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Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 13, Number 3 (Dec. 1911)

Editorial,   pp. [122]-124

Page 123

  We hope that the athletic depart-
ment will take kindly to Mr. Bur-
gess suggestion. The First Annual
Homecoming, with no precedent to
which to refer for experience, was
nevertlreless -- huge success, for
which the committee in charge de-
serves nothing but credit. With
the coperation of an alumni com-
mittee chosen, not as the one in the
present case, at random, but by
designation on the part of the Al-
umni Association, the S e c o n d
Homecoming- will b-e nothing- short-
of a revelation to lovers of college
   In another section we are re-
 printing the editorial that ap-
 peared in the Minnvesota Alumni
 Weekly of November 20 under the
 caption "Wiseonsin Spirit." We
 thank Secretary Johnson for his
 sane, conciliatory remarks on the re-
 lation between the Gophers and the
 Badgers. While we believe that he
 is in error when he contends that
 the protest of Pickering "does not
 indicate real Wisconsin sentiment,"
 there is otherwise not a word in the
 editorial that might not just as well
 have been written by a Wisconsin
 man.  We hasten    to assure the
 alumni of Minnesota that no Wis-
 consin man who reflects impassion-
 ately upon the -situation that has
 arisen will desire the severing of
 athletic relations with our honored
 sister institution of the north. No
 cleaner game was ever played on
Camp Randall than the memorable
contest of November 18. We are
frank to confess that it was rather
generally feared that the game, in
view   of the  strained  relations,
would be marred by rough playing
and the display of bad temper. But
both teams showed that they were
made up of real gentlemen who
played for all that was in them,
but who also knew that the honor
and reputation of their respective
institutions for. genuine sportsman-
ship was at stake. If the two teams
can thus keep their temper, would
it not be a poor certificate of char-
acter for -the nstibi itions that hey
represent or their athletic authori-
ties to lose it? Wisconsin does not
desire a breach. Nor does lVfinne-
sota. Then let us disregard the
sensational stories of certain sport-
ing" editors who are trying to fo-
ment discord for the excitement it
  In checking over the names and
addresses of Wisconsin graduates
on the proof sheets of the Alumni
Directory, we find that there are
still 400 alumni concerning whom
we have no information. We have
republished these names in another
section of this issue, and earnestly
request our readers to scan the list
and to furnish us with information

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