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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

Burhoe, B. D.
"On Wisconsin",   pp. 219-220

Book notes,   pp. 220-221

Page 220

         220            THE WISCONSIN A LUMNI MA GA ZINE
         lege; the second portrays the Mid-Bascom        period usually referred
to as
         the period of transition in the life of the University; the period
of expan-
         sion, when unusually successful participation in inter-cotlegiate
         advertised the Uni       ity widely, is shown inthe third act; while
         fourth is the n.ew era of the modern day.                      
           To the older graduates the play will be a revelation of the m..gni.fiCen.t-
         institution which thei Alma Mater has grown to be, while the youngsters
         of today who take it all for granted will learn some of the romantic
         i.t.restin g evehef -the iierd-  tion's e karlier history.  All
of. tiemwilbe
         spiid t-  a r-reeesal ew lien e:e      e   ss  a-mar,,- ity-,-f
altdI Wifthisi~
         A..great deal of interest has bee  saroused '         EA 'arecrd
  treatmng. -at--
           t ndane is e pectedB 'RD.~ir~ V,                             -
                  1100K NOTS n  aaoule Cfen a- nNoMain ki;ght tolei     
          The,'F-ra -thsade-Trifnred.ed froen.-t the ate acc 'm'he mi he
Cruaders; ahmnd d s t of-
          'thr o i ri t                   e, yew i ness. r e-ects . t e -
p ero f; --
        -Aecor '.s-.of Eu.dwionesseso (Prancetun Utn  view*h  - rahe ac oiunt
ofaridberte of Aix, tin
        v    ofsitv thress. rince orn,-  Jumpbrey o rpart tlegendary, 'is
s genera'lly,--probable.
        Milford,, ''Oxford. Universi. Press, "Lon on. Three, is contributions,
wren e  included
        $3. G net), y h A, Ce . Kfev1s BA, extanM A  because thewi authors
were preslentiat the
        8o- Ph.D. '14, professor of "history U  er - C runcil of IClermont
those of Robm t the
        sit[v of- Minnesota,- k~''not -only the story. of  M6ik  -adrcAbt
 fBoriul and1
        the -P Chistianas' first successfuial Atteaipt too  nibert,oAbbat
of DrNopgent
 " -    regain C ossessio ofhthe Holy Land rbut the              ainaemn
         worers, is aeodtoe         of           Antio tsumm6'aryofdthCarlc
             ~i 't~oiMuro- -bodgieto'frnir rfessor of mediaeval
        f       witfill o n:htiche  anribt feminine,-  th a      ontentsg
ulnins othe prosg;
        tWeAst -orten personnely othierAlericiahrby-the fothexued
        Annao thetinena which were cwrnten 40t ChaptRoert 1. Thaners summorns:Cndtos
in camp be-
        rte  taes -ru:amer    , king, pope, Eope Atntihe beginingfor the
Cu e
            and      ascbisop of society        plalra Cemad; te mmdt-
          e expeised _Itadtobe I  pachs ap rter iKre- erespTonse ofra ontenits
ouctitns the assen-
        atus'lujples enin g it-otraya of  brief Byzantines capture oAniCh;us
        atice-o thde toward Wheains. were conerne  ith-oAtch Chapter 1. Therum
ons: Condion the
        th ig neeitaress -onlyrob eorationg poeofrpea the Gestai       of
the Crusade;si  nic;dr sriso
4-      and ahihi is alost aUoy n ecueo   hrusaders ; ree~lrationde;f-the.
          it thi sa a outeicitry csehapted, Drfeat rsons; Kerboga; summaryof
e       -ents
        classifies thefrm of hira s source material- bling'Crusadefs. Chapter
11. The Marchs:
        and notes-the steps that lead to their being  to Cons tantin6pie.:
The departure; the-
        preserved in written. form. He attributes march - of -the p easants;
the main body.
        the fact that they were preserved to their  Chapter 111. Alexius
and the Crusaders:
        religious appeal for the churchmen were the Alexius and the Deasants;-fate,
of the Peas-
        only writers of the time. Naturally these  ants' Crusade; The Enieror'sztreatment
        ecclesiastical pilgrims sent messages back  Hugh; Godfrey at Constantinople;
        totheir friends.. Fourteen- of. these appear and- the minor leaders;
Bohemundan'd the
        throughout the book. -Epo4Raymond and the Emperor;
          And, too, it was natural that the oral re'-  Robert of Normandy
anid Stephen at the
              port ofthis"jorneyof he.ord" take  Emperor's Court;
siege and capture of Ni-
        written form as chro nicles., Of -these the, caea; Alexius at the
surrender of Nicaea;
        Gesta is. the first full account extanit. . The  The, views of Alexius
on his relations With
        account of Pontius of Bglazun, Canon of  the Crusaders. I Chaqnter
IV. From Nicaea
        -Puy, is valuable from a sociological stand-  to Antioch: Battle
of Dotylaeumr; hardships
        point. With a mind free from. bias, Fulcher  of the march through
Asia Minor; Baldwin
        Chartres has handed down a record of     and Tancred depart from
the main army;
        events as they occurred, Which to research  the march through Armenia;.
beginning of
        workers, is second -to the Gesta only.   the siege of Antioch; summary
of the- march
          Of writings which contribute eyewitness  to Antioch and-the beginning
of the siege;
        testimony in part only, the Alexiad by   the foraging expedition
of Bohemund and
        Anna Conmena, which was written 40 years Robert of Flanders; sufferings
in camp be-.
        after the first Crusaders had passed, might  fore Antioch;, call
for reinforcements; the
        be expected to be in places inaccurate; its  erection of a fortress;
fights with the Turks;
        value lies in its- portrayal of the Byzantine  capture of Antioch;
summary 'of the siege
        attitude toward the Latins. The contribu-  of Antioch. Chapter V.
Kerbogha and the
        tion of Peter Tudebode, priest of Civray,  Finding of the Lance:
Kerbogha lays siege
        i s an eyewitness corroboration of the Gesta,  to the Crusaders in
Antioch; dire'straits of
        of which- it is almost a copy, and because of  the Crusaders; revelation
of the lance; de-
        it the. Gesta authenticity is enhanced.  feat of Kerbogha; summary
of events.
        Ekkehard of Aura makes a brief contri-  Chapter VI. Dissension among
the leaders:
        bution to the Peasants' Crusade, of which  Disorganization  of the
army; disputes
        no( direct chronicle has come down to us.  among Raymond and Bohemund;

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