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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

Book notes,   pp. 220-221

Swaty, D. Y.
Western Conference Alumni Association of Cleveland,   p. 221

Page 221

finally. starts for Jerusalem. Archas; con-
tinued quarrels among the leaders; the
trial of the the Lance; another view of the
revelation and trial of the Lance. Chapter
VII. Capture of Jerusalem: March to Jeru-
salem; the 'siege; final assault an4 capture;
arrangements for holding Jerusalem; battle
of Ascalon' ýBohemund 'and -Badwin fulfill
their vow; official summary of the Crusade.
  Papers on Bacteriology and Allied Sub-
jects, ;the secon  numDer 01 IuMe LUnIYCIztuy
of Wisconsin Studies, science . series, is
"dedicated to Bacteriologist Dean Harry
Lunan -Russell by his former students on
the twenty-fifth annvereary-of his doctor-
ate," 'The Foreword explains the tardy
appearance of the volume: "In June 1917
the twenty-f.fth anniversary of Dean H. L.
Russels doctorate was celebrated by a
complimentary breakfast. As apart-of the
exercises, it was announced .-that- a quarter
century volume by, certain of his students
would be published in his honor. Most of
the man uscripts were received June I, 1918,
but- war-time conditions have. delayed the
completion of the task until now. It is
hoped, however, that the unavoidable delay
will not lessen the pleasure which the vol-
ine- will bring to either the teacher or his
students'. " Dean Russell graduated, from
the-'Univelsity with the class of 1888.
   The Contents tell the scope of the work
 and -list the contributors: A review of the,
 . scientific ;work of Harry: Luman Russell
 together with a'list of his'books and scien-
 tific apers, by E. G. Hastings, '99; the
 development of -city milk supply problems,
 by- H. A. Harding, '96; 'the resistance of
 mold spores to the action- of sunlight, by 'Weinzirl, '96; the ,influence of the
 P' faoI nutrition upon the- percentag  of
 fJat,ýeby C. H. Eckles grad, '96-'97; char-
 acteristiqý and distribution 'of the Coloii-'
 , Aeroenes Group, by :L. A. Rogers, grad,
 '97-'.98; the identity 'of American and
 ~French sporotrichosis- by D. J. Davis, '98;
 'the.'sgioiifcance of 1yeasts and oidia in pas-,
 "teuilized butter, by IV:W. Bouska -and J.-- C.
 Brown, gr'01 01202 the, ation of certain
 'barctea o  the' nitrogenous, matefral 0o
sewage, by E. G. Birge, '03; the detection
ofpa-steurized milk, by W. D. Frost, Ph.D.
'03; the investigation o.fdrinking water sup-
plies, by H._ A. Whitaker, '03; the milk sup-
ply of tChicago, by A. L. Amott, '08;-the
bacteriology of ice cream. bv B. W. Ham-
mer, '08.    -
nY L1. 1'. OWA-X, .7
  Thought you might be interested in
hearing that the Western     Conference
Alumni Association of Cleveland is still
doing business and meeting with consider-
able success. Weekly luncheons are held
at which some form of entertainment is
'provided. Last., evening the Assodiati6n
held a radio smoker Which, in spite. of the
heavy downpour, drew over, three hundred
and fifty. A record of attendance at the
luncheon is kept, and a dope sheet pre-
pared showing the standing of the ý -units
of the Association. The"present standing
after 12 weeks is as follows:.-
                 Standing    Attendance
Purdue ..........:...,....  1.211 64
Michigan-.......    98.......98 266
Ohio State:. ,......... .974'   189
Minnesota .......   .961     .
W isconsini[;:.:_: ..... _(. 518;1:
Illinois.....      .900          70
Indiana................. .885  " 7
Iowa...................... . 877  32
: Chicago ................ .703 - 46
,N'orthwestern ...... ....    --5' 2
            --: - ;'-  "z+  '  + -4-3' - " ' 2"2: .
BUILDING ,S     ""_.     ..   ..  ".
    " " -PAVING.  "
rlaukeee. Wis.,
K,405 radwa              -Mil'
" -7.''-ca         -~      '
p .
                  -The   ifi      n   Ie                      I.
        3-June 26 to A'uguat"'4 (Liaw Scho6606ns to August 25)-
                 toý.II                  *xc.z ... a           ) -'
               .... F..<$Zm1orAAoursft       La     3
   -ses in -all Co-eges leading" o the      or ad Hh         -r    
 provi ij~opi~ortunity f orprofessioiiQl a&vneet
 For: .- ve--ty, -College land Norma ,'School 1is; .ctors- High School Teachers,
 Sup*i-, or s. _Principals, Superintendents,. mn and.wome  m. -.Professional
 Colege C,&adiiates, and Undergraduates. High. School Graduates. Special
work this
 year for -Grade School Teachers and Supervisorst and for Tea~chers of Commercial-
                         Forifurther inforation address
                    DIRECTOR, SUMM~ER SESSION,
                              Madison, Wis.
:; [

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