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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 1 (Nov. 1924)

UW clubs,   pp. 13-16

Page 15

  Interest in the first meeting centered in
the Wisconsin-Michigan game on October
25, and the possibility of securing tickets for
it. Hope was frequently expressed that the
Athletic Department would be generous to
us on this occasion.
  Plans by the Wisconsin Men's Club for
a dinner and rally the night before the
game were enthusiastically reported.-10-
  Greetingi from the Wisconsin club of
Knoxville! Our first meeting of the -year
is to be in the nature of a Hallowe'en party
some time the latter part of the month.
We have several new members to join our
club this year, and all are looking ,forward
to some pleasant social times. -10-9-24.
  The Minneapolis Alumnae Association
of the University of V' isconsin began an-
other year of activity on October 11 with
a luncheon and bridge party at the Hotel
Leamington. Ariel McNaughton Dingwall,
of the Minneapolis School of Music. Ora-
tory, and Dramatic Art spoke on "The
Old Drama and the New."
   Regular meetings of the Association will
be held on the second Saturday of each
month. A "live wire" entert, inmert com-
mittee under the chairmanship of Florence
Bashford Spensley,. ex '97,' is planning .a
series of delightfully interesting meetings.
   Nut nly avre all alumnae in the Twin
 Cities and in nearby, points urged to
 attend the meetings, but all visiting
 alumnae are requested to make their
 presence known to some one of our officers
-in order that they may be informed of the
meetings that may be held during their
stay in our vicinity.
*  Several from our group of alumnae and
alumni attended the Minnesota-Wisconsin
game at Madison October 18. -10-9-24.
         W. R. MALECKAR; '20
   The alumni of Minneapolis held -their
 first meeting of the year on Friday. Septem-
 ber 12, at the Minneapolis Athletic Club,
 where approximately thirty members at-
 tended and heard an interesting talk by Al
 Buser. '12, athletic director of Hamline
 University.          -
   Everyone present was very much in-
 terested in the improvement in the ath-
 letic situation, and the alumni of Minne-
 apolis were very much in favor of having
 Wisconsin obtain the athletic crown of the
 Western Conference. They were all unan-
 imously in favor of having a freshman
 crew go to Poughkeepsie.
The following officers were elected for
the coming year: Robert Purchase, '14,
president, Henry Kedney, '14, vice presi-
dent, and H. 0. Frohbach, '21, secretary.
               ST. LOUIS
           PAUL EBBS, ex '19
   Our     &_WfW._C-Jh1     two or three
 parties in mind for this fall. We now have
 about two hundred names on the list, and
 we can always turn out seventy-five or
 eighty people for any kind of a party.
Our first affair will probably be a dinner
dance such as we had last spring. We
have a lot of good heads in our association,.
and I know that we, are going to have
some rather unusual affairs this winter.
   If you know of anyone of the faculty
 who is coming-to St, Louis this winter,
. please let me know two or three weeks in
advance, and we shall arrange a meeting.
Last winter at least two of the faculty were
here and we did not know about their
visits until they had gone.
   I am going to send a letter regularly for
 publication" in the ALUMNI MAGAZINE.-
             SIOUX CITY
          HELEN STILWiLL, '23
   On Tuesday evening, Sept. 9, the Sioux
 City U. WN. Alumni Association held their
 annual picnic at the Kiwanis Cabin at
 Stone Park. We had orginally planned it
 for the Saturday preceding, but a threaten-
 ing storm necessitated a hurried change in
 plans. The members of the cIUb met at
 the Elks Club and drove in cars to Stone
 Park, where a program of stunts, arranged
 by the committee in charge, took 'place
 before the dinner hour.,
   And such fun and hilarity as we had
 doing all of the- stunts arranged for!
 "Mother" Taylor,.'85, proved swiftest and
 surest in carrying peas on a' knife, and
 Mrs. Eldridge's experience as a housewife
 proved in good stead and she easily carried
 off honors in the clothes pin race. Match-
 ing numbers served to get everyone thor-
 oughly "mixed" up. Richard Zwemer won
 the potato salad eating contest, and Mary
 Bailey, '23, the newspaper race. For all
 of these contests appropriate prizes were
   After the stunts were over dinner was
 served, all the members being seated at
 one long table. Of course "Varsity" pre-
 ceded the meal, and during its progress
 we had "On Wisconsin" and a variety of
 others to the accompaniment of a toy horn
 Mr. Bonesteel, '23, had won in a contest to
 determine "our perfect athlete."
   After dinner was over we played other
 games until a sudden shower forced us to
 make a hurried return to town. It was a
 picnic full of good fellowship and Wisconsin

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