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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 8 (May 1913)

Wisconsin alumni clubs,   pp. [422]-424

Page [422]

O   N the evening of .February 8,
     1913, in the Manila Hotel, the
'.'finest hostelry between Panama and
Suez," eighteen alumnae and alumni,
with two or three wives and husbands
thrown in, sat down to the first an-
nual Wisconsin. dinner in Manila.
  The blood-curdling and throat-tick-
ling :varsity yell found its echo in
strange noises from across the Luneta,
where the great Manila carnival and
Far; Eastern  Olympiad   was being
held.  Which   sounded- stranger, I
wondered, those Tagalog songs, the
challenge of the lads from the new
republic on the Yangste, the banzai
of the doughty boys from Nippon, or
that defiant blast from the Badger
host. ;
  "Those present" were the follow-
  Dr. E. B. Copeland, '97, dean of
the College of Agriculture of the
University of the Philippines, pre-
sided. (I believe, come to think of
it, he never took his degree at U. W.)
Copeland held the record for the mile
run in his day and can run and
"hike" even now, as I can testify.
Another distinction our esteemed past
president enjoys is that of being one
of the first thousand men of science
in America. He is probably the world
authority on ferns.
   A. R. Hager, business man of Ma-
nila, late of Shanghai, China, came
of the same '97 brood. He is our
   Dr. James Robertson, head of the
 Philippine Library,- is not a Wiscon-
sin graduate; but his long residence-
at the university while he was en-
gaged on his monumental work -of
fifty -volumes on the history of the
Philippines, and the faetthat his wife
was a Wisconsin co-ed, entitles him to
a place in our ranks. Mrs. Robert-
son, who has just joined the little
band of "exiles," was of 'the class of
  Miss Emma Ochsner, 1907, member
of a famous medical family, holds the
responsible position of chief anesthe-
tician in the Philippine General Hos-
pital here in Manila.
  Dr. Horace Deming, Ph.D. 1911, is
professor of chemistry in the College
of Agriculture. His main work "at
Wisconsin was agricultural chemis-
  Valerio Jdihrling, '08, afterward a
student in the Staats-Laboratorium in
Munich, is engaged in the Botica de
Santa Cruz, of which he is part pro-
  John B. Steven has not yet gradu-
ated, but is returning to the univer-
sity this next fall. He has been em-
ployed in the Philippine Bureau of
Civil Service for the past three years.
  Dr. Frank H'Doubler, 1907, is one
of the latest additions to our little
band. He is engaged in special re-
search work in the College of Medi-
cine of the University of the Philip-
   Lieut. Ellison, also 1907, is an offi-
 cer in the big Insular Constabulary.
   R. M. Johnson and his wife are of
 the classes 1906 and 1907 respect-

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