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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 10 (Aug. 1926)

Hobbs, M. K.
Introducing - Bart E. McCormick,   p. [317]

Page [317]

Vol. XXVII                             Madison, Wis., August, 1926      
                  Number 10
Introducing                     Bart E. McCormick
     New Secretary of the Wisconsin Alumni Association
                      By M. K. HOBBS, '20, Acting Secretary
         ART EMcCOR  TCY,,BA._ 'o4ý,has-lbee-n-elec-te&
     General Secretary of the Wisconsin Alumni Asso-
 ciation and Editor of The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine
 by the Board of Directors of the Association. He suc-
 ceeds Robert S. Crawford, who resigned from the posi-
 tion on June I, 1926, after serving for ten and a half
   Mr. McCormick is a native of Wisconsin.and was edu-
 cated in its schools. After graduation from the Water-
 loo High School in 1899, he taught in the rural schools of
 the state. His university education was completed at
 Wisconsin in 19o4. For three years after graduation
 from the University, Mr. McCormick was editor and
 publisher of The" Brodhead Independent, a Wisconsin
 Chooses Field of Education- Builds
     Nationally Recognized School
  H e th.en entered the field of education, teaching
science and coaching athletics in the Waukesha High
School in 1907-o8, serving as principal of the Wa-
tertown High School from 19o8 to i9io, and as prin-
cipal of the Central High School in La Crosse from
i9io-i9i6. Since 1916 Mr. McCormick has been city
superintendent of schools in La Crosse. Under his ad-
ministration as superintendent, La Crosse has profited
by the most extensive city school building program in
the state. Fifty per cent of its school buildings are new
since i92o and the city's school system is rated as one
of the best in the country. Indeed, Mr. McCormick's
ability has been recognized throughout the state and
nation, for he has served as chairman of the "99" Club,
an organization composed of two city superintendents
from each state, a part of the National Education Asso-
ciation; and has been president of the Western Wiscon-
sin Teachers' Association and of the Wisconsin State
Teachers' Association.
  La Crosse has been the home of Mr. McCormick since
19io, and he has left the stamp of his influence on his
......;-byt.h sho    ol e sysemheas-b.u:, up and-by-
his understanding guidance of the youth under his
charge. And La Crosse loves him. The city folks call
him Bart; his students and graduates appropriately
name him" Measure Up Mac."
     Director of Alumni Association,
         Member Board of Visitors
  Mr. McCormick has always been a loyal and active
alumnus of Wisconsin. He has served on the Board of
Directors of the Alumni Association and at present is an
alumni appointee on the Board of Visitors of the Uni-
versity of which body he has been secretary for two
years. As chairman of the Committee on a Study of the
School of Education of the University, he prepared the
report of this committee and of the Board of Visitors to
the Board of Regents. He was likewise chairman of a
committee of the Board of Visitors that presented an
extensive report to the Regents on Advisory Systems
and Student Accounting.
       District Governor of Rotary
  Mr. McCormick has just completed a year as district
governor of the thirteenth district of Rotary Inter-
New Secretary Well Fitted for His Task
  It is because we feel certain that the Board of Direc-
tors has acted with a Solomon-like wisdom in its choice
of a new General Secretary of the Alumni Association
that we prophesy for the Association a renewed strength,
virility, and growth, both in, numbers and in usefulness.
Mr. McCormick is fitted in ability and experience for
his new task. His intimate knowledge of the problems
and aims of the University will enable him to direct the
Alumni *in paths-of usefulness and help in -the develop-
ment of that -University.          -
  We're for you"Mac"! Well measureup too-
and.. ... ent....... ting..

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