  several of her Big Ten rivals
of the best teams in the league, Purdue,on the court this month this    
                            erners to 24
and Indiana, co-titleholders last year,matter will remain unan-         
                           points. In the
Northwestern, with whom   Wisconsin    swered. In the meantime it is    
                                       of some significance that the    
                           W i s c o n s i n
                                       Cardinal sharp-shooters have     
                                       played and defeated   four       
                           total Of 34 tal-
                                       non-conference teams in pre-     
                           lies and  won
                                       liminary games, three at         
                           by a comfort-
                                       home and one in the Mil-         
                           able margin.
                                                   waukee   audi-       
                             After the
                                                   torium.             r
              i    W       Panthers had
                                                     The season's       
                           been taken into
                                                   opener was           
                           camp, Coach
                                                   played in the        
                           Meanwell e x-
                                                   old Armory           
                           cused his play-
                                                   g y m n a si u m     
     ers for one week's vacation. The squad
                                                   Dec. io and the      
     assembled Dec. 26 and drilled twice
                                       opposition was afforded by GrizWagner's
 daily until the opening of school, Jan.
                                       boys from Franklin college. The team
  3, with two breaks for other preliminary
                                       that came to Madison for the initial
  contests. On Dec. 29, one of the leading
                                       encounter on the Card's schedule was
  Little Nineteen schools, Lombard col-
                                       not as clever and powerful as the
Frank-  lege, invaded the Cardinal stronghold.
                                       lin teams of old, which were easily
the  Although the Badgers gave indications
                                       class of Indiana basketball. However,
tied --for third place last year, and  in upsetting the Hoosier collegians
by  Christmas, they managed  to defeat
Michigan. The only five of any signifi-  the one sided score of 37 to 19,
cance that the Cardinal misses is Iowa.  sin looked impressive for early
season.  Coach Bell's tossers 29 to I2.
The other two schools on the I929 slate
are Chicago and Minnesota, neither of            Defense Airtight
whom is rated highly.   lok              Five days later Meanwell took his
upon the latest edition of "Doc"            charges into Milwaukee
for an
Meanwell's cagers as a "dark                inter-sectional battle with
horse" team. Thev                                   University of Pittsburg
give as their reason                                aggregation, the same
the fact that Mean-                                 that was conceded the
well is experimenting                               national title a year
with big men in a                                   after trimming a half-
system of play that                                 dozen Big Ten teams on
has  been  executed                                 a road trip through the
most effectively in                                 middle west. Pitt was
the past by midget                                  no match for the Wis-
players. These critics                               consin quint in any
do not believe that                                 partment of play. The
the rangy   athletes                                air-tight defense of
will master'the tech-                               Badgers,whichgave them
nique of the short-                                 a conference record last
pass and the pivot-             Foster              winter, held the East-

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