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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 2 (Dec. 1926)

News of the classes,   pp. 74-82

Page 81

         Phyllis BOND is with Gregory,
         Van Cleave and Blair, Io5 S.
  La Salle St., Chicago.  Miss Bond
  finished at Northwestern. -   Ethel
  GOULD is teaching in Aniwa. Her home
  address is 8i124 Maryland Ave., Chicago.
  -Kent WOOLDRIDGE is a student en-
  gineer with the Chicago Rapid Transit
  Co., Chicago, II1.-George HOCKING is
  in the commercial attache's office,
  American Embassy, Paris, France.-
  Julia CALLISS is teaching English at
  Elburn, Ill.-R. T. PORTER, since re-
  turning from a trip to Europe, has left
  Lyon & Healy's and has taken a position
  with the Continental & Commercial
_BankChicaor-orGeore CuRRIE is
appointed administrative assistant to
George Little, director of athletics.-
Ella WIEG has taken a position as fifth
grade critic with the Ypsilanti State
Teachers College.-Dorothy HASKINS
is assistant director of physical educa-
tion at the State Normal College of
Bowling Green; O.-Elizabeth NELSON,
Red Wing, Minn., is teaching French
in the high school at Bowling Green, 0.
-Gertrude FRIEs, Bowling Green, 0.,
is engaged this year in Girl Scout work
in Toledo, O.-Elizabeth MAand two
years abroad. SON is taking post-grad-
uate work at Leland Stanford University.
-Edward DEuss, Associated Press rep-
resentative at Berlin, Germany, who,
with his wife, Harriet GOODWIN Deuss,
'20, spent the summer in France and
England, writes enthusiastically of the
'French capital and the French people.
"We are absolutely carried away, especi-
ally with Paris," he says. "It is the most
beautiful city we've ever seen; the French
people have the most pleasing, good-
natured temperament; so courteous,
intelligent looking and decently dressed
that you can't help loving them.- We
found none of the animosity towards
Americans that is reported in the press."
practicing law in Sheboygan.--Cora
VALINSKE, Fox Lake, has returned to
Ashland for another year. She teaches
history in the high school there.-Eliza-
beth KEMPTON-is spending the winter in
Florence, Italy,. with her aunt, Mrs.
Charles P. Spooner. Miss Kempton is
studying music.-Ralph BENEDICT is
doing research work at the University
under a fellowship granted by a General
Electric Company official. This is his
second year of such work since his
graduation with honors from the elec-
trical engineering department.-Eliza-
beth BROWN is director of the State Co-
operative Laboratory at Beloit.-Jean
BOOTH, home address 7538 Egglleston
Ave., Chicago, is teaching in the ele-
mentary department of Antioch College,
Yellow Springs, 0. Her address there is
619 Xenia Ave.-Agnes LARSON is en-
rolled in the School of Applied Social
Sciences at Western Reserve Univer-
sity, Cleveland, O.-Erwin GERBER has
again signed up for football coach, at
Eau Claire Normal school.-Ernestine
TROEMEL, instructor in physical educa-
tion at the University of Oregon, has
been honored by election to member-
ship in Susan Campbell Hall at that
university.-The Rev. E. Jerome Jo-
HANSON is minister of the Brookfield
Congregational Church.   After  the
church 'had been redecorated and re-
paired during the summer, airededication
service was held on Sunday, October io.
Mrs. Johanson, Smith College, '23, also
an ordained minister, shared in the
service.-Annabel DOUGLAS is teaching
in Janesville.-James DOUGLAS has re-
turned from Oklahoma where he was
installing an oil pump.-CarlI- HANSEN,
2425 N. Ridgeway Ave., Chicago, is
now advertising manager of the Jeffer-
son Electric Mfg. Co. in that city.-
Dorothy P. SMITH taught home econ-
nomics during the summer school in
Charleston, W. Va., where she had also
been teaching the year 1925-26. The
remainder of the summer was spent at
her home in Pocatello, Idaho. She has
returned for her second year of teaching
at Charleston. -Fred EVANS has been
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      .. . J L . . . __ " . . . . ' _ J __-i_ _ _ . .   -
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December, ,926

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