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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 4 (Feb. 1926)

Alumni news,   pp. 104-106

Page 105

ex '25" liam OLDS Madison. Mr. Olds is as-
      sociated with the L. L. Olds Seed Co.,
1924  Katherine O'SHEA to Kendall ELSOM
1925  both of Madison. Miss O'Shea'is en-
      rolled in the medical school of the Uni-
      versity and Mr. Elsom is completing
      his medical work at the University of
1925  Helen BURT, Chicago, to Robert
1923  BLODGETT, St. Paul- Minn.
1925 Jane TRUESDALL, Toledo, 0., to
ex '23 Leslie JONES, Wallace, Idaho.
1925  Isadore CLISSOLD, Chicago, to Robert
1924  HILL, Madison.
1925 Josephine CABLE, Janesville, to Earl
1925  WHEELER, Sibley, Ia. Mr. Wheeler is
      with  an  investment company   in
ex '25 Else KUEHN to Walter BAUMAN, both
1.924 of Milwaukee.
1926  Grace MORROW, Electra, Te x , to
19-24--Victor-HuNT, Los Angee   4    -
1926  Ella BARTON, Berwyn, Ill., te*!itald
1925  COOLEY, Wauwatosa.
1926  Adrienne HECHT, Chicago, to Manuel
      Brown, Grand Rapids, Mich. The
      wedding will take place in March.
1906 Lenore HENDERSON, Cambridge, to
      William Andresen, Chicago, Decem-
      ber 19. They are at home in Chicago.
1915  Alene HINN, Fennimore, to Robert
      De Rose, Manhattan, Kan., Decem-
      ber 29.  They reside in Manhattan,
      where Mrs. De Rose has charge of
      home economics extension work at the
      University of Kansas, and Mr. De
      Rose is an instructor in chemistry.
1915  Hazel Wentworth, Clear Lake, Ia.,
      to Karl JUvE, Battle Creek, Mich.,
      December 21.    They live at 215
      Champion St., Battle Creek, where
      Mr. Juve is employed as sales man-
      ager for tie Kellogg Cereal Company.
1916  Marion   MARSHALL, - Janesville, to
      Frederick McKee, Howell; Mich. Mr.
      McKee is a graduate of Cornell. They
      have taken up residence in Howell,
      where Mr. McKee is county Y.M.C.A.
1916  Helene  Throckmorton   to  Arthur
      PRUSSING, December 10.   Mr. and
      Mrs. Prussing will be at home after
      February 1, at 2815 Pine Grove Ave.,
1918  Margaret Jacobi to Grover BROAD-
      FOOT, both of Mondovi, December 29.
      After March 1 they will be at home in
      Mondovi, where -Mr. Broadfoot is
      associated with S. G. Gilman in the
      practice of law.
1920  Daphne CONoVER, Madison, to Dr.
      W. W. Baum, Denver, Colo., Decem-
      ber 24, at Fowler, Calif. Dr. Baum is a
      graduate of Washington University,
      &_,Louis. After a wedding trip throuh
      California, they will make their home
      in Marshfield, Ore., where Dr. Baum
      is a practicing physician.
1921  Mrs. Karl Cushing McKenney, Han-
      cock, Mich., to Frederick TURNEAURE,
      Madison, December 18. They will be
      at home after January 10 at Houghton
      Mich., where Mr. Turneaure is in-
      structor in geology in the Michigan
      College of Mines.
ex '22 Ada Purcell. to Reinhold RAUBE,
      December 24, at Grand Rapids, Mich.
      Mr. Raube is connected with the
      General Electric Company at Grand
      Rapids. They reside at 2.56 Fuller
      Ave., S. E.
1923  Esther MAINLAND to Sherwood BUCK-
1922  STAFF, January 9, at Oak Park, Ill.
      They will live in Texas, address un-
      known at present.
1923  Hildegarde MAEDJE to Robert LEWIS,
ex '22 July 16, at East Cleveland, 0. They
      are at home at 3350 San Marino St.,
      Los Angeles, Calif.
1923  Madge DYNES, Mt. Carroll, Ill., to
1924  Arthur LARSON, December 28. They
      are at home at 536 North Ave.,
      Waukegan, Ill.
1923  Wilhelmine Duess to Fred SCHNELL,
      both of Sheboygan, December 24.
      Mr. Schnell is a teacher of history in
      the Sheboygan high school. They
      make their home at 616 N. Ninth St.
1923  Helena Campo, Mystic, Conn., to
      H. K. WILLE-r, June 1924. They re-
      side at 212 Main St., Phoenixville,
      Pa., where Mr. Willett is director of
1923 Beatrice HOLTON, Edgerton, to John
      McEvers, Orafino, Idaho, December
      30. After a wedding trip through the
      East, they will make their home in
      Pocatello, Idaho, where Mr. McEvers
      is assistant general attorney for the
      Union Pacific Railroad Company.
1924  Catherine KENNEY, Madison, to Wil-
      ford Doyle, Menominee, Mich., De-
      cember 28. They will be at home after
      February 1 in Menominee, Mich.
      where Mr. Doyle is advertising' man-
      ager for the Lloyd Manufacturing
1924  Arleen KLUG, Milwaukee, to Carroll
192, HEFT, Racine, December 26. After
      February 1, they will be at home at
      1540 Park Ave., Racine. Mr. Heft is a
      lawyer with the firm of Simmons,
      Walker and Wratten.
1924  Edith OLDENBURG, Madison, to Agnar
1926 SMEDAL, McFarland, November 21.
      Mr. Smedal is enrolled as a second
 ....-year medical student at the- Univer-
1924  Susan TAYLOR, Green Bay, to Earl
      Rinear, Cleveland, 0., September 5.
      They are at home at 7718 Laumer
      Ave., Cleveland, 0.
1924  Catherine WILSON to Herman NOLAN,
1921 both of Muskegon, Mich., December
      29. After January 15, they will be at
      home at Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
1924  Ethel Viele to Arthur WALD, Decem-
      ber 18, at Guntur, India. They have
      established their home at Kotpadi,
      South India, where Mr. Wald is en-
      gaged in missionary work in a school
      for boys.
1925  Mary YOUNG, 'Memphis, Tenn., to
1924  Thomas- HERREID, Madison, Decem-
      ber 10. They reside in Pittsburgh, Pa.
ex '25 Catherine BANCROFT, Blue Mounds,
1922  to Albert HIRSIG, Campbellsport,
      December 26, at-Madison. They will
      make their home in Racine.,
1925  Harriet WILKE, Eau Claire, to Thomas
      Lake, Evanston, Ill., December 24, at
      Chicago. They are at home id Indian-
      apolis, aInd., where Mr. Lake is ad-
 - -  vertismg manager of a trade journal.
 1925 Rhoda KOCH to Harold Hildebrandt,
      both of Milwaukee, January 2. Mr.
      Hildebrandt is connected with Shad-
      bolt & Boyd, Milwaukee. They will
      be at home after February 1 at 2311
      Grand Ave.
ex '26 Harriet SoxI, Two Rivers, to Eldon
ex '26 LAIRD, Waverly, Ia., December 29.
      They reside at 901 Twentieth St.,
      * "            q.T x, T--^ r% 9- T. T -A
      is completing his law work at George
      Washington University.
ex '26 Suzanne Gobel to Jere WITTER, both
      of Wisconsin Rapids, December 30.
      After a two months' trip to Hawaii,
      they will return to Wisconsin Rapids,
      where they expect to make their home.
1927  Elsie Fuchs, Baraboo, to    Leslie
      DRAKE, Poynette, December      31.
      They reside in Madison.
ex4'27 Beulah HAMLEY, Bostoii, Mass., to
      J. 0. Beadle, Winnebago, Minn.,
      December 24. They will be at home
      after March 25 at Marshall, where Mr.
      Beadle is principal of public schools.
ex'28 Constance   i-iAMMET *to Eusebius
ex '27 GARTON, both of Sheboygan, January
      4. They are at home in Sheboygan,
      where Mr. Garton is vice-president
      of the Garton Toy Company.
ex '28 Grace PUTNAM, Madison, to William
ex '27 GOFF, Wichita, Kansas, December 24.
      They  are making' their hone in
Faculty Jean Sword to Gordon     Tracy,
      December 30, at Toronto, Canada.
      Mr. Tracy is an instructor in the
      electrical engineering department of
      the University.
1902  To Mr. and Mrs. Arthur CURTIS,
      2706 Lincoln St., Evanston, Ill., a son,
      December 27. Mrs. Curtis died n
      January 2.
1907  To Mr. and Mrs. Francis H'DOUBLER
1913  (Alice. Bemis), 906  Weller Ave
      Springfield, Mo., a son, Francis Todd
      Jr., June 18, 1925.
1908  To Mr. and Mrs. Win. Gleiss (May
      RICE), Sparta, a daughter, Elizabeth
      Ann. November 20.
1914 To Mr. and Mrs. Alfred HAAKE
1918  (Helen RICE), 82 Hancock Ave., E.,
      Detroit, Mich., a son, David Gilman,
      November 17.
1914 To Mr. and Mrs. Archibald TAYLOR
1914 (Janet VIINJE), 2120 Berkeley Ave.,
      St. Paul, Minn., a son, John Vinje,
      January 7.
1915 To Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred WILLIAMS
1920  (Lethe GRovER), 4323 First Ave., S.,
      Minneapolis, Minn., a son, Wilfred
      Hamilton Jr., December 20.
1917 To Mr. and Mrs. Milton FINDORFF,
      124 W. Gilman St., Madison, a
      daughter, Margaret Arlene, January
1917 To Mr. and Mrs. Elmer WATSON, Rio
      de Janeiro, Brazil, S. A., a son,
      November 17.
1918 To Mr. and Mrs. W. C. BABCOCK Jr.,
      Rensselaer, Ind., a son, William III,
      June 25.
1920 To Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Wheelock
      -(Marian -KiM-BAL-L), 505 E-.--California7
      St., Urbana, Ill., a daughter, Carolyn,
      December 8.
1922 To Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McCoY,
      Sparta, a son, Clark Burney, Novem-
      ber 13.
1922 To Mr. and Mrs. Lambert HANSEN
1922  (Agnes PELZER), Sparta, a     son,
      Charles William, November 30.
1923 To Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Roehm (Jean
      MAYOR), 24 E. Norman Ave., Dayton,
      0., a son, James Davis, December 31,
  WILLIAM H. HOLT, ex '53, who for some
years held the distinction of being the sole
survivor of the first University class organ-
ized in 1849, passed away at the home of his
daughter in Madison on December 18, at the
age of ninety-one.
  MICHAEL S. FRAWLEY, '73, prominent
Wisconsin educator, passed away at Eau
Claire on December 14, death being occa-
sioned by complications following an accident.
  After graduation from  the University'
he was principal of the Dodgeville high
school. Next he was elected superintendent
of schools for Dane County and held that
position until about 1880, when he was
appointed principal of the Eau Claire high
school. He served in this capacity for thirty-
three years, retiring in 1913.
  Mr. Frawley received his masters' degree
fhom Wisconsin in 1887. He is survived by
his wife, Mrs. Katherine Coyne Frawley,
one daughter and three sons.
  CHARLES N. BROWN, '81, well-known
Madison attorney and court commissioner,
died suddenly at his home, 41 Roby Rd.,
on December 31. Although he had been
suffering from heart trouble for several
months he refused to leave his work and just
before lis death had taken a trip to New
York City where he visited his son, Prof.
Irving Brown, of Columbia University.
  Mr. Brown was an indefatigable worker,
not only in his own business, but in business,
social and civic organizations formed for the
advancement of Madison as a municipality.
He was a member of the Blackhawk Country
Club, a curator and chairman of the finance
committee of the Wisconsin State Historical
Society, director and treasurer of the L. L.
Olds Seed Co., vice-president, director, and
attorney of Commercial National Bank, di-

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