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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 3 (Dec. 1910)

Editorial,   pp. [127]-128

Page 128

classes holding reunions between
now and the spring of 1915 show
what they can do to make -the re-
unions at Wisconsin the equal of
.those. at any
where. We'll
put them all
we'll try.
other college any-
be back in 1915 and
to shame,-at least
A   NTICIPATING that Lynn A.
     , Williams- well known mod-
 esty will prevent him from men-
 tioning  some   matters  without
'which the 1900 Reunion story is
not complete, I wish to add the fol-
lowing :
   Before leaving for their homes
 the  class unanimously   adopted
 resolutions to the following effect:
   That it recognized that Lynn A.
 Williams was the prime mover and
 mainly responsible for the grand-
 est reunion  ever held; that in
 recognition of such valiant services
 the class voted that a bust of our
 peerless leader should be placed in
 the Hall of Fame and his name be
 inscribed in letters of gold in the
 next edition of "Who's Who." It
was further resolved that should
fate at any time be unkind to him
and he be without visible means
of support every member pledged
himself or herself to use their-
every effort to induce Ringling
Brothers to employ his as leader of
the  largest  elephant  in  their
  The class engaged a writer of
national fame and he has written
the following in Lynn's honor:
"Everybody works but Williams,
  He sits around all day,
Feet upon the railing,
  Smoking his pipe of clay;
For he is a lazy loafer,
  Sleeps both night and day,
E,verybody works but Williams,
  That lazy jay."
. 126

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