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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 9 (July 1926)

Class news,   pp. 292-[311]

Page 307

rothea POPPE Bingham, Madison; Roy     Wallace LANDRY has accepted the principal-
A. PHELPS, Oshkosh; Marion CASTER-     ship of the Dunn County Agricultural
LINE Sperry, Cleveland, 0.; Imogene    at Menomonie for the coming year.-Albert
          LN                           WEIMAR has purchased a confectionary
GRISWOLD, West Collingswood, N. J.;    in Grand Haven, Mich. His address
is 616
G. L. Broadfoot, Mondovi; Adele V.     Washington Ave., Grand Haven.
THURINGER, Madison; M. B. FINDORUF,      Change of address: George GRAY,
117 Gates
.Madison; Mary H        B.E V WeaveOrFI Ave., Montclair, N. J.; Peter STREHLOW,
Madison; Mary HEMENWAYWeaver, Bunkie, La.; Fred STADELBAUER, 1206 First
Madison; Warren WEAVER, Madison;       Wisconsin National Bank Bldg., Milwaukee;
ALICE CURTIS Bergh, Madison; Frank-    Thomas KERNAN, % W.C. McBride Inc.,
lin B. BOGART, Chattanooga, Tenn.; A.  Shell Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.
W. POWELL, White Rock, S. D.; Hazel                    1917
CALDWELL Powell, White Rock, S. D.;        Sec'y-MARGUERITE JENISON
Ruth THOMAS Porter, Madison Dana             Urbana, Ill., 412 Lincoln Hall
Carrell CRAMER, Madison; A. J. CRA-                Class Register
MER, Madison; Lora ZIESEL Jackson,       Nellie WARNER, Madison; Rachel
Madison; Elbert H. CARPENTER, Madi-    McKENNAN Sly, East Aurora, N. Y.;
son; ArnoldJACKSON, Madison; Verne     Josephine BRAB ANT4Vladisqn;ames
BULLIS, Eau Chire; GFenn W. STE-       F. MCMANUS, Jr., Chicago; Marguerite
PHENS., Madison; R. M. BOHN, Evans-    JAMISON, Urbana, Ill.; Elizabeth EDDY,
ton, Ill.; Mrs. Clifford MERRIMAN, Fort Ensley, Ala.; Rose HARLOFF Bogart,
Atkinson; Mrs. Verne BULLIS, Eau       Chattanooga, Tenn.; Howdy BRANT,
Claire; Perry, A. SLETTELAND, Madi-    George A. CHANDLER, Helen REED Ste-
son; C. M. CONWAY, Madison; Laura      phens, Madison; Eugene GRANT, Boze-
STROMME, Weymouth, Madison; Elea-      man, Mont.; A. C. FIEDLER, Milwaukee;
nor SIME Blankenship, Madison; W.      Blanche MCCARTHY, Appleton; Orlando
Dow   HARVEY, Winnetka, Ill.; Etta     S. Loomis, Mauston; W. R. AMES, Mis-
RADKE, Madison; J. H. FARRELL, Madi-   soula, Mont.
son; Edwin J. CONNOR, Madison; Mel-
vin H. HAss, Los Angeles, Calif.; A.W.   Philip SANBORN has severed his connec-
                                       tions with the law firm of Curkeet,
Lewis and
KIMBALL, Milwaukee; Fred M. DISTEL     Sanborn and has opened an office in'
Room 6o9,
HORST, Madison; Mary 'DuPuY Bickel,    Beaver Building, Madison.
Boonton, N. J.; Ernest R. SCHIERZ, La-   Change, of address: Joy ANDRES Forster,
ramie, Wyo.; Hope E. COBn, Wheaton,    Olivet, Mich.; Lillian WALL Crum,
317 W.
                                       Cheyenne Rd., Emporia, Kan.; P. B.
Ill.; Marie PALTZ Conway, Madison;     DEsNoYERs, 6o5 Cherry St., Green Bay;
Temperance KNIGHT Garland, Menlo       Della JosT Weimer, 616 Washington
Park, Calif.; Lester M. WHITMORE, Sa-  Grand Haven, Mich.; Wilda SAWYER,
lem, Va.; Emma CLARK Dohm, Hibbing,    Eastwood Ave., Chicago; T. A. RUDE
    Minn.; Emim C RK. SAoN, M  bion;,  Loa, Via Antofagasta, Chile, S. A.;
Minn.; Milo K. SWANTON, Madison;      R UoGE Rees, 386 Irving P1., Milwaukee;
Earl W. BRANDENBURG, Oak Park, Ill.;   Leslie NELSON, 2514 Grover St., St.
Dorothy D. JOHNSON, Fond du Lac;       Mo., Paul MEYERS, % W. S. Kies &
Robert M. CONNELLY, Appleton; M. H.    III Broadway, New York City; S. L.
             I.         .    .         '21C West lAth St NTw YnrL- c;ur
I h iu% ougnIEn; 1J0rotny DANNON
Van Sniden, Chicago; Helen PARKINSON                  1918
Levis, Madison; E. M. RE QUA, Sioux      Sec'y-HOWARD HANCOCK, Oshkosh
Falls, S. D.; Elizabeth WARWICK Gar-                State Normal
lisch, St. Joseph, Mo.; Levian GOLDIE,             Class Register
Milwaukee; George LITTLE, Madison;       Edna H. BUCKLEY', Richmond, Va.;
Helen LITTLE, Madison; Win. B. GoL-    Elizabeth  KENDALL Wild, Chicago;
DIE, Milwaukee; Marie GAPEN, Monroe;   Catherine CULVER Mulberry, Chicago;
Charlotte E. SMITH, Chicago; R. Mi-    Alice BEMIS H'Doubler, Springfield,
CHEL, Urbana, Ill.; Harriet O'SHEA,    Mo.; W. H. KASiSKA, Baraboo; Dr. M.
Madison; L. B. CUMMINGS, Evansville;   G. PETERMAN, Milwaukee; M. W. SER-
Peter JOHNSON, Wisconsin     Rapids;   .GEANT, Madison; Charline WACKMAN,
Verne STEPHENSON, Goshen, Ind.; Cor-   Oregon; J. D. PETERSON, Chicago; Avis
nelia KAROW, Madison; George C.        PETERS Sunderland, Springfield, Mo.;
ROBINS6N, Cedar Falls, Ia.; Floyd E.   Edna HARTMAN Brinkley, Richmond,
JENKINS, Milwaukee; Willard DAVIS,     Va.
Madison; Eileen HARRINGTON Davis,
Madison; Margaret LE TAYLOR, Lancas-     Ruel BARLOW, head of the department
ter; Rawleigh W. GAMBLE, Madison;      journalism at the University of Minnesota,
ter;                                   has resigned effective at the close
of this
Elner L. SEVRIGHAUS, Madison; Grace    school year. In a statement made to
the press
COLBY Sevringhaus, Madison; Carlisle   Mr. Barlow gave as a reason for his
E. STEVENSON, Santa Monica, Calif.;    tion the unfavorable attitude of the
Fannie A. ROBERTS, Evanston, Ill.      college toward his attempts to put
                                       istic instruction on a more effective
Villetta HAWLEY    Albert, Hancock;    Lois SHoRTEss accepted the position
of State
Mary F. ELWELL, Mac Gregor, Ia.        Supervisor of school-libraries in
Michigan and
                           a  ri       may be reached after the first of
June at
  Loren  MCQUEEN, former advertising   State Library, Lansing, Mich.
director of the B. F. Goodrich Rubber Coin-  Change of address: .Howard FULLER,
pany, Akron, 0., has been promoted to the  Maple St., Grant City, Staten
Is., N. Y.;
position of assistant general sales manager.-  E. C. EDWARDS, 1120 Colorado
Ave., San
Angelo, Tex.; E. L. BERG, 9oo Downer Ave.,
Milwaukee; Daniel TEARE, 41o N. Taylor
Ave., Oak Park, Ill.; Gertrude FITZGERALD
Siddall, 91 Walnut St., Ridgewood, N. J.;
Winnafred CORWIN Robinson, Hotel Ading-
ton, 18 W. 25 St., New York City.
            Class Register
  Wirth F. FERGER, Marshfield; Cath-
  erine FLEMING Frederick, Milwaukee,
Winifred BARTHOLF Bassett, Evanston;
Ill.; Blanche S. TOLMAN, Chicago; Eliza-.
beth SUTHERLAND, Hudson; Ethel J.
ODEGARD, Milwaukee; John L. NEW-
MAN, Whitefish Bay; Irene FOLCKEMER,
Camp Point, Ill.; Caecilia THIEMAN
M      "I  De Lake.
  Change of address: Vieva BIGELOW, 2426 E.
Broadway, Long Beach, Calif.; Beulah
CONNELL Mielke, 908 Hancock, Appleton;
Edith MARTIN Maplesden, 5228 Cherry St.,
Kansas City, Mo.
18 Aubrey Rd., Upper Montclair, New Jersey
            Class Register
  M. K. HOBBS, Chicago; Helen RAM-
sEY Doege, Marshfield; Abbie PARMA-
LEE Ferger, Marshfield; Bruce CARTrER,
Marinette; Betty FITCH Cartter, Mari-
nette; Roland H. FREDERICK, Milwau-
kee; Marion ROTH, Minneapolis; J. E.
BOWSTEAD, Edmonton, Alta, Canada;
Samuel LEPKOVSKY, Kenosha; Margaret
DixoN Davis, Indiana Harbor, Ind.
ChristinaMcLAYCar rJanesville; Fran-
ces FIFIELD Bolles, Madison; Isabel
McLAY Craig, Madison.
  Harriet BRADFIELD is editor of a small
fiction magazine called Cupid's Diary. She is
livinif in New York Citv.-Alice NArrz. for
the past three years in charge of instruction
in dancing at the Ypsilanti:Normal School,
has severed her connections with the school
and will go to Paris, where she will be con-
nected with the Ecole Foyer de Champfleury,
just outside of Paris. At the same time she
expects to study with the Duncan School and
possibly with Dalcroze in Belgium.-L. E.
GOODING, Fond du Lac attorney, has an-
nounced his candidacy for county district
attorney on the Republican ticket at the
September primary.
  Change of address: C. E. BEHNKE, 307
Insurance Bldg., Appleton; Caryl BENTs,
51o First Central Bldg., Madison; William
BRANDON, South, Robert & Thompson Ave.,
West St. Paul, Minn.; Beatrice BEAL Flagg,
511 E. Tenth Ave., Albany, N. Y.; Agnes
LvcH Greene, 2217 E. 5th St., Superior;
Herman FICKE, % Judge W.F. Hull, 2o18
Oxford St., Rockford, Ill.; Madge RYAN
Emory, 191o Vilas St., Madison.
       Milwaukee; 954 Cramer St.
       We reuned in June!
  The great I92I class has reuned,
only it wasn't so great at reunion.
Those coming back for reunion were
.7uly, r926

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