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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 9-10 Part II (July 1922)

[News and comment],   pp. [305]-306

Page [305]

              "Organized Alumni Work is a New Power in University Affairs"
Volume XXIII         Madison, Wis., July-August, 1922      Numbers 9-10
HE UNIVERSITY of Wisconsin is not merely a group of buildings
       at Madison in which a few hundred professors teach several thou-
       sand students. Nor do we even give an adequate idea of the Uni-
       versity by saying its campus is the State. The boundaries of this
 University extend to the farthest corners of the earth wherever a member
 of the General Alumni Association can be found. The world's judgment
                             that the University of Wisconsin is the
 U. W. Broadcast, 7-17-22 pre-eminent state University rests upon the
                             achievements of members of the General
 Alumni Association. While the University of Wisconsin has an eminent
 faculty, a fine student body of-young men and young women, and a ma-
 jestic campus, its greatest asset is the asset of organized alumni effort,
 that great disseminator of Wisconsin Spirit -its General Alumni Associa-
   The General Alumni Association of the University of Wisconsin is a
 voluntary, eleemosynary organization of former stfidents. Its object is
 to promote the welfare of the University and to encourage the interest of
 former students in the University and in each other. Its purpose is to
 substitute organized effort for mere individual good-will. Its keynote is
 co-operation. Its success depends upon what Kipling calls "the everlast-
 ing team work of every bloomin' soul." In this organization are included
 radicals, conservatives, and progressives. And yet all these groups show
 ever-increasing willingness to labor together in harmony for the highest
 good of our great democratic University.
   "Speed the day when every man and woman who ever attended the Uni-
 versity is. enrolled as a member of the General Alumni Association. It is
 very practical way of showing your faith in the University and your desire
 stand-behind it."
   About half a century ago Garfield said that a University consisted of
 Mark Hopkins at one end of a log and a student at the other. This last-
 ing tribute to a great teacher fails to give an adequate idea of a modern
                   state university which is a sort of three-legged stool
 Alumni Service -dependent upon the three essential supports of stu-
                   dents, faculty, and alumni.. In every field of modern
 human endeavor members of the Wisconsin Alumni Association have
 takeni an active and honorable part. Mere mention of the three dozen
 names of the presidents of this worthy organization suggest volumes of
 recollections, reminiscences, ideals, and accomplishments along the lines
 of the University's great slogan "service."
   Mention is therefore now made of the names of these distinguished in-
 dividuals together with the year of their graduation from the University:
   C. T. Wakeley, '84; B. W. Jones, '70 (Supreme Court justice); J. L.
 High, '64; R. M. Bashford, '70; C. N. Gregory, '71; I. S. Leavitt, '68;
 F. Vilas, '58 (United States Senator); L. R. Larson, '72; Prof. D. B. Frank-
 enburger, '69; G. H. Noyes, '73 (chief counsel of Northwestern Life
 Insurance); Bishop J. W. Bashford, '73; E. 0. Hand, '59; C. E. Vroman,

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