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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 30, Number 4 (Jan. 1929)

Seger, Sarah Hardenberg
Looking back through the other gate,   pp. 119-120

Page 120

Page I20                            THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE       
                                fanuary, 1929
and who would ever subscribe for "The   preparatory  department or 
  further   class room. The poor girl who perpe-
Pearl Gatherer"! Contrast it with the    along.                    
              trated the effusion was greatly humili
sensible "Press."  However, we were        Two courses were offered,
the classical  ated but we were taught a lesson in fit-
happily disappointed, for instead of sen-  and the scientific, and there
were certain  ness and propriety impossible to forget.
timental effusions we heard spicy arti-  elective studies.              
           He spoke to us of Ella Wheeler, a for-
cles, conundrums, war items, etc. (The                                  
         mer student of the University, and per-
Franco-German war), and a most ad-                 "Those Four Girls"
            sonally known to some of the class, then
mirable abstract of the address on the     We studied and recited, principally
 just beginning her career. He said that
woman question given by the Rev.         from. text books, but it is not
what I  some of her poems were "pretty good"
Charles Richards last Sunday evening.    learned from them that stayed by
me     and commended her persistence, pre-
It is now the question of the day and    and influenced my life; it is what
I ab,  dicting that by sheer force of that qual-
everyone should carefully consider it    sorbed from daily contact with different
 ity she would finally arrive-which we
without prejudice and come to a deci-    members of our faculty. That was
the    all know she did. I have seldom read a
sion. We are glad to learn the opinion   inestimable privilege of the early
stu-  poem which seemed to me more beau-
of earnest, true men concerning it, and  dents which the smallness of their
num-  tiful than "The Queen's Last Ride,"
trust that with or without the ballot the  ber enabled them to enjoy. Consider
  written by her in London the day after
coming woman will realize the expecta-   the class of '7I; twenty-two all
told:  Queen Victoria's funeral.
tions concerning her. How can she do     eighteen men and (to adopt the campus
otherwise with so many hands stretched   designation) "those four girls."
Did we            Lesson in Modesty
out to "help these women"?               not make a near approach
to realizing     Prof. Allen, in delightful lectures
  "The recitation of Miss Nettie Crane   the college ideal typified
by Agassiz, and  opened up to us great vistas of History,
was the best of the evening, delivered   his famous log?                
         giving us a few important dates to com-
with taste.                                 The professors were so kind;
so cour- mit to memory, many valuable outlines
             Maiestic Ma                  teous! When we met them on the
street    for our note-books, and big ideas on
   "Owing to the paralyzing effect of    it was understood that they
were to bow  which to meditate. He advised reading
Majestic Ma, it is extremely difficult to  first and were not expected to
raise their  Quentin Durward and Romola as giving
utter one word respecting that over-     hats to the ladies. I still thrill
in recol-  accurate pictures of Louis XI and Savo-
powering lady, who, as lovers of Dickens  lection to the honor I felt to
be conferred  norola and their times. Once someone
will remember, always tuned her life in  on me by each of those grave bows-and
  asked him a question to which he ab-
harmony with the "dead march of Saul."   they did more than merely
recognize us.  sently replied, "I don't remember," then
In the first scene she displayed her som-  Prof. and Mrs. Parkinson kept
almost  hastily corrected himself, saying, "I
ber colors to great advantage reducing  open house for the students. Prof.
Car-  mean I never knew," a lesson in modesty
both her daughters to tears and her au-  penter on one-occasion not only
invited  and strict truthfulness.
dience to unrestrained laughter. In the  us four to his home to dinner but
later  Prof. Feuilling beamed on us but (at
second scene she retires to her corner   took us with himself and Mrs. Carpenter
 least we were so informed) scowled on
"like a frozen article on sale in a Russian  to Governor Lucius Fairchild's
recep-  his men students, telling them  they
market" while the "irrepressible Lavvy"  tion, a great event
in our young lives!  should be ashamed not to do as well as
views her tricks and her manners with   In the archives aforementioned I
find   "the little ladies."
evident disgust, and does not hesitate to  this item: "I have just had
a good talk  Pres. Chadbourne was wonderful but
tell her so. Between the two our sensible  with Prof. Carpenter." Another:
"Had  distant, inaccessible.  We studied his
little Bella is almost driven out of her  the honor of riding to church with
Presi-  Natural Theology which taught that the
senses. In the third scene MajesticMa    dent Chadbourne and his family in
his  six days of creation of the Book of Genesis
presents her cheek to be kissed by Bella elegant carriage."        
              were great geological epochs, and that
"like a slate to enroll the names of vis-                          
              every species was a distinct and separate
itors on" and again retires to her corner         , Prof. Carpenter
brooding darkly on "those beastly Bof-     Prof. Carpenter made the
deepest im-            Four Girls Expelled
fins," at least we judged so from the ex-  pression on me of any of
my professors.  ViP
pression of her countenance, which we    HetaughtusEnglishLiterature,Whate
     of gentleness except when stirred by
can find no words to describe. Miss      ly's Logic, Aesthetics, Mental Philoso-
 some infraction of the rules. With what
Lavvy's sudden bouncings from Bella's    phy. We wrote for him weekly essays
   severity  and  solemnity  one fateful
side to the enemy's and back again are   which he carefully pruned, severely
   morning in chapel-and I have to con-
very confusing. The agreeable party      criticized, sometimes praised, teaching
 fess that it was I and my three co-offend-
retired amid much laughter.              us discrimination in the use of
words,  ers, we four girls, in our senior year, too,
  "Miss Hoyt's essay was very good in-   awakening literary instincts
where they  who gave the occasion-he fairly intoned
deed and well read, such as to delight a  had hitherto lain dormant, cultivating
 that grim chapter beginning "Let every
critic's heart."                         our tastes.               
              soul be subject to the Higher Powers."
       There Wmpere Twco Courses           He tried to interest us in poetry
and  How we, seated conspicuously in front,
                                         the poets, saying Tennyson was as
good  quaked in our shoes, but later he re-
  Here endeth the criticism.  If por-    to read as any. He admitted that
he    lented, and after being required to make
tions of it seem drastic, please bear in  himself, when deeply moved, sometimes
 a public apology, we were forgiven and
mind that the object of our society was  wrote poetry. He said that the tragic
self-improvement; any wounds inflicted   fate of "Poor Carlotta"
had so stirred   I forget the offense; something about
were supposed to be the faithful ones of  him, but he did not read us his
poem.  boys walking home with us at the wrong
a friend.                                                               
         time. To this day I cherish a certain
  At that time when the public school                 Ella Wheeler      
         animosity toward St. Paul-but not
system was not linked up with the State    He detested gush and once dryly
ob-  toward dear Prof. Sterling!-So I might
University, entrance was through writ-   served that he did not care for
pious  go on indefinitely about these men, gods
ten examinations, the result determining  essays; this after hearing one
better de-  and heroes to me, then and now.
the place of the student whether in the  signed for an experience meeting
than a           (Continued on page 139)

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