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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 9 (July 1926)

Class news,   pp. 292-[311]

Page 302

heart of. everybody who heard it.
"Here's hoping," she said in part,
that this reunion will bring back
just heaps of you people that haven't
been able to be on the campus for
several years; then you'll have the
most wonderful reunion ever. Be-
lieve me, I'm already planning to be
there for the 25th. There ought to be
a clause in our diplomas making it
compulsory    that  'grads' return
every five years, for each return
would add at least five years to our
lives; there just isn't any substitute
for a trip back to the old campus."
Incidentally, and regardless of ques-
tionings from "cultured New Eng-
land," she plans to send her only
daughter out here to Wisconsin for
her higher education. She will wel-
come any 'o6ers when in Boston.
She lives atI 303 Highland avenue,
West Newton.
  There were also letters and cables
from celebrities here and abroad.
At least they bore earmarks of the
White House, the Shah of Persia,
Amundsen, the explorer, and Mus-,
solini. The latter wired, "Am proud
to send greetings to your honorable
outfit which gave to my country
your Marjorie Daw Johnson. She
did one big piece of work over here,
and on behalf of king (whom I don't
like only a little) I bow low and
mutter, Hit em mit bricks, 19o6'
Forever, Mussolini."
            Class Register
  Registration this year was the largest
of all four reunions held, with approxi-
mately 107 men, women and children
enrolled. The lineup:
  Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. FOSTER and
two children, Tulsa; Mr. and Mrs. W. S.
LACHER, Chicago; Edgar A. LOWE, Se-
attle; Mr. and Mrs. T. L. BEWICK, Mad-
ison; Don E. MOWRY, Madison; Mr. and
Mrs. J. Earl BAKER, Peking, China; Mr.
and Mrs. Allen E. WRIGHT and three
children, Detroit; A. T. TWESME, Gales-
ville; Mr. and Mrs. L. W. BRIDGMAN
and two children, Madison; Mr. and
Mrs. Fred HEINEMANN, Merrill; Anna-
bel M. HUTTON, Waukesha; Mr. and
Mrs. Louis M. ANDERSON and daughter,
Rhame, N. D.; Mrs. G. A. Lien (Tillie
DYRUD), Janesville; Dr. and Mrs. E. G.
FESTERLING, Reedsville; Mr. and Mrs.
Charles E. NELSON and three children,
Superior; L. F. HARZA, Chicago; A. L.
LINDEMANN, Milwaukee; Alma RUNGE,
Madison; Mr. and Mrs. E. T. HowsoN,
Chicago; Prof. and Mrs. J. B. KoM-
MERS, Madison; Mr. and Mrs. 0. R.
SMITH and three children, Milwaukee;
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. DAVIS (Euretta
KIMBALL), Pittsburgh, Pa.; Marjorie
Daw JOHNSON, Madison; Laura M. OL-
SEN, Eau Claire; Fred V. LARKIN, Beth-
lehem, Pa.; Mrs. Edward W. Hoffman
(Bernice HUNTER), Milwaukee; Mrs.
Norman W. Smith (Louise DURST),
Minneapolis; Clara A. RICHARDS, Fargo,
N. D.; Mrs. H. J. Divekey (Florence
LACKNER) and daughter, Aurora, Ill.;
Anna L. PATTERSON, Madison; Mr. and
Mrs. Frederick M. JOHNSON, South Chi-
cago; Anna G. BIRGE, Madison; Mr. and
Mrs. I. L. REYNOLDS, Wilmette, Ill.;
Mrs. H. J. Steeps (Alice EVANS), Bara-
boo; Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Roderick (Ma-
tilda BLIED, '07), Brodhead; T. E. VAN
METER, Moline, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. B. B.
BURLING, Milwaukee; Mr. and Mrs. F.
Ellis JOHNSON   and  son, Lawrence,
Kans.; Fern SCOTT, Eagle River; Mrs.
William F. Kachel (Jessie CORSE), Mil-.
waukee; Gertrude HUNTER, Racine; Mr.
and Mrs. Walter L. DISTELHORST and
two children, Sheboygan; W. E. WA-
GENER, Sturgeon Bay; Mr. and Mrs.
William M. CONWAY, Madison; Mr. and
Mrs. L. B. ROBERTSON, Chicago; Mr.
and  Mrs. J. Quincy    Ames (Edna
GRAVES), Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Wil-
liam T. Evjue (Zillah BAGLEY), Madi-
son; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. ZEIDLER,
Columbus; Prof. and Mrs. 0. L. Ko-
WALKE, Madison; Mrs. Edwin Pick
(Tessa HICKISH), West Bend; C. S.
HEAN, Madison; Mr. and Mrs. William
V. LEHMANN, Woodland; Mr. and Mrs.
J. B. HOELZ, Wilmette, Ill.; Mr. and
Mrs. Carl Schwendener (Elizabeth HAR-
VEY), Milwaukee; E. R. JONES, Madi-
son; L. A. TARRELL, Madison; M. N.
BODENBACH, Milwaukee; Roy A. WHEE-
LER, Milwaukee; Benjamin W. REY-
NOLDS, Milwaukee; Mrs. Kent B. North
(Mary SWENSEN), Madison.
  Anson STORM is residing in Seattle, Wash.
-Alma RUNGE entertained the local chapter
of Alpha Xi Delta at her cottage at Merrill
Springs and plans were made then to have a
joint meeting of Madison and Milwaukee
members at Oconomowoc on June 5.-Jennie
SCHRAGE resigned her position with the
Traveling Library Department of the Wis-
consin Library Commission on May i, to
spend the summer in the British Isles. She
writes: "Sorry to miss 19o6's reunion. I did
sit in at the first meeting of the Madison
alumni of the class that started planning the
stunts, and your classmates who come back
are going to have a mighty pleasant week-
end. You may think of me as somewhere in
Devon by that time."
  Change of address: Ada WILKE, 563 Chi-
cago St., Kenosha.
  Sec'y-RALPH GUGLER, Milwaukee
            694 Broadway
            Class Register
  Pearl CLOUGH Reynolds, Mary B.
ORVIS, Madison; Matilda BLIED RODE-
RICK, Brodhead; 0. Allen POSTLEWAIT,
Oak Park, Ill.; Carolyn Blackburn, Mil-
  Matilda BLIED Roderick, Brodhead, was
named treasurer of the Third District,
Federation of Women's Clubs, which held
its twelfth annual convention at Fennimore
in May.
    Sec'y-F. H. ELWELL, Madison
         2025 Chadbourne Ave.
            Class Register
  Anna J. STEVENS, Fay ELWELL, M. D.
Ruby HILDEBRAND Byron, Charles L.
BYRON, Winnetka, Ill.
  Mabel GINGRICH Thorton's address is
  836 University Ave., E., Ann Arbor,
Mich., where her husband has for sev-
eral years practiced law.--Our genial
former class president, Ray   SCHO-
WALTER, was recently reported at 221o
Glendon Ave., Sawtelle, Cal., a suburb
of Los Angeles.-Harry GRACE is in the
lumber business, married, and a resident
of Cambridge, Mass., at 43 Lexington
Ave.-Here's what became of some of
our  'o8  pre-medics: Helen  BINNIE
(Wisconsin College of Physicians and
Surgeons, 'ii), now practicing, with
office in the Public Service Bldg.,
Kenosha.-Wellington HUME (Toronto,
'io), now specialist in ear, nose and
throat, 216-22o W. Water St., Mil-
waukee.--James JACKSON    Jr.  (Co-
lumbia Physicians and Surgeons College,
'io), specialist in surgery, I IO N. Hamil-
ton St., Madison.-Stanley KRZYSKO
(Northwestern Medical School, 'I I),
92o Forest Home Ave., Milwaukee.-
August LUEDERS      (Illinois Medical
School, 'II), Hinsdale, Ill.-G. B. H.
  H. J. KUELLING, Milwaukee, has entered
into a contract to act as consulting engineer
for the Krenn and Dato interests of Chicago,
realtors. One of their largest operations at
the present time is the building of Edithton
Beach, a model home city one half mile south
of Kenosha. Mr. Kuelling has been closely
identified with highway construction in Wis-
consin, having been in charge of all con-
struction work for the highway commission
for the past eight* years.-John HAYES,
Minneapolis, is now associated with the Bar-
ron County Bank, Rice Lake, as vice-presi-
dent and director. Mr. Hayes was at one time
a member of the economics department of the
University and also on the staff of the state
banking  department.-Charles FOSTER
Smith, former judge of the first municipal
court of Oneida county, has joined the law
firm of Bird, Smith, Okoneski, and Puchner,
Wausau.-John COLIGNON is the income tax
assessor for Brown, Marinette and Oconto
counties and practices law at Green Bay.
  Change of address: William HANNAN, Apt.
3, 3310 Sycamore St., Milwaukee.
      Sec'y-E. E. WITTE, Madison
           16o9 Madison St.
           Class Register
  Lona BERGH Jorgensen, Tokyo, Ja-
pan; Mary MOrFAT Sloan, Charlotte
GARDNER Cooper, Madison; E. F. BEAN,
Madison; Ida FENTON Leonard, Duluth,
Minn.; B. S. REYNOLDS, Madison.
  H. E. MCWETHY is a public utility con-
sultant at St. Paul and, also, does some work
for the Railroad and Warehouse Commission
.7uly, I926

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