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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 3 (Jan. 1926)

Van Hagan, L. F.
Comments upon membership,   p. [63]

Page [63]

                  "A th:)asan I ahmn! united on important university
iea-:a woiali be unierestimate] at a million dollars a year."
Vol. XXVII                                    Madison, Wis., January, 1926
                                 Number 3
Coma ti yiyoupy, youp
y ya, youpy ya."      By L. F. VAN HAGAN,,'o4.
"Coma.ti yi yOupy, youpy ya.."
    N the days before the automobile, two hiking enthusiasts    he w
      were crossing a desolate bit of country where the towns   versi
   were far apart. The close of day found them hungry and       mem
- -weary-and--longing- for-the-comforts-of a-bath-and-dfood, but.........
a- kin
   with no town in sight. Finally they passed a native and asked show
   the distance to the next town.                                 WI
     "Ten miles," was the reply.                              
 is mi
     They sighed, thanked him, and pressed on for another hour. those
   Then they met another native and again asked how far it was
   to town.
     "Ten miles," he said.  "                            
     They-sighed once more and trudged on for another hour.,
   Once more they met a passerby and'asked, "How far to X?"
     "Ten miles,'" the native answered.
     "Thank God, we're holding our own!" murmured pilgrim
   A to-pilgrim B.r
     The membership committee of the Alumni Association feels'
   very much in the frame of mind of the hikers. We have been
   wo'rking toward the goal of a TEN THOUSAND membership
   for several years.. Each year, in addition to adding new merm-
   bers from' previous classes, we have made every effort to bring
   the new graduates into the organization and since I92I we
   have'succeeded in having, each Ă½senior class join'the association
   as a class. Because the graduating classes are so large. we
   have felt sure each June that we were going over the mark,  .
   and after each campaign our secretary has been forced to
   flatten -our.elationwith the - sad news that we had not yet ,
   reached it. Investigation has revealed the cause: We have   '
   been adding large numbers of new members, but some old,
   members neglect to pay their dues.' Of course, it isn't good.
   psychology to admit anything as damaging as that; but there.''
   it is.
     Do we lose members? There are. not many, of course, who
   withdraw of malice aforethought. Occasionally, some one does
   write in to say that, because of some heinous offense of com-
   mission or omission, he or sihe withdraws from. the asssociatio  . 01
  and. a
   -and kindly hopes that -we choke to death; but they are not utmo,
   many. The big'loss cormes from the fairly constant proportion  versit
   of members who forget to pay their dues promptly. Such mem- 'past 3
   bers enjoy the privileges, of membership, but .they don't help  one.
   to carry the common burdens; they are not active and effec- and 'd
   tive members, and we cannot count them as such.             want.
   It is a delicate operation to remove an appendix without      Thc
   also removing the patient. It is just as delicate an operation  rigid
   to remove delinquent dues without also removing a member,   paymE
   If we apply'commercial methods in our organization and drop adopti
   a member and discontinue his privileges immediately upon    comin
   the expiration of his dues, we create resentment. Of course, We ar
   we know that a member would have no just ground for resent- 'are al
   ment in such a case, but we also know from .experience that co-ove
ould feel, resentful, and that the Association and the Uni-
tv would probably lose a good friend. If we carry a
ber along, he will ultimately send us a check, usually with
dly'letterof-appreciation fo--r-the- eniency t  hat'ha. been
i him.
hen a check for delinquent 'dues finally blows in there
ich rejoicing, but, oh, boy, how we would like to have
dues when'they are due!
e, officers of your.Alumni.Association,'under the inspiring leadership. of QGorge Hight, i , ar tryinqg 'their
;t to make the Association an effective asset:to the Uni-
y. The Association has been very active. during the
rear and has .planned to make the present year 'a busy
The members of the Association have demanded action,
he management is doing its best to give them.what; they
  But we-can't have action without money..
  membership committee senses the coming of a more
policy on the part of the management in regard to the
ent of dues. The committee is anixious to anticipate the
ion of such a policy by riding herd in advance of the
g of. the storm and getting the strays into the corral.
*e going after the graduating classes, of course; but, we
;o going to hold our old membership. We bespeak your
"Coma tiyi youpy, yoUpy va, youpy ya,
Coma ti yi youpy, youpy ya."

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