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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 4 (Feb. 1927)

News of the classes,   pp. 149-[155]

Page 153

Croix county to succeed John S. Klinka,
deceased. Mr. Lycan commences his
new duties on February I.-Dr. John N.
LOWE, Ph.D., head of the biological
department in the Northern      State
Normal School, Marquette, Michigan,
has been doing special work in the upper
peninsula for the Michigan state depart-
ment of conservation. His survey sets
forth interesting conclusions concerning
the diminution of certain game fish and
wild life in this region, including reasons
for such diminution and recommenda-
tions as to conservationand propogation.
' 16 Mrs. Edmund C: Harder (Char-
        lotte HARPEL), has been in Paris
during the summer and fall and is now
living with her family at 49 Blvd.
d'Inkermann, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris,
France.-F. D. LoHR, formerly as-
sistant superintendent of the Seaboard
By-Products Coke Co., Jersey City, N.
J., is now superintendent.
' 17 Marguerite DAVIS is teaching
  1     mathematics   in  Community
high school, Dundee, II1.-Katherine
GRISWOLD sailed January 22 on the S. S.
Doric for a Mediterranean cruise. She
is with friends from Piqua, Ohio, where
she has been teaching religious educa-
tion for several years. She will visit
France, Holland, and England on her
return trip.-Dorothy BELLEILLE Hill,
N. Yolo St., Willows, Calif., states that
the main business of her husband and
herself is taking care of three thriving
children. "Our job-bees in summer,
fuel in the winter."-Ruth' KENTZLER,
after a year's leave duiring which time
she took an M. A. degree at the Uni-
versity, is back at Carleton College,
Northfield, Minn., as director of dra-
matics.--Paul T. NORTON Jr., is to be
instructor in mechanics in the College of
Engineering at the University, beginning
with the second semester.    He has
moved from Columbus, 0., to 1529
Jefferson St., Madison.-Theodore A.
RUDE, wife and two' sons arrived at
Antofagasta, Chile, on October 4. Mr.
Rude is assistant works manager at
the Rio Loa Works, Calama, Chile, of
the Compania Sud Americana de Ex-
plosivos. They expect to reside in Chile
for a period of two and one-half years.-
A. W. KASTEN has just completed his
fourth year as county extension agent
for Walla Walla county, Wash.
1 18 Prof. Blair CONVERSE, for seven
        years a member of the depart-
ment of technical journalism at Iowa
State College, has been made head 6f thle
department to succeed Prof. F. W.
BECKMAN who has reentered the field of
practicing journalism.-Ethel RINDY
neeaer writes tnat her- nusDanc, %.. j.
Reeder, passed away in August, 1926,
and that she with her little daughter
Jacklyn, three years old, now lives with
her parents at 1137' E. Dayt9n St.,
Madison.-W. C. BABCOCK Jr., in the
dredge contracting business at -Rens-
slaer, Ind., was elected to succeed him-
self in the house of representatives of the
Indiana legislature i'n November, 1926.
He will live at the Columbia Club during
the period the legislature is in session.
'2 0 Eva MELBY Brewster addressed
       the Business and Professional
Women's Club of Madison on January
12, on her experience as a" missionary in
China.--In mentioning the birth of a
daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Franklin E.
BUMP Jr. (Marjorie TITUS), We gave
Madison as their home address. They
are residing in Boulder, Colo., where Mr.
Bump is connected with the department
of journalism.
",7. 1  Eva I AYLOR is teaching J.Lati
,A.L" and French in the Marengo high
school, Marengo, 111.-Mrs. Andrew A.
Freeman (Mary Alice NEWTON), iS tak-
ing a trip around the world with her
husband. They will be in"Tokyo this
winter where Mr. Freeman is employed
()n the Yapan Advertiser.-Grace BEMIS
is a student at Columbia University this
year, address 141 W. I i3th St., New
York City.-Alwin F. PITZNER is prac-
ticing patent law   in  Chicago, with
offices at 1015 Monadnock Blk.-Vern
G. MILUM, head of the beekeeping de-
partment of the University of Illinois,
Urbana, addressed the Wisconsin State
Beekeepers' Association in Madison in
December on "Facts for Orchardists and
'22) W. H. EBLING, former assistant
        t Dean H. L Russell, has been
 appointed agricultural statistician for
 Wisconsin to succeed Paul Nyhus, wh6
 has recently accepted a position in the
 foreign service of the United States De-
 partment of Agriculture.-Mr. and
Mrs. F. J. Putzier (Dorothy LREMER)r
own and operate The Lane Hotel, Ells-
worth, Wis.-John ATWOOD has just re-
turned from an extended trip through
Europe and the Near East, during which
time he filled a vacancy for several
months as instructor in English at the
American University at Beirut, Syria.-
Ed. E. PRICE is working -toward his
master's degree in agricultural journal-
ism, after having spent four years teach-
ing vocational agriculture in the Fenni-
more high school.-Lester CAPPON has
been appointed research associate with
the University   of Virginia for the
academic year 1926-27, to prepare a
bibliography of southern economic his-
tory since 1865. He is working in the
Library of Congress and in state archives
in the South.-Leon E. CHASE is work-
ing for the Illinois highway commission
in the bridge department. He may be
addressed at 317 W. Jackson, Springfield,
III.-Helen DICK Davis, formerly of
ivianawa, now or iviempnls, i enn., is a
contributor to various popular maga-
zines writing under the pseudonym of
Rubin Davis. At present she is writing
short stories in the southern dialect
which will be published in magazines put
'out by the Curtis Publishing Co.
        Helen- KEATOR is spending a
        year at her home in Belvidere,
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February, _r927

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