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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 1, Number 3 (Dec. 1899)

News from the alumni,   pp. 127-138 ff.

Page 136

136                Wisconsin Alui
of sight, rested forty-eight minutes
and returned. The aurora here is
most beautiful, covering the entire
sky with beautiful colors and forms."
  William B. Naylor,'94 1, is serving
his second term as secretary of the
Tomah, Wis., school board and also
his second term as city attorney.
  Willard B. Overson is pradticing
law at Cambridge, Wis.
  John E. Webster is an engineer
and promoter, located at Punta
Arenas, Chili.
  Samuel Weidman, '94, and Adda
Josephine Westenhaver, '98 m, Were
married at Madison, November 22.'
Mr. Weidman is geologist on the
state geological survey.
  Charles J. Bullock, Ph. D. '95, is
assistant professor of economics in
Williams College, Williamstown,
  D. D. Conway, '95 1, and W. J.
Conway, '96, '99 1,. have formed a
partnership with Geo. C. Williams,
Grand Rapids, Wis., and will take
charge of his large practice at that
place, while Mr. Williams will spend
much of his time in Milwaukee,
where he is to take charge of the
practice of his brother Orrin T.
Williams, '74 1, who was recently
appointed judge of the superior
court of Milwaukee county.
  William M. Emmons, '95. 1, is
  practicing law at Waupaca.
  A. H. Ford is with the Western
  Electric Company in  New  York
  Martin L. Fugina, '95 l, was elected
  district attorney of Buffalo county,
  Wis., with office at Fountain City.,
  Walter S. Hanson is working for
  the American  Cotton  Company,
  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.,
  Ernest L. Hicks is practicing
  medicine in New York City.
toni Magazine.
  Charles W. Jones is a traveling
salesman for the National Biscuit
  C. Floyd McClure, '95 1, is now
situated at Milwaukee, Wis.
  H. Menke is pastor of the Con-
gregational church at Grandin, Mo.
  Dr., J. M. O'Brien and Lydia E.
Minch, ('95), were married at Paoli,
Wis., November 7. 91r. O'Brien is
located at Oregon, i where  Miss
Minch was for three years assistant
principal of the high school.
  Oscar Rohn, who has spent two
seasons in Alaska as topographer
and geologist of a United States
military exploring party, has re-
turned to Madison for a few weeks,
after which he will report to the
War Department at Washington to
prepare his report on' the work of
the expedition. The party discov-
ered a new pass leading from the
coast to the headwaters of the Yukon
in American territory, and also ex-
plored the unknown country about
the headwaters of. the Copper and
Tanana rivers.
  W. F. Scoular, ('95), is an agent for
the Lindsey Brothers, of Milwau-
  ,George M. Sheldon, '95, '971, is
principal of the Eagle River high
  Thomas B. Walsh, ('95), an attor-
ney of Iron River, died at Ashland
of typhoid fever in November.
  Mrs. Helen Page Bates,'Ph. D., '96,
  is the head resident of Unity Settle-
  ment, 1616 Washington ave., Minne-
  apolis, Minn.
  Charles J. Burkholder is in the
  employ of the General Electric
  Company, at Schenectady, N. Y.
  Julius W. Burkholt, ('96), is with
  the Carbonic Acid Gas Manufactur-
  ing Company at Pittsburgh, Pa. He
f I
[ December

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