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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 7 (April 1913)

Goodnight, S. H.
The Carl Schurz memorial professorship,   pp. [346]-349

Page 347

ZINE, and it may also, perhaps, serve
the purpose of a record for the future.
  Immediately upon the death of Carl
Schurz, Professor E. K. J.. IH. Voss,
of the department of German, con-
ceived the idea of a permanent me-
morial in the form   of a traveling
philology, bearing the name of the
great German-American patriot. With
this end in view a Carl Schurz Memo-
rial   Fellowship   Committee    was
formed which, through its president,
General F. C. Winkler, and its sec-
retary, Robert Wild, both of Milwau-
kee, called a meeting of influential
German-American     citizens in   the
Deutscher Club, Milwaukee, on Octo-
ber 21, 1906. In the meantime, how-
ever, Professor Hohlfeld had obtained
the approval of the university au-
thorities upon a much more ambitious
plan of his own, viz., the establish-
ment of a Carl Schurz memorial pro-
fessorship at Wisconsin, which should
bring a German university professor
here each year, where student body,
faculty, and townspeople alike might
enjoy direct. contact with his work.
  When Professor Hohlfeld, acting
under the authorization of President
Van Hise, put his idea before the
meeting abxve mentioned, Professor
Voss immediately withdrew his origi-
nal plani in favor of the larger one,
which was enthusiastically and unani-
mously adopted. Early in 1907 the
"Carl Schurz Memorial Association"
was legally incorporated with the fol-
lowing officers* in charge: General F.
C. WNinkler, Milwaukee, president;
Honorable Emil C. Baensch, Manito-
woe, vice-president; Mr. Fred. Vogel,
Jr., Milwaukee, treasurer; and Hon-
orable Erich C. Stern, Milwaukee,
   Measures for beginning an active
 capaign      mere- now taken and-many
 friends of the cause lent a helping
 hand. Most successful among those
 -actually conducting the canvass was
 Mr. Bruno Fink, who with General
 Winkler and the secretary, Mr. Erich
 C. Stern, was indefatigable in his la-
 bors for the enterprise.   To these
three gentlemen and 'to Professors
Hohlfeld and Voss belongs the chief
credit of having carried the undertak-
ing through to the successful inaugu-
ration of the professorship last fall.
   The financial panic of 1907 soon
 broughf matters to a standstill, and
 it was not until 1909 that active work
 was again resumed, and then only
 with great difficulty. Here should be
 mentioned the efforts of the late Mr.
 Henry Schoellkopf, who in the fall of
 1909 made an energetic, though un-
 successful effort to enlist the active
 support of the large body of Wiscon-
 sin alumni. During all these years,
 Professor Hohlfeld worked constant-
 ly with the Central Committee in Mil-
 waukee, whereas Professor Voss was
 in charge of the canvass in Madison,
 and made great efforts to organize
 the state at large. Of the fund as it
 now stands, the Central Committee
 raised. approximately   $25,000, of
 which more than $23,000 came from
 Milwaukee itself. Madison contrib-
    * In addition a Milwaukee Executive Committee was appointed which consisted
of the follow-
ing members: A. J. Aikens, I. D. Adler, Captain I. M. Bean, Colonel Win.
C. Brumder, Gottlob
Bossert, J. A. Becher, Win. Geo. Bruce, Judge Paul D. Carpenter, Jenry Fink,
Julius 0. Frank,
Bruno E. Fink, Wm. N. Fitzgerald, Adolph Finkler. Wm H. Graebner, Julius
Gugler, Max
Griebsch, Sheldon Glass, Howard Greene, Carl H. Geilfuss, Judge James G.
Jenkins. Arthur C.
Kletzsch, Charles Kasten, B. Leidersdorf. A. J. Lindemann, A. S. Lindemann,
Frederick Layton.
Lorenz Maschauer, Arthur McGeoch, Charles Mechel, T. J. Pereles, Supt. C.
G. Pearse, Dr. A. J.
PVus. Chas. F. Pfister, Win. Woods Plankinton, Edw. Rissmann, A. W. Rich,
Henry Schoellkopf,
Willet M. Spooner. Henry Schranck. Erich Cramer Stern, Leo Stern, Albert
0. Trostel, J. G.
Trentlage, Joseph Uhblein, Fred Vogel, Jr., Fred A. Vogel, Emil Wallber,
Robert Wild, General
F. C. Winkler.

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