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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

Goedgen, A. J.
An "unusual" bird,   pp. 236-241

Page 239

SEVENTEEN WRITE!                                23
-pleted its plans and would announce
dletails directly to members-'ofthe class
in a letter to be sent out about the first
of, May. -,So don't buy your reunion
hosiery and necktie until you- hear
from, her!
   A last call for addresses. -If the re-
ion manager for your district has
t yet :got in touch with you, it may
because Fort Sheridan or Camp
Ils is listed as your post office. ' In
at case, let Harry Bullis, 88 Spruce
ace, Minneapolis, know where you
ý now receivingn m-ail.. Your "dis-
ct" may be making some special
ins. in Iwhich you should b..included.
nna HiEiss..Jenrnngs lives. at 311 W.
mie St..iwood, Mih.-L. F. RICH-
iF is a fellow in pediatrics at Minnesota
dlical Scho'ol;'--Att'y H. M. LANGERIImay
addressed at 97 Wisconsin St.1Milwau-
   vA i WHITE teaches at PlteIll
te- N-rml.-Aberf H0GDSONls
phi, Inld.ý-T. A. CARLSON-is an ena-. -the. Forest Products Laboratory,
dison.-Florence RENIC, Chemist, may
addressed at.267 W. 15th St., Chicago
resides at Birnamwood.-,R. C.- JOHNSON IS.
an engineer at 113. Farwell Ave., Mil-
waukee.-F. R. FISCHER'S address is Paul-
sen Bldg.,, Spokane, Wash.-G. M. -FuL.-
LER is associate professor, of. economics at
Iowa State College.-F. E. KEATING may
-be reached at U. S. FieldSta., Big Springs,
Tex. -ýG. A. GARRIGAN is a law student at
the University.-Rolf GRiEM is a member
of the staff of Price Waterhouse '& Co.,
Pittsburgh, Pa.-C. E. CRAME, 4832
.Dorc~heste~r-"hAv:_..flhiriua. .:Ill_ hi  -a:"
sition booking-concert artists.-Dr. C. T.
STEPHAN is with the Hospital Survey for
American College of Surgeons. Chicago,
'lW--m-A., G. TILLMAN may be- addressed at
414-A -Park PI., Milwaukee.-Glen.TAY-
LOR may be reached at 2632 Robert St.,
New    Orleans, La.-Kenneth KELLEY is
with" the U. S. Geological Survey, 328
Custom    House, San' -Francisco' Cal.-
Hazel KETCHAM who is on a year's leave
of absence from the Arsenal Technical -H.
S., Indianapolis, is studying in the geogra"
pýhy department at Chicago U.-Floyd
HESTER, Y. M. C. A. secretary, writes:
"I have been in Y. M. C. A., work for the
last two and one-half years (one year in the
International Y. Hut, Vladivostock, Si-
beria, and one year and six 'months -in
City.Russian 'Y' work, Harbin, Manchuria,--
China). "Just- now I- have left Harbin on
"my way back to America- but got as far as.
Peking and found there is a great need for
helpers with. the Shantung Famine Relief
Society in the 'flooded distrit in the Shan-
tunge Province, and have stopped for a
short time to help before going on to
America. I shall return home via. Suez
Canal or through Russia, reaching America
in the spring or early simmer. I was glad
-to meet Jack Childs. 11 in China. He is
   We need a- song for Reunion!
   We wanted-a song for the reunion
and we are still waiting. Come-on
'l7ers, we need -a song for June, a
good, rollicking verse and. a merry,
singable tune-
  Those. who braved the contest and
sent in contributions seemed to feel
it was easier to set the verses to a
tune, so they sent in the two, to-
gether. This, together with the fact
that there was so little time left
between the first call and the "final
date.-April 1-influenced the com-
mittee to change the former plan.
         The New Plan
  Send in your song complete with
words and music!  .ll judges,- rules,
and: regulations remain as- before.
Contest closesý June- 1.
   Wneed :Rca son! lacrs -ct bsy
rhink of all the pleasant -memories'
thatare calling you back in June!?
Think of the beauties and friendshipS§
of you'r Alma. Mater, and the s~irit of
old.'tines.: Then. let these th~oughts
sing themselves into a little melody-
and write it down. Think how happy
ytou would be~tohear your song sumg
by 'all of your -class ~when- yrn'corne
back.- Ad the prizeill be yours! I
  Send in. all cntributions-to Made-
on Willm~an', School -of ,Mustic, 'U.
W.-'before June'-L'-
'Good luck to you!I
doing fine work among the students."-
Hazel, MARTIN Tillett resides at 705 N.
Tryou Sf4'Charlotte, N. C-Esther JXCOB-
SEN teaches in the Madison H. S.-Arthur
a      R is principal of the .Hrtford H.
            SHART Foster may be reached
       at   549, 'Saniford;' F1a.-4ta4aft 'FAY
resides at 627 1Mendota Ct., M  aon'.
J. A. MAcu-us'iS in the A gronomoy eart-,
nefirt at"State College, -Brookin7~gý ýS. D.
EarI:sl     p e-.Doo r intndotf oShoolsor
at Jefersn.--Warrn    OASEY - reSt r at
40-7 N.: B..rSt-. -RMadi        _'.iudn
Gu     E ne6so ma he reoarhed-Af th. R oose-
velt Hospital, N. sY. C.Captain -Aubrey-
.and~is with the Corps of Engineers, War
Dept., Washington, D) 7C. care Adjutant
Geneftl.-Wilda _SlwymiR is' a, social wo~rker
with the A. R. C., 823 E. 61st St., Chicago,
Ill.----Nelfie WARNERn is a model teacher
in the. Door-Kewaonee Training School for
Teachers.-Ivan Sttthew, agent for the
C. M.* & St. P. ,Ry. , resides at Lyndon
Station.-Allene WILSON Groves resides at
338 Broadway, Cape Giradeau, Mo.7-Dr.
Edward ZELLmER, instructor in bacteriology
and pathology at the University,- will open
an office at Antigo at the close of the school

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