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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

Class news,   pp. 230-236

Page 232

be held for the election of-officers and
the appointment of a committee to
have charge of the fortieth' reunion.
The time from 3:30 until 5:00 p. in.will
be devoted to an informal visit among
ourselves and with our friends from the
classes immediately before and imme-
diately following our own who may be
present in Madison on that day and
who will be cordially invited to meet
with us, during the 'hours LAST
'STATED,'"at Mrs. Carpenter's home for
the renewal.of old-time acquaintance-
ship. If the afternoonis favorable this
portion of the reunion program will
take place upon the. beautifl lawn of
Mrs. Carpenter's, home looking out
over Lake- Mendota - and -will close
prompitly at five o'clock. e
  Miss Mary Hill, a82 and Mrs. Mae
Johnfson I   nEvans,"'87 will be at home to
the members of the classes of '82 and
'87'at'the Kappa Kappa Gamma House,
not far from Mrs Carpeinier'st home,
on that afternoon from' 4:00 to 6en00
'O'clock and it is believed that many of
thewmembers of '87 will desire to avail
thenmseves, of the hospitality of Miss
Hrill, and Airs. Evans.
  After'' eareful consideration of the
matter-the 'Reunion 'Committee deter-
mined that,. AS AT PRESENT AD-
VISED, it is not best to arrange for any
program of entertainment extending
beyond the afternoon hours just men-
tioned. However, if there seems to be
ta somewhat general feeling among
those who are planning to attend the
reunion- that . further. entertainment,
features for the evening 'should also be
      is~ ~ ~      ~-e thuh  ut ieyta  onsier-yth
arranged, that can still'edn byth
Committeea .A number of the mem-
betrof "87 will o e icn attendance atthe
reunion with younger members of
theirCfamilies and, will no doubt wish
to attend, with the ysounger element,
the class play which-takes place that
evening. Still others of our memnbers
will. 'no doubt wish to have the evening
available for individual social engage-
ments of one sort or another. Further-
more, it should be borne in mind that
we hope t -hat every member of the
class who is present Monday at the re-
union and can possibly do so, will plan
to remain for the alumni dinner which
takes place on Tuesday evening. Of
cours~eour class will be seated at one
table that evening which will give us
another fine opportunity for conversa-
tion and such degree of gayety as prop-
erly pertains to a thirty-fifth reunion.
So far as Monday evening is concerned it
is thought quite likely that 'a consider-
able number of our members might ar-
range in a quite informal manner to
meet at some convenient place to
spend that evening together. The
Committee invites and will be pleased
to receive-the suggestions of members
who- are planning to attend the reunion
as to whether or not any definite enter-
tainment features shall be formally
planned for Monday evening, June 12
-such as an auto drive with picnic sup-
per at some convenient spot, or a boat
ride upon one of the lakes, or a dinner.
at some-convenient place in 'the'city.
   Up to the- present time responses
 have been received indicating the inten-
 tion, or' the hope to be present a~t the
 reunion on the part fabout fifty per-
 sons including a sm all~group_ of wives,
 'husb'ands ,and"'children of class' mem-
 bers'.' 'The ' Committee beli~eve'sjt'itnot
 unlikely that.the gathering at the
 lunche-on'on June' 1l2th 'wilt,' comiprise
 perhaps as many'assixty peopl'e, which
 alone wonld' maske our, thirty-fifth xe-
 unio~n a  oteworthy 'ocasio:n of its
 kind. ",   r evesy   B    '
 a1 trougst ,* '2, evr former inember"of
 the classgwho has not already favored
 me with a response to -myerli' Sr'omn-
 munications wasill repiye to thi pronevery
 prof iptly-and, DON'T FAIL TO RE
 ps       T. A. POLLEYS.J Chairman.
    Room 50,22,6 W. Jackson Blvd.,
                          Chicago, -I111.
  Judge Oscar HALLuAm  resides at 713
Portland Ave., St. Paul, Minn.
  Sec'y-Dr. P.AH. MGOVERN, Milwaukee
           1201 Majestic Bldg.
  Carl Rogers, '25, son of W. A. ROGERS,
president Bates & Rogers Coastruction
Co., Chicago, Ill., has been chosen by the
executive council of the Student Y. M., C..
A., of America asbone of the two men stu-
dents of the U. S. to be representatives at
the rconference of the World's Student
Christian Federation to be held in Peking,
China, in the spring. W. A. Rogers was
president of the Y. M. C. i A. in 1886, at
which time' he was active in the procuring
of the first. property and the erection of, the
,present building.-" County Judge Charles
L. FIFIELD, poet, historian, lawyer, laureate
of the Rotary club, is one of the best known
officials and citizens of southern- Wiscon-
sin, where he has lived ever since he was
born," is the legend which appears under
the picture of Judge Fifield in the Janes-
yille Daily Gazette for March 25-26.
   Sec'y-ERN EST WARNER, Madison,
            109 W. Main St.
  L. M. HANKS is a director of the Ne-.
koosa-Edwards Paper Co., representing
the Vilas interests.-In filling the vacancy
on the Supreme bench, occasioned by the
death of Justice R. G. Siebecker, '78,
Governor Blaine paid the former revisor of
statutes the following tribute: "In ap-
pointing Charles H. CROWNHART I have
had in mind his experience in the industrial

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