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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

Cleveland, S. M.
Episcopal Church at UW,   pp. 222-223

Tomlinson, C. W.
American Association of Petroleum Geologists,   p. 223

Baker, L. S.
With the Memorial Union,   p. 223

Page 223

  - 16. Q. Number of -calls and conferences
  'held during.the year? A. About- 15 a week.
  .17. Q. Do-esthis organization maintain
  a loan fund -or scholarship?- A. One:
  Temporarily, religious services are. held -
  in Grace Church, 'the authorities, of which
  have kindly 6pened its doors to help meet
-this-part of the problem. There the Stu-
:--dent Chaplain holds' a corporate - Comi-
-mniuu  -su viee-f01 ddeits-nb e  naonth. -
   The club house is in charge of a matron.
 On the second floor the Student Chaplain
-has his offie-e and library, an d -the. office of
his secretary. -Another room is used. for
the chapel, where services are held on feast
days and spe.ialoccasionis. Reading and-
smokig rooms are, open- at all hours of
the day to students-. On Friday evenings
every two weeks,;a- d ance is-- held,- -and
supper is served at. cost each Sunday
evening, .whn the dining srooms of most
fraternity -and boairding houses -are closed.
   For thie .present, the work in Madison
 will be largely .on'e of organization. For.
 this the Church ;has provided-the machliaery;
 the.rank a   ile 6f the Church m'iust supply
 the n'eas for cnarrying on this- great worek.
 Ifthfh is: done,. three -things- will. happen.:
 Our y Ioung people at MAadison will be saved
to -the Church; second, some of our bright-
est young-men will beled into the Christian
Ministry; third, leadership of a fine quality
will be dfeveloped for the Church.
       ByY-C. W. TOMLINSON, '13.
   TheUniversity of Wisconsin was repr-
-se"                    _t-au Iumiý-and-fr   e
faculty members an Students at the annual,
convention of Ahe American Assnn of
Petroleum Geolo0ists held in Oklahonia
City March .9, Pi
rangements ably
who was a grladu,
we had a WisIconsi
March 9. At the I
following evening
women occupied t
vertised by a big
head, by cardinal
cheers and songs; i-
for the numerous
sented.- Only twc
sities of Oklahoma
contingents than 'V
Wisconsin- banterec
old-fashioned way,
first word and-the
       Bý L. S. BAKE:R,'22  -
      "YVERY month- sees new milestones passed in the work'of the
            Memoria Union campaign.
-             Dean Goodnight '05, _and Professor Gardner, back 'from a
             tour of cities extending from Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls
      throughAshland, Superior, and Duluth, up to IHibbing and Virginia
      on the range, report a totalfrom these towns, with Detroit, of over
      $17,000, with more tofollow.
      Better -even than the pledges was the loyalty and interest the
      camipaig~n has called out. Not only did a, hearty response come fromn
      the leaders~ lik "Pete" (P. J.) Murphy. '11i ahid "Fink"
(A. G)!
      Findlay, '07, -of Chippewa, Baile  Ramsdell, '12, of Eau  ~aire,ý
      -Charley", (C. H-I.) Scheuer, '08, and "Al" (A. S.)'
Diehl -!07, of Hib-
      b ,ing, "Lew" (L_.G.) Castle, '13, of, Dul -uth, "Chief"~
(Godfrey) John-
      Son* '14, and -'Jack"(JP.- .O'Connor, '1, of .Spei adiCarl Rud
      but alumni and former students of all years rallied to the support
of o
      Of the forty ped.. s   from Hibbing came from school teachers. -Jo
      took out life memberships for- his wholefafmily, including his sixteen-in
      stunt. long out of touch with the-University declared, T -i
      hsdone. - 'nrl in on it--and -my interest in the old school ha revive
            Men hosbusmssehad oe"into the red" last yerigned~up,d-E
' pass the appeal of Almha Mater; an alumnus, within one ýyear of
his f if
      a family of Wisconsi graduates scattered fromn Boston to Alaska, r
      less than a life temn~rhp. Wisconsin. has reason to be proud of he
         An 'hicaowi tilyuhear about Chicago's play, to-he gOvea
     history of the University and pointing out how all the past years po
     the Memorial Union. Chicago .men and women are getting ready to
       It's cdming your way!.
. ,<223

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