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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 9 (July 1926)

News and comment,   pp. [269]-272

Page [269]

              "Love of learning for its own sake puts one in the same
class with those who work cross-word puzzles, play solitaire, 'or
                                 fiddle just for their own amusement."-Alexander
Vol. XXVII                                  Madison, Wis., July, 1926   
                          Number 9
                              News and .Comment
Charles L. Byron
  Charles L. Byron of Chicago was elected president o:
the Wisconsin Alumni Association at a meeting of th
Board of Directors June 19, 1926. Mr. Byron was
graduated from Wisconsin with a B.S. degree in Elec-
trical Engineering in 19o8. Deciding .to study law
he entered Marquette University and finished his lega
education in 1911. Continuously since admission to th
Illinois State Bar, Mr. Byron has been practicing law ir
Chicago. At the present time he is a member of th(
firm of Wilkinson, Huxley, Byron and Knight, counsel
in patent causes.   For several years Mr. Byron ha
been active in alumni affairs and for a year and a hal
has been a member of the Alumni Board of Director,
and vice-president of the Association. He succeed,
George I. Haight, '99, as president.
  Mrs. Mary Clark Brittingham, Madison, was elected
vice-president at the same meeting of the Board. Othe,
officers elected were, Walter Alexander, Milwaukee, re
      cording secretary, and F. H. Elwell, Madison, treas-
      urer. The two latter succeed themselves.
        The next issue of the MAGAZINE will carry a message
     -from the new president.
     THE annual business meeting of the Alumni Associa-
         tion was called to order by President George I.
      Haight, in the lecture room of the Law Building, at
      io A. M., June 19. The chair first recognized Judge
      Burr W. Jones, '7o, who presented to Dr. Edward. A.
      Birge a volume containing letters from local alumni
      associations congratulating Dr. Birge upon his years of
      service to the University and testifying to the love of
      the alumni for him.
        Reading of the minutes of the last meeting of the
      Association held June 20, 1925, was dispensed with.
        F. H_ Elwell, Treasurer, presented an auditor's report
      of the books of the Association. (This report appears on
      page 270 of News and Comment.) The reportwas, on
      motion, accepted.
        F. H. Elwell presented the recommendation of the
      Board of Directors that the plan for reunions at Wiscon-
      sin, i. e., the five-year multiple plan, be changed to the
      Dix, or contiguous year plan, by which in a cycle of
      twenty years each class would reune at least once with
      every class with which it was in school. The recommen-
      dation, on iMotion, was accepted and the Dix plan de-
      clared adopted.
        The chair explained the operation of the new constitu-
      tion of the Association and pointed out certain ad-
      vantageous amendments; whereupon such amend-
      ments were proposed and appear in this issue of the
      MAGAZINE to be voted upon.
        The chair presented the report of the nominating
      committee for positions on the Board of Directors, and
      called for other nominations. On motion, the nomina-
      tions were closed and the Secretary instructed to cast the
      ballot of the meeting for the nominations made. The
f     Secretary so cast the ballot and the following were
      declared elected:
S                      Board of Directors
     (6 months term)
  J. B. Kerr, '89, Portland,
Ore.; W. J. Moroney, '81,
Dallas, Tex.; Clifford Betts,
'13, Denver, Colo.; George
Evans, "94, St. Louis, Mo.;
Marjorie Mueller, '26, Mil-
     (1m months term)
  L. F. Graber, 'Io, Madison;
Frank Cornish, '96, San Fran-
cisco; Walter Alexander, '97,
Milwaukee; Victor Falk, 'ii,
Stoughton; Karl Mann, 'ii,
New York City.
     (18 months term)
  B. E. McCormick, 'o4, La
Crosse; L. F. VanHagan, 'o4,
Madison; Joseph E. Davies,
'98, Washington, D. C.; N. V.
Smith, 26, Chicago, Ill.; Mrs.
Samuel T. Swansenx (Jessie
Nelson), '98, Milwaukee.
     (24 months term)
  Charles Byron, 'o8, Chicago;
Mrs. Mary Clark Brittingham,
'89, Madison; Loyal Durand,
'9I, Milwaukee; F. H. Elwell,
'o8, Madison; Oscar Hallam,
'87, St. Paul, Minn.
  A vote of thanks and appreciation was extended
President Haight for his service to the Association.
  On motion, the meeting adjourned.

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