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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 4 (Feb. 1927)

Things in general,   pp. 132-135

Page 133

of the Board of Education of Milwaukee, chairman of
the Board of Visitors of the University, and a member
of the Board of Directors of the General Alumni Associa-
tion, commented on the meeting as follows:
   "His address to high school students was remarkable.
None of them will ever forget-his 'monkey' and 'ape'
students or his 'boot-legging' and 'home brew' students.
Over twenty-two hundred students could not get into
the Auditorium and one thousand filled an over-flow
meeting; so that he had to. deliver his address twice.
We had hoped to fill the hall with forty-five hundred.
Probably eight thousand students heard or tried to hear
  Arrangements for the address were made by a com-
mittee of high school students.
PRESIDENT Frank is mourning the death of his
   mother, Mrs. Nancy Elizabeth Frank, who died
Saturday night, January 8th, at her home in Greentop,
Missouri, at the age of seventy-three years. It was
during a meeting in Milwaukee, which Dr. Frank was- to
address, that word of his mother's serious illness came
to him. He left immediately after the meeting and
arrived in Greentop Saturday. Dr. Frank has the
sympathy of the state and the entire alumni body.
TEN ALUMNI of the University of Wisconsin were
   elected to the Board of Directors of the new Union
Trust Company, which became a prominent organiza-
tion in Madison's financial circles in January through
consolidation of the Savings Loan & Trust Company
and the Commercial Trust Company. They are: F. H.
Elwell, 'o8, Judge Walter C. Owen, '9i, Emerson Ela,
',oI, Col. Joseph W. Jackson, ex'o2, Dr. C. A. Harper,
'89, A. F. Menges, '86, Sanford P. Stark, '02, C. H.
Tenney, '96, George Kroncke, '9, and Fred L. Holmes,
AT A RECENT meeting, the Bar Association of the
    city of La Crosse paid tribute to the memory of the
late Judge John Brindley, a member of the class of 1874
and for many years a practicing attorney and county
judge of La Crosse County, in the following words:
"Judge Brindley was a man of fine intellect, a cultured,
Christian gentleman, a lawyer of learning and ability,
and an upright and just judge. He will be long re-
membered by the bar and the people of La Crosse
County for the sterling qualities which brought him
success at the bar and on the bench, and in no less degree
for his genial humor, his sincere friendship, and his'
genuine interest in his fellowmen."
1907 TO REUNE IN 1928
THE DIX PLAN for class reunions, which was
   adopted by the Alumni Association at its meeting
last June, necessitates some changes in class reunions.
The class of 1907, under the old plan, would have its
2oth year reunion next June. Under the Dix plan, the
reunion will come in 1928. The following from A. J.
Goedjen, Marinette, president of the class, was re- answer to an inquiry recently addressed to him:
  "I wrote the Association fice or six months ago
stating that the class of 1907 would plan to hold its
reunion in accordance with the Dix plan. According to
this the next reunion of the class of I9O7 will be in June,
1928. I would appreciate your publishing this fact so
as to preclude misunderstanding."
    NEws of the death on Saturday, January 8th, of
NAllan McCullough, '18, Secretary of the Wisconsin
Club of Chicago, came as a shock to Alumni Head-
quarters, which regarded him as one of the most active
and progressive alumni officers among alumni clubs.
His sudden demise, Which was brought about by an
attack of heart trouble, was a severe shock to his host
of friends in the Chicago Alumni Club where he had
done effective work as Secretary. He was a splendid
type of Wisconsin's young manhood, and his loss is a
great one to his family, his friends, and to the Uni-
  He received a B.S. degree in Electrical'Engineering
in 1918, and at the time of his death he was employed
in the Sales Department of the Illinois Steel Company.
  Funeral services were held at Oshkosh, his former
DURING the past two months twelve: new hotels
     have been added to the list of Intercollegiate
Alumni Hotels which are serving throughout the coun-
try as headquarters for alumni activities in their
respective communities.
  The Intercollegiate Alumni Hotel Plan, as has been
reported in 'a previous issue, is sponsored by the alumni
organizations of more than eighty colleges and uni-
versities throughout the country. The Intercollegiate
Alumni Extension Service, Inc., the central organiza-
tion which has been created to carry out fhe plan,
reports that traveling alumni are already beginning
to 'make good use of the card indexes containing the
names of resident. alumni, which are on file' at every
designated hotel. Many alumni have also written in
expressing their pleasure at finding the current issues of
their alumni publications awaiting them upon their
arrival at these hotels.
  Alumni secretaries -generally have instructed their
of t-he Interco-llegiate --Alumni Hotel plan, thereby in-
suring the concentration of alumni affairs at the desig-
nated hotels. In several cities small alumni clubs of a
size insufficient to maintain a separate association have
combined to form "intercollegiate local clubs" founded
on mutual territorial interests.
  The latest group of hotels to be designated includes:
Neil House, Columbus, Ohio; Pere Marquette, Peoria,
Ill.; Wolford, Danville, Ill.; Southern, Baltimore, Md.;
St. James, San Diego, Calif.; Park Hotel, Madison,
Wis.; O'Henry, Greensboro, N. C.; Sheraton, High
Point, N. C.; Charlotte, Charlotte, N. C.; George
Vanderbilt, Asheville, N. C.; Francis Marion, Charles-
ton, S. C.; Ponce de Leon, Miami, Fla.
  There are *now forty-five Intercollegiate Alumni
Hotels scattered throughout the country in what
promises soon to become an imposing array of focal
points for the combined alumni activities of America's
foremost institutions of higher learning.
  I wish to inform you that on January 22 we re-
ceived the report of the Northwestern-Wisconsin bas-
ketball game due to KYW in Chicago staying off the
air. This broadcast was very fortunate as I was enter-'
taining a number of Wisconsin people at my house at
bridge. Will you convey my thanks to the operators
of WHA for thus contributing to my party.-M. D.
CooPER, Pres. U, W. Club of Cleveland.
February, r927
I     I

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