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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 4 (Feb. 1927)

News of the classes,   pp. 149-[155]

Page 151

we are doing our missionary work much
as usual. I came back March 1st and am
gla& to do my bit in dispensary and
hospital to relieve part of the misery
and suffering of this people."
994hA  S. R    SHELDON writes from
       Shanghai, China: "The 'travel-
ing university' on the S. S. Ryndam called
at Shanghai recently and was enter-
tained at Nanyang University. Wiscon-
sin is represented on the traveling
faculty by Thomas K. Urdahl, *'9i,
professor of economics at Swarthmore
College, Pa., with whom I had an inter-.
esting visit."
    . S DUDGEON, president of
        the City Club, Milwaukee, said
in his New Year's greeting to members
of the club: "Ma'y all Milwaukeeans
be endowed throughout the year with
civic consciousness and civic conscience,
and may the spirit pervading the club
spread abroad and become a community
1       Dr. E.L. BOLTON was recently
        elected president of the Kiwanis
Club of Appleton.-Joseph KOFrEND
Jr., is president of the Appleton Rotary
Club.-Grace L. DILLINGHAM arrived
in Pyeng Yang, Korea, in August, for
her third term of service in that country
for the Methodist Mission Board. She is
principal of a mission high school for
girls.-D. H. MURPHY, president of
the Wiremold Company of Hartford,
Connecticut, recently delivered an ad-
dress before the convention of the
Eastern Association of Electrical In-
. spectors o0 INew i orK k..ity.  ltie act-
dress which was entitled "Electrical
Inspection from the viewpoint of the
Electrical Manufacturer"   has been
printed and circulated among members
of the Association.
9'02    James E. SMITH was recently
        elected president of the Urbana
 Board of Education for a term of three
 9'04   Nettie M. COOK, secretary of
        the biology section of the North-
 west Scientific Association, arranged the
 program for the meetings which occurred
 at Spokane, Wash., Dec. 28-29. Her ad-
 diess is E. 624-26th Ave., Spokane.-
 J. G. STAACK is engineer in charge of the
 Great Lakes section of topography in the
 U. S. Geological Survey, comprising the
 states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan
 and  Minnesota.-Winifred   FEHREN-
 KAMP, former librarian at Lawrence
 College, Appleton, is the first woman to
 be appointed librarian of the Archi-
 techural Library of Columbia Univer-
 sity. She succeeds Prof. Win. Bell
 Dinsmoor, who is now engaged ini re-
 search work in Athens, Greece. Miss
Fehrenkamp has made a special study
of the history of architecture both in
this country and abroad.
905    Martha SELL, head of the de-
       partment of history in Central
high school, Madison, has returned from
a five months' trip to Europe and has
resumed her work at the school.-
Harold WELD, sales engineer for the
Standard Underground Cable CO., Chi-
cago, has changed his residence to 1282
Asbury Ave.- Winnetka, Ill.-H. B.
HAWKINS has been appointed acting
commissiQner of customs at Nanning,
Kwangsi province, South China.
'06     0. L. KOWALKE, professor 'of
        chemical engineering,was elected
to the board of directors of the Madison
Technical club.-Alexius H. BAAS sang
at the inauguration of Wisconsin state
officers in the Capitol rotunda, January
3.--Reference is made in The Survey
(Dec. 15, I926) to'Marjorie Daw JOHN-
SON as "widely known to social work-
ers," and a teacher who can meet
vocational students "in every phase of
their social experience, having herself
worked in some forty factories."-Fred
HEINEMANN, Merrill, was re-elected to
the board of directors of the Wisconsin
Association of Finance Companies, at
its Milwaukee convention.
         By Wisconsin Authors
ZONA GALE'S Preface to a Life
  The author of "Miss Lulu Bett" at her
finest, in this intense'y vital novel of small
town life in the Middle West. The story of
Bernard Mead and his women folk, told by
Wisconsin's famous novelist. A picture of
human nature that one will not soon forget.
    NER'S Women in Journalism
  Covering the whole field of women's work
on newspapers and magazines. A complete
textbook for the woman writer by a former
member of the Madison-o  alism faculty.
Illustrated. $2.5o.
35 West 32nd Street         New York
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The University of Wisconsin
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  Courses in all Colleges and Professional Schools lead to Bachelor's and
Higher Degrees and provide opportunity for professional advancement.
  University, College and' Normal School Instructors, High School Teachers.
Supervisors, Principals, Superintendents, Men and Women in Professional
Life, College Graduates and Undergraduates, High School Graduates, Grade
School Teachers and Supervisors.
  Special This Year: Studies of Paintings; Comparative Literature; Labor;
Regional Sociology; Capitalism and Sociology; Contemporary Drama;
Heredity and Eugenics; Radio; General Geology; Recent U. S. History;
Vocational Psychology; The "League of Nations; Dramatic Production;
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Willard N. Parker, '90, Manager.    Helen M. Batty, '18,.Asst. Manager.
February, 1"927

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