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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 1, Number 3 (Dec. 1899)

News from the alumni,   pp. 127-138 ff.

Page 130

Wisconsin Alumni Magazine.
ber 3, on Goethe's tribute to woman.
  Prof. Scott gave an 'address on
John Stuart Mill at Milwaukee-
Downer College, Nov. 17.
  Allyn A. Young, graduate student
1898-9, has been appointed to a
position in the census bureau at
  On November 26, the three-year
old daughter of Prof. and Mrs. M.
V. O'Shea died, after a long period
of poor health.
  Prof. W. F. Giese has been en-
gaged by the Appleton company as
editor-in-chief of the Spanish depart-
ment of their new series of text-
books. Prof. Giese is now at work
in the preparation of a Spanish gram-
  Samuel S. Benedict is the pastor
of the Methodist church at Pepin,
  The MAGAZINE has received from
Otis Remick; ('62), through Ernest
N. Warner, '89, a copy of the Maine
Bugle, containing an account of the
wounding of Leander M. Comins,
'60, Lieut. Co. A, 1st Maine Cavalry,
in the battle of Dunwiddie Court
House, March 31, 1865. Lieut. Com-
ins, who had been wounded in the
retreat of the Federal army, was
rescued by four of his comrades who
went back after him and carried him
off in the face of the advancing en-
emy. He died, however, ten days
later. The writer says: "No braver
man than Lieut. Comins ever died
for his country in any time or clime,
-pure at heart, possessed of the fin-
est sensibilities, and thoroughly im-
bued with a true Christian spirit, he
was in the highest degree a Christian
gentleman and a soldier."
  Wm. W. Chadwick, '62 firefi., fath-
er of Mrs. Daisy Chadwick Bolender,
'93, is 'a stock raiser in Monroe, Wis.,
and was lately Assistant State Dairy
and Food Commissioner.
  Gilbert T. Hodges, '62f5repg., father
of Gilbert T. Hodges, Jr., '95 1, is a
prominent stock dealer at Monroe,
Wis., and director of one of the banks
  Maj. Otis Remick, ('62), represents
the Northwestern Life Insurance
Company at Colorado Springs, and
is at present public trustee of the
county. His street address is 426 E.
Pike's Peak avenue.
  Henry Ludlow, '65-'67 fireh., is
president of the First National Bank
of Monroe, Wis.
  Stephen S. Gregory, '70, '71 1, has
been elected president of the Chi-
cago City Bar Association.
  R. Catlin, '71 1, is stationed at
Bethlehem, Pa.
  Albert Watkins, of Lincoln, Ne-
braska, has recently contributed an
article on trusts to the New York
Evening Post. It deals at length
with the subject of "Control' of
Prices," and is in  substance an
answer made to a recent article
by the director of the mint in which
it was claimed that combinations of
capital cannot regulate prices.
  George F. Merrill, of Ashland, is
a possible candidate for governor.
  William Munroe is now located at
Great Falls, Montana.
  John Brindley is judge of the
municipal court at La Crosse, Wis.
  Olin E. Ostenson is archdeacon
of the Episcopal church for West-

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