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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

UW clubs,   pp. 260-263

Haight, George
President's page,   p. 263

Page 263

of March, and thanked the members for their support
of the University and its needs.
  Charles McKivitt,, '24, in charge of arrangements
for the entertainment of the Haresfoot Club during its
appearance here, asked the support of every member of
the club in securing rooms for the boys, who are to be
housed in local homes.-4-7-2s5.
             ST. CROIX VALLEY-
             INEZ UPGREN KNAPP, '18.
  The St. Croix Valley U. W. Club held its annual
meeting and banquet March 19. The following officers
were elected for the coming year: Otto Eggebrecht,
px-,resident, Laura- Weld, 'v9ice-president;
Arthur Benson, '23, secretary-treasurer.
  Judge Oscar Hallam, '87, of St. Paul, was the prin-
cipal speaker for the occasion, and he delivered a very
interesting talk reminiscent of the old days at Wis-
consin. He also dealt with the present needs of the
University and the lack of funds with which to keep
pace with our neighboring state universities. Edwin
Baer, 'I9, Allan Briggs, 'I6, and Matthew Quinn,
'24, responded to toasts. Prof. R. A. Karges, 'o6, acted
as toastmaster.
  Among the out of town guests were Mr. Pitts, Miss
Ingli, Miss Hallsor, Miss Bottensek, Mr. Seyforth,
and Mr. Quinn, of Ellsworth; and Mr. Baer and Mr.
Briggs, of St. Paul.-3-26-25.
             VANGEL RUSSELL, ex '22
  The Wausau U. W. Club gathered at the Wausau
Club March 28 and listened to an explanation of con-
ditions now prevailing at the University, given by
Theodore Kronshage, '9I, and George Haight, '99.
George Ruder, '16, presided; following the program, the
club elected Judge George Leight, 'ii, president,- and
Vangel Russell, ex '22, secretary, for the coming year.
  The club unanimously adopted the following resolu-
  WHEREAS, the development and growth of the
University of Wisconsin once nationally famous, has
not only been brought to a standstill,' but that drastic
curtailments in service and activities are faced due to an
unwillingness of Wisconsin legislatures to finance our
state University and Alma Mater on the plane that other
state universities are being financed; and
  WHEREAS, suck failure of successive Wisconsin
legislatures has left the University of Wisconsin without
any new appropriations for educational buildings for
morethan-7           s not only curtailing the services
of the University to the state but depriving the daughters
and sons of Wisconsin of the ideal educational advantages
long maintained by out state; and
* WHEREAS, such failure on the part of our successive
legislatures has deprived the University of Wisconsin of
its position int the foremost ranks of American uni-
versities, has seriously interfered with the securing of
efflcient faculty members and administrative officer,, and
  WHEREAS,-the outlook for the future life-and service
of our state University and Alma Mater is very critical;
therefore be it
  RESOLVED, by the Wausau Club of the University
of Wisconsin Alumni and friends in annual gathering
assembled, that they go on record as emphatically ap-
proving in all respects the request of the Board of Regents
for the necessary funds for the operation, maintenance
and construction of necessary buildings, and that this
association respectfully  petitions  our  representatives
in the senate and assembly to support legislation that will
provide adequate appropriations for the purpose enumer-
ated and that a copy of these resolutions be sent to our
representatives at Maison, with the request that they
act accordingly.-4-2-25. -
C-UIt )   bAlk to iVlaclison! %_ome DiCK ana near ivienaora crooning ner
       songs! Listen to her whisperings of stories of the days that were
       some familiar, some almost forgotten.
   Come and look across to Maple Bluff, to Picnic Point, and to the shore
How your memory will fill that watery stretch with pictures--pictures of
winged ships, of hurrying launches, of shells with their straining eights,
of re-
flected banks, of deep-buried clouds, of the evening sun's farewell, and
when night falls of a canoe lazily floating in the moonlight.
   Come back and hear the lulling trees on Muir Knoll, along the campus walks,
 and beside Lovers' Lane. Hear them repeating now the catechism that you
 learned from them. Let them wave their friendly greetings, as once they
 and confidently waved their farewells. Come back! The lanes and drives await
you. The hills and valleys are unchanged. They will know your tread.
   Come back and stroll up the sloping campus-step into the class-rooms that
 once you knew. How unchanged some of them are. Will it not give you joy
 grasp the hand of some professor, many that you knew are still there. Their
 of service variously range back over fifty years. See your old friends and
 mates. Meet new ones-some of them older, some younger than you.
   Attend the many functions-the picnics, the banquets, and the ceremo-
 nies of commencement time! Come! Be entertained, rejuvenated, and inspired!
 Renew your loyalty. Let buildings, trees, hills, ivy-clad walls, and the
 that once knew you rehearse once more events that have been wove'n into
 strong warp of your life's fabric. Come back to Madison in June! Come where
 realities may cordially meet the dreams that were!

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