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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 3 (Jan. 1927)

Alumni news,   pp. 110-111

Page 110

7anuary, 1927
                                           Alumni News
Notices of engagements, marriages, births, and deaths 9hould be brief, definite
and accurate.  Correct spelling of
                                    proper names should receive careful attention.
1920  Rowena Williams to Melvin BRORBY,
      both of Chicago.
1921 Katherine Green to Leon KAUM-
      heimer, both of Milwaukee.
1923  Mildred GUENTZEL, Boscobel, to-Earle
1923  GAGE, Whitehall.
1923  Sylvia Kerscher, Milton Junction, to
      Peter BONK, Two Rivers. Mr. Bonk
      is employed in Chicago.
1924 Sarah KENNEDY to Bentley Thomas,
      Jr., both of Youngstown, 0. Mr.
      Thomas is a graduate of Harvard
1924  Eugenia Fowle to Jerome BOND, both*
      of Milwaukee. Miss Fowle attended
      Milwaukee Downer College.
1924 Beatrice MATTESON, Clintonville, to
1926 'Roger BAWDEN, Chicago.
ex '25 Lucille JOHNSON, Lemont; Ill., to Da-
      vid Hayes, Chicago. IMr. Hayes is a
      graduate of the University of Illinois.
1925 Benita SPENCER, Los Angeles, Calif.
      to Ralph, Cason, Washington, D., C,
1925 Ruth KELSO, ,oak Park, Ill, to Gerald
      Wood, Denver, Colo. Mr. Wood is a
      graduate of Dartmouth.'
1925 Dorothy JOHN, Milwaukee, to Eliot
1925  SHARP, Madison. Mr. Sharp is en-
      gaged in publicity work in New York
1925  Betty-BROWN, St. Louis, Mo., to John
1925  CHORLOG, Madison.
1925  Margaret HOBART, Mlomence, Ill:, to
      John Hathaway, -New Bedford, Mass.
      Mr. Hathaway is. a graduate of Har-
      vard University.
1926 Elizabeth EDWAnDS to Russell NEL-
1926 'SON, both of Madison.",
1926  Catharine Douglass  to F. Daniel
      SE.EBER,. both of Ć½Houghton, Mich.
      Miss Douglass is a senior at North-
      western University.
 1926 Lorraine MARTENS to Dr. Gerald
 1924 KeEPCKE, both of Madison.    Dr.
      Koepcke is located ,in' Minneapolis,
 1926 Helen CUSHMAN, Omaha, Neb., to
 1926, Elmer BECK, Racine'.
 1926 Ethel DRUSE to John Borges, both of
      Milwaukee. Mr. Gorges was gradu-
      ated from Culver Military Academy.
 ex '27 Frances BEEBE, Sparta, to Roland
 1927  WHITE, Washington, D. C.    Miss
       Beebe is completing her senior year at
       Minnesota University.
 ex '27 Dorothy HAPEMAN, Park Ridge, Ill.,
 ex '25 to Roman BRUMM, Madison.
 ex '28 Margaret HIPPLE to Jack Wallace,
       both of Haddonfield, N. J.
 1930  Lillian CALLIN to Herman BLOCK,
 ex '27 both of Oshkosh.
 1899  Helen Stribblen, Oak Park, Ill., to
       Walton Hawkins PYRE, Chicago, No-
       vember 6. Mr. Pyre is well known
       in Madison, Milwaukee and-Chicago
       as a dramatic recitalist and instructor
       in dramatics. At home at 10895 Pros-
       pect Ave., Morgan Park, Ill.
 1902  Mrs. Harriet STEWART Steere to Wil-
       liam G. Bickelhaupt, November 24,
       at San Diego, Calif. At home after
       February 1, 1927, at Aberdeen, S. D.
 1904  Elsie KING to Charles Altemus, both
       of Neillsville, November 10. At home
       in Neillsville.
 1917  Mary Ann Engelson, Milwaukee, to
       Erwin FANTA, Manitowoc, November
       11. At home at 936 N. 6th St., Mani-
       towoc. Mr. Fanta is in the bond busi-
 1917  Doris Buchanan, New Auburn, to Dr.
       Jos. L. BENTON, Appleton, September
 ex '17 Sadie Matson, Madison, to Oliver
       HERR, Plymouth, November 17, at
       Winona, Minn. At home at 303 South
       Mills St., Madison.
  1918 Alberta TITUS to Dr. Clarence Rich-
       ards, Rhinelander, August 21, at Fond
       du Lac. At home at 415 Lake St.,
ex'19 Lillian Grinde, Morrisonville, to
      James KREPS, Kendall, November 15.
      At home in Madison, where Mr. Kreps
      is director of the Kreps School of
1919  Hester ROBINsoN to Harry Borchers,
      Lyndbrooke, N. Y., in the American
      Church at Buenos Aires, Argentine,
      May 14. Mr. Borchers is connected
      with Swift & Co., Montevideo, Uru-
ex '19 Blanche TOLMAN, Chicago, to Albert
1917 -FIEDLER, Milwaukee, October 2. At
      home at 357 Hathaway PI Milwau-
      kee. Mr. Fiedler is with dhe North-
      western Mutual Life Insurance Co.
1920  Elizabeth LAMB, Janesville, to Glenn
      JONES, Merrimac. At home at Merri-
      mac. Mr. Jones is a graduate of the
      short course in agriculture with the:
      class of '17.
1921 Ruth REID, Hurley, to Ray Scho-
     'misch, Marquette, December 2. At
     home in Hurley, where Mr. Schomisch
     is associated with John Chisholn, '21,
     in the drug bussness.
ex '21 Blanche ReedSpirit Lake, Ia., to W.
      Leon MAY, Milford, Iar, October 26.
 1921 Agnes IvERSON, Stoughton, to William
      Traut, Fond du Lac, November 17.
 1921 Harriet SCOFIELD, La Crosse, to Tor-
      rance Fiske, September 29,- at Bir-
      minegham, Ala. At home at 10 Beek-
      man Place, New York City.      1
 1922 Mildred WARSINSKE, Marshfield, to
      Selmar Anderson, Northwood, Ia.,
      November 6.   Mr. Anderson. is a
      graduate of the University of Minne-
      sota and is assistant manager of the
      acquisition and- advertising depart-
      ment of the Hardware Mutual Casu-
      alty Co., Stevens Point. At home at
      402 Pine St., Stevens Point.
 1923 Gladys Wheaton, La Crosse, to Ben-
      jamin AHRENS, November 11. At
      home at 1117 King St., La Crosse.
 1923 Mary BAILEY, Elgin, Ill., to Edwin
 1925 PETERSEN, Park Ridge, Ill., Novem-
      ber 12. At home at 1317 Vincennes
      Ave., Chicago Heights,' Ill.
 1923 Julia WHITEFIELD, Evanston, Ill., to
       Dr. Paul Hoeffel, Chicago, August 23.
       At home at 1746 Belle Plaine Ave.,
"1923  Pearl HissiG, Milwaukee, to Edwin
ex '24 RIGGERT, Lake Geneva, October 6.
       At home in Lake Geneva, where Mr.
       Riggert is cqnnected with the Farm-
       ers' National Bank.
 1923  Louise MAUREAUX, San    Antonio,
       Texas, to Arthur Buenzli, Madison,
       December 2. At home in Madison.
 1923  Mildred V. ANDERSON to Campbel,
       Harstone, October 15. At home at
       485 Washington Crescent, Winnipeg,
 1924  Dorothy BONNETT, Whitewater, to
 1925  Philip SNODGRASS, Monroe, November
       19. At home in Monroe, where Mr.
       Snodgrass is attorney for the Wiscon-
       sin Automobile Insurance Co.
 ex '24 Mary DIEFENDERFER, Chicago, to Dr.
       Darrin Rudnick, November 25. At
       home in Chicago.
 1924  Frances Kerry, West Bend, to Stanley
       HETLAND, La Crosse, November 25.
       At home at 610 Seventh Ave., S., West
 1924  Ethel Retzner, Mosinee, to Philip
       HOFFMAN, Detroit, October 30. Mr.
       Hoffman is employed as a mechanical
       draftsman for the United States Rub-
       ber Co., Detroit.
 ex '24 Mildred JOHNSON, Madison, to Rowen
 ex'26 JOHNSTONE, Jr., Reedsburg, December
       4. At home at 1553 Adams St., Madi-
       son. Mr. Johnstone is connected with
       the Northwestern Mutual Life In-
       surance Co.
  ex '24 Elinor Sherman to Edward LEARY,
       both of Edgerton, October 23.
  1924 Ella Freed, Ashtabula, 0., to Albert
       TEGEN, Manitowoc, October 23. At
       home in Milwaukee, where Mr. Tegen
       is statistician and technical assistant
       with the Milwaukee Electric Railway
       & Light Co.
  1925  Mrs. Betty Vivian Stoddart to Wesley
        DUNLAP, both of Minneapolis. Mr.
      Dunlap holds an editorial position on
      the Minneapolis Tribune.
1.925 Thelma Hansen to John KAISER. A
      home at Ryson, where Mr. Kaiser' is
      field man for the Wisconsin Power and
      Light Co.
1925 Susan KNIPPEL, Milwaukee, to Louis
ex '25 RADDANT, Shawano, November 20.
      At home in Shawano, where Mr. Rad-
      dant is employed by one of the news-
1926 Josephine FAIRLY, Des Moines, Ia., to
ex'29 Roger STETSON, Lake Mills, Novem-
      ber 5, at Rockford, Ill.
1926  Grace MoRRow, Electra, Texas, to
1924 Victor-HuNT, Los Afigeles, Calif., No-
      vember 3. At home in Los Angeles
      Calif., where Mr. Hunt is connected
      with the National City Bank.
ex '26 Lenore RUBADEAU to Horace TAG-
1924  GART, both of Madison, November 25.
      At home at 403 N. Murray St., Madi-
      son. Mr. Taggart is connected with
      the Branch Bank of Wisconsin.
ex '27 Gertrude GRAHAM, Tampa, Fla. (for-
      merly of Tomah), to Dr. Paul Gloder,.
      October 20.
ex '27 Ruth Volenberg, Cambridge, to Car-
      roll KRIPPNER, Oakland, November
ex '29 Jane FULLER, Oshkosh, to Bernhard
1922  MAUTZ, Jr., Madison, November 22.
      After their return from a wedding trip
      ,to Europe, Mr. and Mrs. Mautz will
      be at home in Madison, where'Mr.
      Mautz is connected with the Mautz
      Brothers C0.
 1912 To Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Sweetman
      (Mabel MCLAUGHLIN, East    Troy,
      a daughter, Mildred Catherine, No-
      vember 5.
 1913 To Mr. and Mrs. W. E. KInK (Helen
 ex'16 CROSBY), 719 Seventh St., S. E.,
      Minneapolis, Minn., a daughter, Mar-
      1 j9rie Elizabeth, July 5.
 1914 To Attorney and Mrs. Bert L. LAR-
 1916 KIN (Milly KLEINHEINZ), Two Rivers,
      a daughter, Frances Marion, August
 1915 To Mr. and Mrs. John KYLE -(Irene
 1916 PAUL), Hurley, a son, John Paul,
      July 11.
 1915 To Mr. and Mrs. G. M. ScHWARTZ,
      237 Bedford St., S. E., Minneapolis,
      Minn., a son, John Bastian, Septem-
      ber 24.
 1916 To Mr. and Mrs. Harold CONNORS
 1919  (Velma REID), Hurley, a son, Dean
       Matthew, July 30.
 1916 To Mr. and Mrs. Warren FOSTER,
 1921 Hurley, a daughter, Margaret Mil-
       dred, December 4.
 1923 To Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Turner
       (Dorothy  KREES), "3212  Sullivan
       Ae., St. Louis, Mo., a son, James
       Krebs, October 3.
 1917 To Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Teesdale
       (Gladys TYRRELL), 209 N. Murray
       t., Madison, a daughter, Patricia
       Jane, September 9.
 ex'17 To Mr. and Mrs. S. Lawrence WHEE-
 1919 LER (Mae GROENDYKE), 52 Rogers
       Ave., Wauwatosa, a daughter, Nancy
       Lee, August 3.
 ex'18 To Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Pitman
       SHARP, a son, Jonathan Tolcott, No-
       vember 16. Mr. Sharp finished at
       Amherst in '18.
 1920 To Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Hahn
       (Amy JOBSE), Milwaukee, a son, Rob-
       ert Arthur, November 21.
 1920 To Mr. and Mrs. Franklin BUMP Jr.
 ex '26 (Marjorie TITUS), Madison, a daugh-
       ter, Nancy, October 27, at Boulder,
  1921 To Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Youngs
       Edgerton (Mary MARTINEAU), 3338
       E. 150th St., Cleveland, 0., a son,
       Samuel Youngs Jr., September 30.
  ex '21 To Mr. and Mrs. Celestin TRIER,
       Hurley, a daughter, Peggy Ellen,
       June 9.
 1921 To Mr. and Mrs. Donald Menzies
 1925 BENNETT (Irene SCHUBRING), Louis-
       ville, Ky., a son, October 24.

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