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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 6 (April 1927)

Wisconsin wins western conference indoor track championship -- basketball team finishes season,   pp. 214-217

Page 216

April, 1927
   Indiana was the only team that suc-
 ceeded in taking a double ration off the
 Wisconsin schedule, all other fives either
 bowing twice before the Badger advance
 or sharing a game apiece with the
 Cardinal basketeers.
   That Wisconsin will have an in-
 vincible cage team next year is vouched
 for by the return of every member of
 this- year's squad with the exception of
 Captain "Rollie" Barnum. Add to that
 the inclusion of several promising fresh-
 men in the Varsity ranks, and it is not
 difficult to vision the material which
 Coach "'Doc" Meanwell will have at his
 command when the 1927-28 season is
   The complete basketball program of
 Wisconsin for, the past season rekds:
   Wisconsin 24. Franklin 27.
   Wisconsin 29, Marquette 26.
   Wisconsin 24, DePauw 2o.
   Wisconsin 31, Syracuse 24.
   Wisconsin 23, Indiana 28.
   Wisconsin 23, Ohio State- 16.
   Wisconsin 28, Northwestern 24.
   Wisconsin 33, Chicago 30.
   Wisconsin 25, Northwestern 24.
   Wisconsin 14, Notre Dame i9.
   Wisconsin 31, Chicago 2o.
   Wisconsin i6, Ohio State- 2o.
   Wisconsin 24, Iowa 21.
   Wisconsin 23, Indiana 31.
   Wisconsin 28, Illinois 32.
   Wisconsin 39, Illinois 13.
   Wisconsin 11, Iowa 26.
 H  OCKEY took a low. berth at Wis-
      consin this season from the per-
 spective of results, although the general
 performance of the Cardinal puck squad
 was applausable. During the season
 Wisconsin scored one victory, and that
 in the debut of the Badgers against the
 Janesville Y. M. C. A., 4 to I.
   Minnesota and Michigan, reputed
 foes of the Badgers, reaped victory in
 every match in which they participated
 with the Cardinal sextette.   Handi-
 capped by inclement hockey weather,
 which drove them to the gymnasium
 several times before important en-
 gagements, the Badgers put up a brave
 front despite the bad breaks that stalked
 in their path.
   A   unique event in the annals of
American collegiate sports was staged
by the Wisconsin hockey teams on
March 5, 7, and 8, when the two squads
met in a trio of games at Windsor,
Ontario, Canzida, in the first intercol-
legiate games played by American uni-
versity teams on foreign soil. Michigan,
playing excellent hockey, succeeded in
nosing out the Cardinal pucksters in
each of the three matches by a lone
talley advantage. The Canadian series
marked the fourth win realized by the
Wolverines against Wisconsin.
   Through the efforts 'of Coach W. R.
 "Rube" Brandow, the University of
 Manitoba, Canada, was brought to
 Madison on January 21, and the Cana-
 dian sextette, playing true to the cele-
 brated fashion of the premiere sport in /
 the northland, whaled the Wisconsin
 team, 7 to o.
   Minnesota, perhaps the- strongest.
 hockey squad in the Big Ten, took four
 tilts from Wisconsin during the winter
 sport season.
 U  NDERGOING repeated defeats
      throughout the season, due to a
 lack of competent material and heavy
 blows via injuries and ineligibilities, the
 University of Wisconsin wrestling team
 made a creditable stand in the Western
 Conference mat meet at Chicago on
 March.12, by laying claim toone first
 position and two seconds.
   Louis Smitz, I 5 pound ace of the
 Cardinal squad, captured a decision
 over Shanely of Ohio State at the Big
 Ten meet, and gained for Wisconsin the
 most outstanding event of the season.
 Smitz's brilliant showing was closely
 seconded by- Smith, lighiweight grappler
 who tussled with Watson of Michigan
 for two overtime periods, only to lose
 by a slight margin. Holt, the 125 pound
 Badger, also made, an impressive show-
 ing in the Conference mat classic by
 pressing Schoolfield of Indiana to the
 limit. The Badger was edged out of first
 honors after a heated match.
   From the standpoint of results the
 past season has been none too encourag-
 ing. Wisc6nsin attached but a single
 victory, and that against Chicago, on
 February 19, when the Badgers mauled
 the Maroon grapplers 22 to 3.
   In another instance Wisconsin was
edged out of victory in one of the most
exciting engagements . participated in
this season. Winning a majority of the
matches over Purdue here on March 5,
Wisconsin fell short of victory by a lone
point. The Boilermakers carried the
event by the score of 13 to II.
  Iowa pinned Wisconsin on January
  15 in the initial performance of the
season 17.5 to 7.5, in one of the events
that marked the dedication of the new
Iowa Field House at Iowa City. A
week later, on January 22, Illinois
avenged her defeat of a year previous at
the hands of Wisconsin, by whipping
the Badgers, 17 to 8. Last year Wis-
consin was the only team successful in
beating the Illini Conference champs.
Minnesota also participated in the vic-
tory division that downed the Badgers.
The Gophers threw the Cardinal mat-
men here on February 26, 22.5 to 4.5.
  Coach George Hitchcock and the Wis-
consin wrestlers toured Iowa over the
week end of February 12, engaging
Cornell College at Mt. Vernon, and
losing 20 to 6, and dropping another
meet to the Iowa'State Teachers Col-
lege squad at Cedar' Falls, 14 to 9.
   Wisconsin made a desperate stand in
 each of its engagements, but was over-
 powered by the more experienced- squads
 which it met. No applause to those who
 fought to uphold Wisconsin on the mat
 would be unfair. Working under handi-z
 capped conditions, the Cardinal grap-
 piers carried themselves surprisingly
   At mid-season, Coach George Hitch-
 cock's efforts to develop a strong team
 were stormed by the announcement that
 Captain "Bill" Splees and "Wallie"
 Cole would be ineligible for the balance
 of the season. Splees and Cole were two
 of Wisconsin's best bets, and their loss
 told heavily. Lack- of candidates also
 played a major role in the activities of
 the Badgers this season. It was prob-
 ably one of the most difficult seasons
 experienced by Coach George Hitch-
 cock.                           .
   -Hopes that better results will be r'eal-
 ized next year are not dormant. Favor-
 able circumstances-unmolested by lack
 of competent men and ineligibilities-
 should reveal Wisconsin one of the
 cogent wrestling teams--in the Confer-,
 ence next year.
 W    ISCONSIN maintained her pres-
 tige in Western Conference gym-
 nastic competition this year by threaten-
 ing Chicago for first place for Big Ten
 honors and by affixing the victory rib-,
 bon to three out of five possible seasonal
   Starting in the fall with little evidence
 of brilliant prospects, the Cardinal┬░
 tumblers developed their talent to a
 degree that enabled them to claim
 victory in the majority of the events
 during the season.
   Constant drilling  by  Coach   Art
 Masley and cooperation on the part of
 his pupils, combined to carry the Badg-
 ers to a berth with the best gymnastic
 teams in the Conference. Wisconsin
 has long been a strong contender for
 Big Ten gymnastic laurels, and the
 young team this year did not fail to
 uphold that distinction.
 Several underclassmen who are on
 the Wisconsin gymnastic team 'this
 year and who will return next fall, will
 give the Cardinal a rousing sendoff
 toward Big Ten honors next year.
 Wisconsin io2o, Milwaukee Y. M. C.
 A. 936.
 Wisconsin 1178, Minnesota I 153.
 Wisconsin 1211.5, Purdue 1162.
Wisconsin 1133, Chicago I2O9.
Wisconsin 1072.5, Iowa 1oo7.5.
Conference-Wisconsin 2nd, Chicago Ist.

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