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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 8 (May 1901)

Progress of the University,   pp. 332-339

Page 338

Wisconsin Alumni Magazine.[
  Prof. Victor Coffin has been elected
tennis coach for the present season.
  Prof. Charles Noble Gregory, asso-
ciate dean of the College of Law, has
accepted the position of dean of the
Law School of the University of Iowa.
  Prof. F. H. King, of -the College of
Agriculture, and Prof. C. S. Slichter,
of the Department of Mathematics,
have been asked to give expert tes-
timony in a case involving the water
supply of the city of Brooklyn and
the adjoining land in Long Island.
  Several members of the faculty at-
tended   the  Southern   Wisconsin
Teachers' Association   meeting  at
Platteville during the Easter vaca-
tion, April 4-8, and took part in the
program.    Acting- President, Birge
spoke on the relations of the institu-;
tions of the educational assoeiatiqn.
Professor Stearns also took part in the
discussion of the same theme and
further spoke on the relations oftext-
book and teacher. A talk on Greek-
in the high school was given by Pro-
fessor C. F. Smith. Professor, Goff
presented a paper on agriculture as
connected wtththeteaching of botany.
   Prof. C. H. Haskins gave a dinner
 Wednesday evening, April 17th, at
 Keeley's Palace of Sweets in honor of
 Professor Hart of Harvard.    The
 other guests were Prof. R. T. Ely, di-
 rector of the School of Economics and
 Political Science, Prof. M. S. Slaugh-
 ter, head of the Latin Department,
 Prof. W. A. Scott, director of the
 School of Commerce, Assistant Pro-
 fessors Victor Coffin  and  P. S.
 Reinscb, Instructors R. E. N. Dodge,
 C. R. Fish, 0. G. Libby and A. C.
 Tilton, and R. G. Thwaites, secretary
 of the State Historical Society.
   The North Central Association of
 Colleges and Secondary Schools held
its sixth annual meeting in Chicago.
March 29th and 30th. Dr. birge at-.
tended, leading two discussions. He-
delivered an addressNon the subject,
'"Should  industrial  and - literary
schools be combined or encouraged to-
separate ?
  Prof. Storm Bull, head of the steam.
engineering department; of the Col-
lege" of Engineering,& was eleated,
mayor of the city of Madison by a
heavy majority at the recent munici--
pal election. His firm stand on the
saloon question as outlined in his
opening message to the council, aad-
his refusal to allow the hypnotist
Flint to exhibit a sleeping subject in
-a-store window on the Capitol square,
seem t.o 4ndicate that the coming ad-
ministration Will be marked by an
intelligence and firmness fully in
keeping with Professor Bull's pre--
vious record.
  Dr., Samuel Weidman is at present
engaged in arranging a geological map
which outlines the different rock for-
mations ineentral Wisconsin. The-
area cove*d by this work has an ex-
tent of 4,000 square miles in the vi-
cinity of Wausau, Merrill, Marshfield
and Stevens Point. This region is of
special interest in securing a series of
very old rocks, very much folded and
metamorphosed. Numerous remains
of ancient volcanoes have been found
in this locality. The region is also in-
teresting in the glacial deposits.
   Dean Johnson of the College of En-
 gineering will speak on "Technical
 education" at the annual convoca-
 tion of the regents of the University
 of New York to be held at Albany
 in July next.
   Prof. W. S. Marshall, assistant pro-
 fessor of zoology, was recently elected
 president of the Wisconsin Audubon
 Society. The state organization has
 until this year had its headquarters,

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