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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 8 (May 1901)

News from the alumni,   pp. 346-352

Page 347

'1901]                  News from   the Alumni.
-a tour of inspection of the cheese fac-
,tories of the state about May 1st.   Col. George
   J. F. Willard, fellow in history, has letter on his ti
-,been elected to a fellowship in the the Wisconsin
University of Pennsylvania. He will 1901.   Col. I
spend the coming summer in England. Madison from
   Mrs. Joseph Jastrow talked in Mil-
 waukee April 13th before the Associa- Milton S. G4
 tion of Collegiate Alumnee at the county judge
 home of Mrs. Anson Mayhew, Grand April.
 avenue, on "The needs of the women
 .,at the University of Wisconsin."    J.M. Jon
.:She said the one crying need was for Pews"intheM
.:a woman adviser -a dean; and that Progress for A]
efforts were being made to secure one a frequent coni
at Madison. The Collegiate Alumnae Standard, an
will probably petition the regents for suffragists pu
the appointment of one at its next Iowa.
meeting. Mrs. Jastrow, in speaking
[.of the necessity for such an official,  Mrs. C. E
,said:                               Phillips), '67
   "It is the tendency for the disci- Chynoweth,
pline in women's colleges to become Europe. The:
less severe - that restrictions are con- the time in Er
tinually lessened. In France practi-
cal talks are given to the women on    The pulpit c
-social and moral obligations, but in dist Episcopal
America it is taken for granted that occupied by I
-girls need no instruction of the sort. Hicks on a r
The needs of the women of the Ijni- His Subject wa
versity are resolved into this one - if I were a .1
the need for a woman to be an ad- things he decr
viser for the women students socially, modern chur(
morally, intellectually.  That the approbationa
young women realize their need is farther away
;:,shown in the petition sent to the re- principles of 1V
gents by the Self-Government Asso- believed the r
ciation asking for the appointment of ist church ha
.a dean of women."                   ship since ten
   At the last meeting of the Board of ency. The di
 Visitors of the University the only are too much
 resolution acted upon was one re- those things t]
 questing the enlarging of dormitory others of high
 facilities for the young women, and of giving to th
 the appointment of a dean of women. and new ideas
 -This recommendation also goes to the people do not
 regents.                            from this sot
W. Bird has a breezy
avels in Porto Rico in
State Journal, April 3,
)ird has returned to
his Porto Rican trip.
Ć½iswold was re-elected
)f Waukesha county in
   writes on "Vacant
b. Pleasant, Iowa, Dial of
)ril 18th, and he is also
ributor to the Woman's
organ of the woman
Alished at Waterloo,
   Vroman (Edna R.
z, two sons, and Edna
)5, sail June 29th for
r' will spend most of
f Algoma street Metho-
church, Oshkosh, was
Attorney-General E. R.
,cent Sunday evening.
Is: "What I would do
astor.", Among other
ied the tendency of the
h to cater to. worldly
id to move farther and
from the foundation
*ethodism. He said he
mason that the Method-
fallen off in member-
years ago is this tend-
.liculty is that pastors
like parrots, speaking
mey have learned from
ar intelligence, instead
e world new thoughts
on subjects with which
come in touch, except
*rce. While deploring

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